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I desperately need a grid building solution exactly like this but for text content. Can this be modified so I can use text instead of posts?

yes, sure . You can !

Does it currently support text/image content? Or is it just posts? Is there a demo I could look at to see how it is put together?

It is support gallery and any custom post type. Sorry current our demo just dơn. But when you purchased Our plugins we can help if have any problem. Thank you !

Hi, I have prepurchase question, I need to display post categories with their descriptions and thumbnails, not the posts but the categories themselves, is it possible with this plugin? Thanks.

Hi, Current we just support get any custom postype with our plugin. But we can custom it for your work. Just purchased and contact with us ! ;) Thank you !

Hi, just following up on my prepurchase question. I need to display post categories with their descriptions and thumbnails, not the posts but the categories themselves, can you update the plugin so it does the job? Best.

Hi, I can’t open a ticket since LemondGrid is not listed, can you do what you promised or not? If you can’t, we would need to be refunded. We can’t spend money that way without result.

Hi, Could you email to us via email bearsthemes@gmail.com, with info your site and your issue, we will check and help you asap ! Thank you !

We already communicated by email and you are not responding:

The plugin displays the categories but we still can’t filter them whereas it is possible for the posts…

As mentioned, we just need to be able to choose a parent category so the plugin displays only the subcategories of this parent category as mentioned in my previous emails, and we will be good.

If you can’t do it, just refund our nonprofit.


I have an error message when the plugin is activated: Notice: add_shortcode_param is deprecated since version 4.4 (will be removed in 6.0)! Use vc_add_shortcode_param instead. in /home/content/05/8812805/html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3831

How can I fix it?


HI, Could you send to us info your site via email : bearsthemes@gmail.com . We will check and fix it for you !


jeeng72 Purchased

Hi ! Is it possible to insert a “load more” button in “Gallery LemonGrid” ?

Hi, current this plugin not support this. Sorry !

your previews are not working. I’d love to see them before thinking about purchasing. Pre-purchase questions.. 1. Can I use a 3rd party Lightbox for my woocommerce grid?

quick pre-purchase questions.. 1. Can I use a 3rd party Lightbox for woocommerce usage? 2. would your Masonry Grid be more suited for WooComm? 3. Can I fully customize the overlay? i.e. QuickView buttons, any built in Social Share? WooCommerce Price and other woo function calls, etc..?

Yes, you can use it with Woocommerce . We have options for you query product .

Does this also work without Visual composer? or must that be installed in order to use the plugin.. and to verify, the Lemon is the same as your Masory plugin? what is the difference? -

I just saw that your plugin wasn’t updated since 2 years now. Is it still worth to buy? I mean will it be compatible with the newest WP Version and maybe other plugins? I use WP Bakery an ModuloBox. Can your grid work with these two because I need to open the Lightbox from ModuloBox plugin. Will I be able to set up an image grid via drag and drop and still open my images with it? By the way, I read the comment about your new plugin the BearsGrid. but that doesn’t come with that beautiful drag & drop feature does it? Would be happy to buy it ift it works the way I need :) thank you!

Ok seems to me there is no answer coming. Will get another plugin then. bye

Is this plugin still active? The demo spins up an internal server error.

Our sever just out. But you can get this plugin to use.