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Discussion on Leopard - WordPress Offload Media

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Why does this plugin add thousands of .htaccess files and .txt files and folder woth names of other websites to /wp-content/uploads/leopard-wordpress-offload/ ???

Is this plugin infected with malware?

Also, why does it add all the filenames to the wp_options table with autoload ON? That is horrible for performance.

These two issues forced me to stop using this plugin.

I would like to start using it again if you fix these issues.

Thank you

- Because your website was infected with malicious code, so all plugins, themes and wordpress you have been infected.
- Plugin on codecanyon is carefully moderated by envato team before selling.
- The plugin we check very carefully from the code, files from the developer and me so you should be assured of the quality of the product.
- For this problem you should contact your hosting provider to restore the backup without malicious code. Currently, the clean processing job is only for specialists in cleaning malware from the soure code and database.

Thank you. According to Wordfence, Sucuri, GOTMLS, and Google, there is no malware on my site. I’m still not sure why all those files and folders were in your plugin folder.

Also, why does it the plugin add all the filenames to the wp_options table with autoload ON? That is horrible for performance.

What cron jobs can I use to add to cpanel?

I just found this:

Option A: Web cron service The easiest way to set up a cron job is to sign up with and use the following URL to create a new task:

Option B: Server cron job If you prefer to set up a cron job on your own server you can create a cron job that will execute the following command:

wget -q -O – >/dev/null 2>&1

In my case with your plugin will this work as an external cron job for your plugin?

wget -q -O – >/dev/null 2>&1

I have updated to version 2.0.7. Please update to the latest version

  • Version 2.0.7 (18 Feb, 2021) - Fix: issue background task not working.

Confirmed working and no error logs for background tasks. This support team is brilliant! I highly recommend all of you potential buyers to purchase this plugin to save space and optimize your site especially if it runs a bit heavy like mine.

Note: Nouthemes quickly made an update 2.0.7 that fixed the background task issue. Still don’t have an external cron for cPanel, but their cron task within the Leopard plugin is working smoothly now. This makes it so I can easily “Copy all files from server to bucket.”, “Remove all files from server.”, etc. in the background without having to leave my browser window open for weeks.

Hello ??

Is there any cron job command to add in cron jobs of cpanel ?

I followed above purchaser guide like this

define(‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true);

and enabled cron in cPanel with this cron job for my domain:

/5 * * * * wget -q -O – >/dev/null 2>&1

This optimizes performance for large websites since the built in WP-Cron has major performance issues with large and high traffic websites.

How to fix cron job ?

I tried to copy files to bucket for 9 websites

Most of the jobs are just stuck in 0% or some progress status

This plug is not working as I expected

What problems do your plug in have ?

Suggest solution Right Away !

Thanks for your great support

I have updated to version 2.0.7 and answered your ticket. please check the ticket.

*Version 2.0.7 (18 Feb, 2021) - Fix: issue background task not working.

Thank you for reply

And how to check if copying files to bucket is complete or not ?

I answered your question in the support ticket. please check the ticket :)

I’m looking to purchase this plugin for our large WooCommerce site. Our media library is currently around 3.88gb and we have a mixture of documents and other media like images.

My question is, is it possible to seperate images, video and documents with on to different sub-domains for example: images.oursite… docs.oursite… etc?

Also we use Cloudflare, not their CDN but their security features, I know additional steps will be required to configire AWS with CF managing our DNS but your documentation refers to CDN Cloudflare.

I’ve read through some of the documentation but it wasn’t immediately obvious.

Can’t use multiple subdomains in Cname for leopard.


mz518p Purchased

Just bought this plugin but the way you set S3 permissions in AWS has changed since your tutorial video – you cannot now grant write permissions for everyone (public) in the console.

How can I grant these permissions?


mz518p Purchased


But I was referring to the read and write permissions set out in the ‘Access key and Secret Access Key’ part of the documentation.

Read and write permissions are required for cloud and website connectivity. Also you can refer at:


mz518p Purchased

Ok. I will go through that but it makes integrating this plugin a lot more challenging than the current documentation led me to believe.

Hi Team, After the latest update 2.0.8 the plugin has stopped offloading media. Any suggestion!

Sorry, on my website it’s showing version 2.0.9 that is giving me above mentioned issue.

I have updated to version 2.0.9 to resolve the issue on your website. you can check the ticket. I answered on your ticket :)

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Undefined class constant ‘VERSION’ in /home/customer/www/ Stack trace: #0 /home/customer/www/ GuzzleHttp\default_user_agent() #1 /home/customer/www/ Aws\Handler\GuzzleV6\GuzzleHandler->__invoke(Object(GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Request), Array) #2 /home/customer/www/ Aws\WrappedHttpHandler->__invoke(Object(Aws\Command), Object(GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Request)) #3 /home/customer/www/ in /home/customer/www/ on line 136

the plugin can not use

Hi there,
- This is because the old vendor guzzle exists in your plugins.
- Solution: use the same vendor guzzle version for 2 plugins
please create your ticket at for fast and good support

I have submitted the ticket

Hello, is it possible to make it so that only certain type of files are uploaded to the cloud automatically ? (example videos)

does it works with Backblaze B2 ???

Leopard no support Backblaze B2

ok. i hope you will add it.

I will add it in the future :)

I have backup all files data to Wasabi. The plugin take two days to upload 184 GB files to upload to Wasabi. But now, I try transfer all data files to my new website, he take more than 45minutes by file (~5MB by file). Can you explain me the issue? It’s a dedicated hosting from bluehost

please check the ticket.


My website was broken, after I rebuild the website, why can’t I active the plugin on the same site?????

Please create tickets at There will be a support agent for you to reactivate.

