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Lovely works a treat :)

Thank you :D


vika Purchased

Could you please include installation instructions in the documentation, the one included shows nothing for installation / conflicts and the support forum you put in there doesn’t resolve. Looks a very useful script but not working for me at present. What version of Jquery is required etc.


vika Purchased

OK sorted my conflict and works great – but would recommend putting some information in the help file.


vika Purchased

Just noticed this script does not block someone using view-source:url etc – is there anyway to do that as well

Thank you so much ! We will update our plugin soon.

can it disable print screen as well?

Yes, This can prevent view source and coppy image on your site.

where can i get the documentation??? theres nothing there,,,,, why? how to install???

i just answer by email. thanks

documentation is unfinished…. how can i install it?

helloooo i have sent my login details.

seems your script is not working with my js framework… :(

Hi, We just reply your email. Thanks

good job. However does not work in firefox/mac. Tools/Web Developer/Page Source done.

Thanks for your interested our plugin.But this plugin just prevent the regular and basic operation of users and show popup advert. If user is a deverloper will have many way to get source.

hello in firefox it disables the save and view source keyboard functions but it does not disable view source form the menuof the browser correct;

Hi, thanks for your interestedour plugin. Yes, this still not yet disable with view source from menu, current we can’t effect with this. We will update our plugin soon.Best !

Hello as I install?

Hi, thanks for your purchased our Plugin, please read how to install here : , Best Regards !

Hello, will the lemon lock code allow me to prevent copying the URL of a link inside my page?

Yes, everything with coppy inside your page will be prevent.

Hi. Looks like great software.

1. You seem to keep mentioning “PC”. Does this protect from Macs as well?

2. Can I see instructions how to use before buying?

Thanks, O

Thanks for replying. When you say “header on file” do you mean between the <head></head> tags?

And the <script>...</script> goes below the includes also between the <head></head> tags?

Yes, exactly ! :)

One more thing I got wrong not mentioned in instructions: The includes also need to be between <script></script> tags otherwise all the js will appear on the front end.


Got it working. Works great. But how do I get the popup to pop up?

I have:

popup: {openWhenLock: true, content: ‘Your content…’, }

in the script but the popup doesn’t happen.

Great ! About your problem, please check here

Hi, i need to know if i can acquire the documentation before buy Lemon-Lock. I’m very interested by this tool.


Hi, when you purchased this plugin. Will have document on this. Sorry, we can’t public here. Also when purchased this, if have any problem. We will support you here. Don’t worries about it. Thank you !


DS01 Purchased


I have bought your script. Now i need to implement it on my own. I am facing problems. Need your early instructions. Waiting. thanks ahead.

Hi, have any problem need help ? could you email to us We will check and help you soon !

Nice work.Glws

Thank you ;)