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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you!

Hi, landofcoder. Is this still version 1.0?

Thanks in advance :).

Dear We have just update this module Try download again :)

Great : D. I’ll give it a try, thx!

no problem. i hope all thing ok :D

is this the same module in leotheme.com priced 100$?

Dear sir! yes :D

Please help im getting following error:

[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module leomanagewidgets: Call to undefined method Dispatcher::getModuleControllers()

Wht do you nned from my side to help fix the issue.? Item purcahe.. (last digits) 6390d0778d34

Current prestashop version: PrestaShop™

PLease send me email to leotheme@gmail.com with ftp + back-office, let me check, you can try to follow this suggest first: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/327879-transplant-not-possible-blank-page-problem/

Hello, I bought this plugin and it’s great, but images in html widget are not responsive, this is a problem. How to solve? thanks

Dear sir! you can add class: class=”img-responsive” when you input html! if it can help, please vote for my module

I am confused, by looking at it. What does this module actually. Would it give some graphics effect to our existing theme (warehouse in our case), I am not clear by viewing its demo. Please explain, how could it be useful to us

Dear sir! yes, my module can add carousel in any page

Using this product, can we also be able to add the flickering effect (appearnace of products only when one scrolls down… as in your demo) to the carousel of warehouse theme

Dear sir! if you want it, you have to add some css code, my module is not support to select

hi, does the module work well with themes transformer and warehouse? i’m gonna buy one of those and also this module, and i want to know which is better with this module? do you have any examples of shops using one of the themes and also your module?

Dear sir! i can confirm that: it work fine

Hi, leo-theme. One question: How does the “Select specific Controller” option work? When I select one, it asks for a controller ID, and I would like to know how can I use this (In which scenarios) and what’s the value I’m supposed to set in here.

Thanks in advance :).

Thx, Leo : D. It’s working great!

np, but i dont see you bought my module :(

In fact I think I was the first customer to purchase it >.<. You had to upload it for me in your website ;).

Works on a Prestashop ?

no sir, just 1.6.x

Which version are we buying here? 3 or 4?

after 1 week???? i asked clear question, how to remove the color picker how to remove the error message :leomanagewidjet was not found” all what i got from you: give me your ftp and BO / i give send me screen shot tell me how you bought your old theme we can’t keep your data, i didnt ask you to keep my data!!

how about to give some answers??? instead of keep asking me question where is the css file or how to remove that color picker why the price is coming twice….don’t fix my life, fix your product only

Dear sir, could you please provider image error via email so we can understand and fix for you

I just don’t understand why you asked me to send you the back office login and i did if you will ask me again to send you image of the error? why don’t you open and see… i really don’t understand!

Hy… This module works on product page? I want to modify the positions ( of the price, of short description, long description etc.) Thanks

Dear mate, this module is not working on product page. If you want to modify the product page you can access into file: theme/productpage.tpl. You can fix everything in this file. Thank you so much and have a nice day!

Hi, I was wondering if this module can add widgets to cms pages – for example Images gallery folder?

Dear mate, Leo Manage Widget can create cms to add to position. It can also add widgets to cms page see our guide: 1.Please create 1 widget 2.then access config of leomanagewidgets module then hook widget in DISPLAYTOPCOLUMN or DISPLAYBOTTOM then config widget same picture http://screencast.com/t/TQdiufRQ


Looks like your back office demo link is broken (SQL error)

Could you fix it please ? I’d like to test your module because I’m looking for something like your module provide


Dear mate, we do not provide customer demo back office. So please test our front end. You can check our module you can access http://www.leotheme.com/support/prestashop-16x-guides.html to see our guide for modules.

Very good job. It works fine on all browsers. You can easily customized your theme with different widget. I solved all my problems and i can thanks the support for his help.

Thank you so much <3

Great ideal…Good job

Thank you so much


Works on a Prestashop


Dear mate, Leo Manage Widget is not used in We use Ap Page Builder for Prestashop

If I upgrade my Prestashop to 1.6.1.x will this module work?

Yes, our module run find on prestashop 1.6.1.x

Hello.. I am using a custom theme for LEO widget with somehow there’s a template for this module not found leomanagewidgets error on the home page and the picture seems to be aligned to the left on each product cell. I think it could related to missing template error

Hello, please send your request to email: leotheme@gmail.com. Our developer will support technically for you. Thank you