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Hi There

This seems like a great plugin only I can’t get it to work. Upon adding the shortcode to a page using the button it only shows as text and no actual tabs.

Please please help!


Hello, There is other js file in your site with bug and it crashes other js plugins (including this) to initialize when page loads. This is the file If you are not able to fix it yourself then try disabling any Sortable plugin activated. It should work but if not, send me an email please.

Thanks, Mioo

Hi Mioo

I try disabling that JS but still no luck I have also informed the developer of the theme to which I am waiting to hear back from.

I have tried emailing you via CodeCanyon but it comes back returned. Can you email me on

I will await to hear from you.


i only have one question to you buddy, how can i change or format the text on the letabs_content, i need to change the color of the text.


It can be done with a little CSS coding knowledge. If you are unable to get it done, send me an email with details of your needs and I can help you out with this.

I am really interested in buying this plugin, but i have 2 questions.

First, can I insert shortcodes inside these tabs? I plan on using another plugin inside them.

Second, is it possible to tweak it into a responsive design?

hi! i would really love to buy this plug-in, but very worried that this plug-in can’t not support chinese (i’ve tried too many times). If it is the case, can i at least issue for a refund? of course i would really love it work, but just wanna avoid another disappointment.


Hello, I have given it a try and it looks good if this is what you have in mind: Click Here

Nice plugin, works well…already given it 5 stars :)

However I’m struggling to find how to change the background color to a grey like some of your examples (#EFEFEF)...can’t find anything in the documentation?

There are five color variants at the moment, written in help.txt file as well. Available color options: dark, blue, green, purple, pink Use it using shortode attribute color, the same way other options should be.


Hover state isn’t working in Internet explorer 8. Any idea as to why this might be?

Hover state not working in Internet Explorer at all. IE 7 text is missing and IE9 text is overlapping each other.

Help documents are not very helpful. We feel a bit duped to be honest with you no this product. No preview so we could test with browserlabs, blind when it came to purchasing this product.

Sorry but We are busy getting our hosting, website with live previews ready and there will be new lepopup plugin published after that as well.

great plugin

Its a nice plugin, but how can i change the position of the elements..align left, center or right?

Is it responsive?

I am not happy with this purchase and am hoping that I am simply misunderstanding something.

Your description reads:

8 useful options Suitable for people with no coding Predefined styles entirely modifiable Easily Customizable Documentation with examples included.

At this point none of the bottom 4 points seems to be accurate.

All I got with documentation was two images and a small text file and two images.

How are the predefined styles modifiable? particularly for someone without coding knowledge?

Please advise or I will be requesting a refund.

This is the complete “documentation”

Preview of a LeTabs shortcodes, explanations are under them.

[letabs width=”” initialtab=1 autoplayinterval=0 color=”dark”]





For First Tab.[/letabs_content]
For Second Tab.[/letabs_content]
For Third Tab.[/letabs_content]



LeTabs wrapped container: [letabs width=”” initialtab=1 autoplayinterval=0 color=”dark”]

Container for navigational tab elements: [letabs_tab_container]

Tab elements with title text: Tab[/letabs_tab] Tab[/letabs_tab] Tab[/letabs_tab]


Container for content elements that are corresponding to tabs: [letabs_content_container]

Content elements: For First Tab.[/letabs_content] For Second Tab.[/letabs_content] For Third Tab.[/letabs_content]


Available color options: dark, blue, green, purple, pink AutoplayInterval is autoplay feature defined in miliseconds, 0 means disabled

Please let me know how to get my tabs to look like the one in your image.

email us

Still waiting – I did get a refund. This plugin should be removed as it appears to not work as promised.

WP-UI tabs is a free plugin on the WP site that does a better job and you will get accordions and notes too.

arrgghhh… Note to self, read comment before buying :(

I agree with NetMedia8… Arrgghhh!

I dont know if its just me or what, But for about 1/4 of a second when I load the page, all of the text looks like its stacked on top of each other and then it goes away, maybe you can see for yourself if it does it.




Please, could you be more specific about your question? Thanks.

Yes, you can


Is it possible to include an icon to the left of the tab title for each tab?



Hello, yes you can do it.

Can i use these tabs in the left side and right side instead of top?