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sysbee Purchased

Hi there,

the bbdoc is not included in the zip file? Please let me know how to get it.

Hi Sir . i just updated the zip file ( update is waiting approval )

go ahead and download the update sir , it has the bbdoc now

good luck sir ;) and i think you should edit your Description , i see the same like my own :p

thank you Sir . I’ll asap ;)

Good luck!

thanks mate

Which version of Buildbox is this? BB1 or BB2?

Hello obstacles disappear after the score reach 54 that is not good the game is not complete also google developer console is warning of security in Libpng

Hi ! you can add more levels by using the bbdoc or wait for the up coming update / i’ll fix the issue and i’ll add more scenes . thanks for letting me know

you didn’t mention that I will have to add more levels, you said enjoy the endless fun ! Now the game is incomplete and Play store warning me cause of security issue it will be removed on 17th September !

i’m working on it . i’ll submit an update as soon as possible . no need to be worry