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What is the difference between this and Google Analytics ?

I don’t know where to start… This is not Google analytics, Leech is a small and fast system that gives you the ability to embed a picture with your content and generate stats and logs in real time… for example take codecanyons analytics – there is a delay of a day or two and they don’t supply locations insights, visitors common languages, hours distribution etc… when “leeching” my item page in code canyon I get all this and more in real time… it’s an excellent tool for generating insights and analytics from remote domains in real time.

Interested, but cannot see any demo? let me know when you have sorted this out

No live demo… Because its an administration system and for a demo I need to make a lot of modifications to prevent users from making changes in my personal installation (deleting logs etc).

is there a function to filter/exclude duplicate visits/hits?

i assume i can change the image to whatever i want?

Hi, you can see the unique visitors list in the second column. yes of course you can change the image. you can even put a transparent 1px to make the leech invisible.

what do you mean?

Hi, Shlomo Very Good Project, please check the demo. (is not working)


Hi, thank you for your comment. The demo page is the documentation of this product. I removed the live demo of the actual dashboard because people just keep on earasing logs and messing with the admistrative operations of the leech dashboards.

Hi there,

I just installed according to the instructions and I see a blank white screen. I noticed you have errors turned off, so I’m going to do a little digging but thought I would try here first to see if you knew what the problem could be. I have a VPS server, and the php/mysql requirements are met.


Nevermind. Requires the PHP mysqli extension. Installed that and all is well. Nice script!

Ok, thank you… btw – new release soon including more statistics and some minor bug fix. Have Fun

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can this script be used to track where a visitor comes from? which referral url?

yes of course.

Hello, Just bought this great scripts. However, please advice how to track where the visitor comes from? I mean the referral url.

Thanks a lot

Great, Thanks a lot and hope to see your update soon

Hello, It works well yesterday but there is an error code 128 shown today. Please advice. Thanks

Hello, The problem solved, since my site have heavy traffic, after I empty the table in mysql myself and it works again. By the way, the data I empty in the table almost 4M, please make a update for your script about handle heavy data.

Thanks a lot

Any update on the update? :)

Hi there, new release is almost done – will be uploaded in the week ahead.

Hi, I’ve purchased it, very good job ! Please, is it possible to display the date and hour for each leech connection ? (Instead only the last one ?) Another thing : is it possible to display the name of the firm / or the name of the network of each leech in addition of the IP address (with an automatic whois information) ? Thanks a lot in advance for your next responses, Gabriel.


two another questions please ;)

1/ if we know the IP adress of a firm, is it possible to record it for an automatic display on the board instead the IP adress with figures ?

2/ In the setttings tab, the blocked leeches function doen(t work for me (the following message appears : “Could not Save changes. try agian and make sure you are filling form correctly”).

Please could you advise !

Thanks a lot, Sincerely, Gabriel.

Hi Gabriel, Allot of question :) Contact me through the support mail – and give me access to your installation, I will take a look whats wrong and answer all your question.

hello can i install it on other folder than the root folder www ?

can inject the code in xenforo forum and can you explain where ?


Hi, you can install it in any folder within the root folder, just extract it into your target folder – set the database – set the dbvar.php file, and you are ready (follow the documentation). I haven’t tested it with xenforo forum but basically any forum that allows you to attach images with a URL address can be leeched. If you need more assistant don’t hesitate to contact through the support mail.

thanks its work , BUT im geting ERROR code: 126 what it mean

That mean that some files are missing… You may have changed the folders names. contact me through support with your website information and ill take a better look.

Are there any updates planned?

Huge update soon -> user section + signup, 3 different way of sharing, new admin interface.

sorry for that – that’s another system :) – the upcoming release (2 weeks) will include new stats, improved performance and better graphical interface if you have any suggestions please contact me through support mail, thank you.

Does this need an image on the page to track and gather stats?