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Hi Does it run with differend flickr album?

Work with another system? ..... maybe custom link for an image and the link destination, tags and some description.

Thanks for the free plugin.

I could not download it with an error message yesterday. sad.

Hi, Current we are sale off 80% just 9$ for now.You can purchased for this with support 6 months ! ;) thank !

Is visual composer required to use this?

hi. yes. this plugin is add on Visual Comporse

Hi, I can not upload this plugin. please see the message below

“The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

I using Porto theme, WP 4.7, PHP version 5.6.24

Please advise how to do

Hi, Maybe you install plugin wrong path. Please extract this, then just only install only file plugin .

Hello, does this plugin have lightbox? I need a gallery mixed with images and videos that both opens a lightbox with the content. Does this plugin has that? Thanks!

yes. thank you

Hey man! I just bought your plugin and I am not able to add videos to play on the lightbox. How do I do that?

Oh, current feature lightbox video just only show on Beoreo theme. https://themeforest.net/item/beoreo-creative-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/15884077 You can request refund Lemon Grid, we will refund for you soon !

TOllaes Purchased

Hey.. Would it be possible to have lemon grid add new items on top of the gallery? Right now, when I add a new image to a gallery, it will be appended at the end. In an image gallery I’d rather like to see the most recent images first, not last. If I reposition them by hand, the fade in animation will be played only after the other images are loaded which looks a bit strange.

Hi, we think you can use drop&drag to change position of it, then save layout !


TOllaes Purchased

hm. if I reposition the thumbs directly inside the gallery and save layout then the fade in animation will not work as expected. apparently the fade in animation for each thumbnail is based on the order of images set inside the visual composer lemon grid gallery interface and not by the position on screen.

if I rearrange the order of the thumbs to show the recently added images first then all the succeeding images will be placed in thumbnails they don’t belong to. are you able to recreate this bug?


I have a pre-sale question.

I would just like to know does your addon offer a Most Viewed sorting option for posts?

I want to create an page that shows my most viewed posts for my blogs.

Hi, Current Lemon Grid not support for you query most viewed. Sorry about it.

Thanks for your swift reply.

Hello there! We are currently using lemon grid. Is there a way to turn off the scalable and moving option for the grid?

Hi, what kinde of hovereffects does this plugin have? Does it support opacity like this:


And can it link to the picture on Instagram?


okay, but the instagram-stream is still available? Ju just mean the “link to” option is stop?

Sorry, Instagram just change API so it is not working with Instagram now. :(

Will Instagram-Feed-Stream work again soon?


elantm Purchased

Hi there, I’m having an issue making a grid of pages. After I’ve entered the specific pages I want, the whole page where I’ve placed the grid is totally blank upon refreshing. Can this be fixed?


Hi, could you email to us with info your site. We will check this problem bearsthemes@gmail.com . Thank you !

Great product…

Thank you ! Let’s get it :D

Hi. I just bought this.

Great plugin—but I cannot add a top filter by tags. Is there any way to let the user filter by the default post tags?

Thank you

Hi, we still not got your email, could you try again ?

Can you please help me with this? Thank you.

Hi, could you please send an email to us again ?

looks like you never update this, what version is it? we are at 2017

Hi, We still have not yet any update for this plugin.

I use it just and got weired problem, on click open fullscreen on chrome the image go to right with my mouse move, what do you think what it can be ?

Hi there,

Just a pre sale question: how does it work with a woocommerce product image? Can I publish the product categories image?

Ty in advance Stefano

Hi, yes, you can use it for list product woocommerce. Thank you !

Any chance of fixing your live preview?

Sorry, our demo site just die. But you can purchased this plugin. Then use, if have any problem we can support and refund for you if you don’t like. Thank you !

I have your plugin on this site http://ciddev.flywheelsites.com/work/portfolio, you can click on a project to see it in action. But when I save a layout on one projects it reverts the other projects back to another layout, so in effect, after I save another project it deletes the layouts of the others. My email is Jacob@herocreativemedia.com

Hi, could you show us 2 link for 2 layout you using.and account admin to check it ! Thank you ! p/s: Make sure you always create new layout, not coppy shortcode or element from another page to apply on new page. Because we are saving data layout with element ID. Hope it is clear to you !

That was the issue. I was using the same shortcode in a template, which brought with it the same ID. I have resolved the issue. Thanks


Does the plugin allow for the picture to be hyperlinked to another page? For example, a user clicks on the picture and it takes it to another page on my site?

Hi, current we still have not this feature. Thank you !