lensFlare - Animated CSS3 Lens Flares

lensFlare - Animated CSS3 Lens Flares

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lensFlare – Animated CSS3 Lens Flares

lensFlare is a plugin for adding animated CSS3 lens flares to your website. It is perfect for subtle hover effects, realistic design accents and cool interactive effects. All lens flares are configured using simple jQuery and can be quickly restyled in the CSS file.

  • Multiple instance support
  • Easy to setup
  • Lightweight
  • Customize Lens Flare gradients with simple CSS
  • Option to track mouse movement
  • Option to follow mouse cursor
  • Set Random Speed Ranges
  • Set Sizes and Scaling Ranges
  • Set Factored Ring Distances
  • Define Rotation Angles
  • No Coding Skills Needed
  • Awesome, unique and fun!

Note: This plugin is compatible with IE9 and 10, however uses CSS pointer-events which is not supported. This allows events to be read “through” the lens flares. If you plan on using this item in IE9/10 make sure that lens flare containers are behind interactive page elements.