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can i put youtube video in this popup


I’m interestingg by your plugin but please can you say me if I can I have a popup with login form inside ?

Something like that :

If you are member connecting here

login :

pass :

If you are not member join us : click here!

Thanks Stane

Hi there,

I purchased your product and it’s fantastic. I have one request though. My popup is a legal disclaimer on my front page and it’s a bit lengthy. I need the popup to have a vertical scroll bar in order to reveal the whole content. How can I do that?


Hi there, I found the solution myself. I was able to incorporate the scroll bar through changing the “overflow: hidden” to “overflow: scroll”


Hi, it’s me again,

Can you please show me how I can move the “Close” button to the top left corner please? I need it to be there.

Thanks you so much


Can I use this plugin popup as a disclaimer? I want my clients to click accept and then enter a page. Can I do that with this plugin?

Hello, yes

If I purchase this plugin. Can you teach me how to make the disclaimer? Need to have a accept button and decline button as well. Is that possible??

I’m trying to get the popup to work in a WP post. But the button is not working to add this popup. I need some help…

hello, what buttton? you mean close button ?

When adding a post to your website in the admin area there is a Le Popup button in the TinyMCE dashboard. That button does nothing when clicked.

Also, have you added the option of adding popups to posts as well as pages? I really need them to be displayed on posts rather than pages. Do you know a little work around for this so that I can make it work?

Hi Mioo,

Could you please get back to me on the earlier submitted questions/support issues? I have an issue that the button in the TinyMCE dashboard does nothing when clicked. This also doesn’t allow me to add any short-code into pages/posts where I would like to have the popup displayed.

Also, is there a way I can get the popup displayed on specific posts instead of specific pages?

Please get back to me on these issues/questions.

sure, contact me via email

Hi Mioo,

I’m waiting for a reply for over a month now. Could you please get back to me via the emails I have sent to you? It’s getting a bit embarrassing now to be honest. :/


Im having issues with the pop up, its not appearing over the top of my page but below my template. You can view it here ( its got a blue banner saying ‘get special offers’ with an iframe form below it


Please could you help?

hello, can you make live this issue again?

Thats live again now, I had to deactivate it as its adding the pop information to the bottom of every page across the website.

Hi Mioo,

What is your email address or where do I find this? Can’t be able to find it anywhere.


Found it, my bad. Nevermind! :P

Greets, Majk

hello, is it possible to put in html5 video ( youtube or vimeo not ) that starts automatically

Hi Mioo,

I have tried now for over 2 months to get a support questions answered via this commenting system AND via private communication via your profile page form. Up to now I have got no response at all.

I have tried to stay nice about it and I will remain to do so but I will contact Envato support if I don’t get a reply within 48 hours of this message.

I do feel I need to let you know before I do so and that’s why I have taken the time to write you this message.

Get back to me ASAP so we can resolve this in a correct manner, if not I will be forced to take drastic measures via Envato directly.

Hi There,

Just purchased and installed LePopup for my site.

Created a test popup, but it never shows.

Javascript error (thrown by jquery):

Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: a[href=#lepopup-303]

Please help!!


Pre Purchase Question. I need to have the ability to create popups that show just a part of a post or a page. This will enable people that just know how to write post to do that and then I create popups of just sections of a post. can I do this. I see it supports iframes but does it support iframing part of a post where you dont see the header with the menu


On every WYSIWYG that is not LePopup’s page in the back office, I see this error message : Failed to load plugin url: https://cdma.greta.happy-dev.fr/wp-content/plugins/lepopup-wp/files/editor_plugin.js.php

Any idea why ?