Hello. I want to buy Leopard and have some questions: 1. Could I use LiteSpeed server (my hosting has it) and Litespeed plugin in Wordpress? I need to minify and combine css/jss. Or this plugin can do it too? Now speed of website (by Google) is 15 (mobile) and 20 (pc) which soo poor. Here >50 CSS/JS files from different plugins and theme. 2. Could you provide refund if something will be wrong? Tell me details. I did not find any your plugins on wp plugin page as demo to test it. 3. Could I migrate all CSS/JS to Digital Ocean Storage? Wasabi? Or only Amazon? Checked your video in documentation and do not understand all or special cloud for it. 4. Does your plugin remove media (and may be css/js but not important it) from my hosting? Currently I has >5 gb of media and my hosting said to buy extra GB to store files in future. Thank you!

10. Does it support update in wordpress admin? or need to redownload file?

11. You provide BunnyCDN function. Could you explain me differences between this plugin and BunnyCDN cdn option? ( ). Which functions of your plugin will be better than bunnycdn CDN option?

Hi there;

1. leopard support optimal compression of data, images, CSS, js. only images we have support webp image format.

2. I only refund if the problem from leopard. Problems stemming from other sources (server, hosting, https, WordPress .. etc) I will refuse to refund.

3.all functions are support for Aws s3, wasabi, google cloud, DigitalOcean Spaces, Bunnycdn storage.

4. leopard has a function that will delete data after successful sync (only from library media). asset (css, js, icon font) won’t be deleted on the server. will save your server resources because after successful sync you will use resources from the cloud.
- Regular License: we support testing domain, after the testing is complete, please deactivate the test domain I will activate for you on the main domain
- Extended License: Currently we support unlimited domain activation.

5. Leopard only synchronizes data to the cloud and uses resources from the cloud to save resources for the server. We don’t interfere with other functions so it won’t cause any problems to your website.

6. and

7. Doesn’t depend because we don’t interfere.

8. There is no requirement, but I recommend that the bucket name be the same as CNAME.
for example: I create bucket = >> cname:

9. leopard has support for resize but supports resize by default from wordpress. 3rd party plugins aren’t supported. leopard has optimized css / js when syncing to the cloud

10. Refer:

11. You need to differentiate between storage and CDN. Currently, BunnyCDN has CDN support for edge storage (the old name is bunnycdn storage)

Hello, Before I pay for this plugin, I want to ask if there’s a way to upload only the content of the shop page (Because I sell pictures and videos). If not, is it okay to sign in to AWS3 and use this plugin in the same way of WooCommerce ? just typing the code manually.

What I’m afraid of is uploading the all content of the website to AWS3. I only want to upload the digital products that I want to sell ..

Thank you so much

We offer full support for digital products from woocomerce and easy digital downloads. Refer:

Hi, I want to store and sync all woocommerce product images on a sharepoint site. Do this plugins support to use external url for product images?

Hi, Leopard plugin doesn’t support sharepoint.

Any plans of adding sharepoint?

Sharepoint is a shared cloud, it isn’t storage cloud so we can’t support it.

The shared cloud plugin we have the cloudfiles plugin. but we don’t support sharepoint yet.

PurePy Purchased

Please deleted in your system license manager to help me can re-activate. My Domain: Thanks.

Regular License license is only activated on 1 domain (and add domain staging to test before use for main domain). You need to buy Extended License to activate unlimited domain.

Presale questions
  • plugin works with brizy page builder ?
  • works with wp multisite ? subsites also sync with Google cloud ?

The leopard plugin is mostly compatible with the page builder. But I haven’t tested it with brizy page builder.

leopard supports multisite, and all parent and child sites are supported equally.

Hi there, first of all, this is a great plugin and your support great too! It all works fine. Now my question: when I go to the dev tools in the browser, I see the bucket and the cloudfront url. I can go and search in the bucket for a file and it worked! How can I secure this in order to not have the url’s in the source index? (I wasn’t logged in as admin). I was looking through your documents and videos and added a file path and I have my Custom CNAME. My bucket is not public and I have private files served from cloudfront.

the best solution is to use the Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) feature with the bucket condition in “Objects can be public” mode.

I have found the following here: I have added the CORS functions as you showed in the video on the plugin side before already, but it is still there. If I add the following to my bucket und CORS would this be correct?

[ { “AllowedHeaders”: [ ”*” ], “AllowedMethods”: [ “PUT”, “POST”, “DELETE” ], “AllowedOrigins”: [ “” ], “ExposeHeaders”: [ “x-amz-server-side-encryption”, “x-amz-request-id”, “x-amz-id-2” ], “MaxAgeSeconds”: 3000 } ]

I found the both request id’s but I don’t know, what to add at: server side-encryption, if so.


mattrin Purchased

Understand from your previous comments here that for unlimited domains (including multisite) extended license might be required. Please confirm if regular license is ok or extende license is required.

regular license: activated 1 domain
extended license: activatedunlimited domains


mattrin Purchased

Thank you very much for clarification.


mattrin Purchased

Hi – I use W3 Total Cache. For storage I use Wasabi (wasabi to bunnyCDN outside of leopard) for leopard media or only BunnyCDN directly? I am thinking of using Wasbi and using BunnyCDN pullzone to cache assets uploaded to wasabi through leaopard.

leopard supports 3rd party cdn services. here is our test video using wasabi + cdn bunnycdn.

Note: cache: will use cache from the cloud. don’t use the cache from the plugin (server cache). Because after syncing, your website uses files from cloud resources


mattrin Purchased

I saw a previous comment that “why does it the plugin add all the filenames to the wp_options table with autoload ON? ”. Is that correct? It will be terrible for performance. Could you please conifrm.

It still works normally and has no effect. so you can rest assured to use.


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