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hi dear, 1. What will I receive? 2. Is this open source? 3. Is there any encription to files? 4. Can I will be able to do some customization? 5. Is there any user management in it? 6. What about the backup?

1. Source Code & Documentation 2. Yes 3. No. 4. its built with Laravel. you can customize anything 5. NO 6. Currently not available any Backup Option in the App.

I the price is changed from $19 to $26? Can I have this on the previous price?

Sorry. you can purchase with the current price only.

I have purchased this script on yesterday and I got instant support from the swot team when I installing the script and customizing it as how I need, however I have seen on code canyon this is the only script which is with all the accounts functions as it is

Thanks Sir.. Expect your Review too..

I am not able to add product and test the app troughly. Can you allow some functions so we can test to make sales, purchases etc.


For Security purpose records add to database in DEMO is restricted.

I purchased couple script based on what I see in demo, but function flow has not developed correctly. Unfortunetly I wont buy anymore script untill I test it all functions. and I suggest the same to all member.

You should develop a script to rest your DB every hour., and let uset to test it all.

ok ok.. your advice will be taken care in our next updates.Thank you.

Hi, can use for multiple company or SAAS?

If you can spend money for the custom saas development we can do that.

will email you.

ok. waiting for that..

I’ve been trying to connect via your support system but alas there are no support from you guys. Pretty bad thing. Also your auth/register link is broken so no one can register. I’ve purchased the script but unable to register a new user due to the error.

dear buyer, as we mentioned ” our response time can be up to 2 business days.”. New User Register feature is not there. Its not Multi user Application. We just put that for future update purpose.

but there should be a register option to insert new user. anyway I’ve asked for some errors in your ticket previously no response wait. Ticket #823440 no response provided which was posted on first january. it’s been 5 days since posting but no update.

for new year holiday just finished on 3rd january. We will look on your request today….

hi i m interested with few scripts here. like the model as well as the fricon. how to in touch ? thanks

Connect me on PM

is this a desktop application?

No. Web Application. But you can use it as your local browser based application if you installed on your local server.

please let me know the budget to make this become saas

connect me on PM or skype:swotsolutions

Do you really need to develop saas?!

hey guyz can you build invoice software like this, please mail me on this email id fo r further discussion kishore.bhosle@gmail.com https://gst.cleartax.in/invoices/e54d2542-9770-482c-a7e7-f168c1d328b6/sales/create 1 july gst launch in india, so it create a big sale you also contact for next

If you have valid budget we could do anything as per your requirements. Because Most of all want to build big things but not with right investment. If you are like that please don’t connect to us. If you require a valuable product with worth-able budget Connect me on Skype: swotsolutions

What laravel version are you using


1. Page shows error “Oops! Page Not Found! error code #404” for every customer view transaction /ledgerbook/public/customers/transactions/1

2. Invoice address is static.

3. no section to change logo?

invoice & logo is currently static. New release is on the way.

When is the new release coming? looking to buy script

maybe on november

i have error “Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in /home/swotcoin/public_html/demo/accounting/public/php/config.php on line 3” on page http://demo.swot.co.in/accounting/public/transaction/create

its additional submodule which has mysql extension. It will be updated in the next release soon. Thanks for Notify

Its corrected.

can you please make for me same item but using drupal cms and how long will take and how much will cost , kindly let me know to my mails info@utzfoods.com

kindly not works in our country you can give me your mail or send me mail

or using whats up

Connect me on PM

Hi, long time passed your last update? Can you update it recently. Could you please add bank account system?

What is that means bank account system?


I am interested in your product but i need you to further customize it for me. I want to add 2 companies in it… Like its currently for single brand / company.. I want to make a software for our 2 companies where 2 separate reports generate option we need. But at front end we want to show one brand name instead of 2 companies at back end. Is that possible !

Everything is possible if you can pay the right price – As per your requirement you expected like SaaS app. Connect me on Skype: swotsolutions with your budget for further discussion. Without right budget we can’t do. Thanks!