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I want to see your testCSV.csv???

There import the file like this:

I have a problem When I install! looking the first test to connect the base is OK :

and ate the end show this error:

Thanks in adv.

hi @Thunderfury Can you make billing integration for Lethe?

can this import any db and not just the ones in the list?

your import doesn’t work and you would think the ability to import subscribers from one AR to another is paramount to an Autoresponder script! CSV does not work!

Uncaught ReferenceError: getGreenToRed is not defined at HTMLSpanElement.onUpdate (index.php:373) at updateTimer (jquery.countTo.js:44)

This is important for the time update and likely the reason why everything has to be refreshed after submitting.

Hi There!

GLWS, and I think you’re first professional mover in this area. in fact, I have pre-sale question, does your script suitable solution if I need it for the management of my email list, or you recommend a particular plugin for this purpose ?

I think the biggest problem with this script is the fact that it does not send a verification email for anyone who subscribes and instead marks them as already verified and proceeds to send the AR content!


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the script would not install on windows server and IIS


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Hello , after i added on template like button (visit our website ) link after click is ( )

but link in source code is

how i can do it ?

my server does not allow shell, how should I set up cron?


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Hello, How do we provide emoji support in bulletin titles and content? All Decimal HTML Entity and Hexadecimal HTML Entity is tried. Thanks ;)