Lemonade Social Networks Autoposter: Pinterest PRO

Lemonade Social Networks Autoposter: Pinterest PRO

Attention: this item is not supported any more by a developer, nevertheless it’s still of a high quality, which is guaranteed by CodeCanoyn, and can be included into any other project of the same thematic. We agree to give it away for a low price. Due to the same reasons as we don’t support it any more we also removed a DEMO from our web-site.

We created Lemonade Social Networks Autoposter: Pinterest Edition to free you from routine of re-posting your publications to Pinterest boards. Let the autoposter make it by itself. It is highly customizable and allows to simulate a real human behaviour.

Pinterest is one of the champions of the traffic driving to sites. It is simply to use and powerful tool for to attract potential clients to your business. It leads among other social networks in finding target audience, which is most interested in your products and services.

Our plugin allows to set up intervals, time, weekdays and dates for autoposter to work. It is possible to make autoposter working with several streams creating individual settings for each.

The plugin allows to use shortcodes to manage Pin and Rich Pin templates. It supports custom post types and has a lot of filter options, based on posts taxonomies, meta-fields, etc., for to exclude and include posts into queues.

Good news! Since v.4.0 we have been using a new API, which doesn’t requires to create a developer’s app and doesn’t have such strict rate limits as it was before. You would need only your login credentials from Pinterest to start to use the plugin.

N.B.: The new API requires PHP >=5.5.9

  • Auto post to Pinterest
  • Posting to as many boards as you choose
  • Highly customizable multi schedules
  • Shortcodes
  • Highly customizable Pin and Rich Pin templates
  • Custom image choise for a pin
  • Posts filter
  • Custom Post Types supported
  • Live streaming

Video tutorial: