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Can u make a led TEXT script??

Maybe I will implement later, maybe not :)

I just download the plugin, but there is no html file and js file inside, It’s odd.

Please see more attentively and you will find there files index.html and time_led.js

Hi i just bought this, I can’t get it to work… please help, am i missing something?

Hi. Probably, you try to look it through a browser, which doesn’t support it or you set some parameters incorrect.

index.html and time_led.js were not included in my download. Where can these files be found?

Please, ignore the previous post. Everything is sorted now. Thanks!

I noticed the countdown timer does not take into account time zones. So people in different time zones viewing the countdown timer actually have different times. Is this something that can be added? Let me know, thanks!

Thanks for your question! I know about this problem and I’m going to fix it in the next version.

Hello, This looks really cool!

Wondering if you can change the size of different sets of digits, like larger DAYS, in Left Column, then smaller digits on Right column? HOURS : MINUTES : SECONDS?

Also when the timer finishes, can it perform a load command, like load Image? or redirect page to an image?

Thank you for your feedback need to make a decision asap.


1. As I understood you asked me if it’s possible to set two timers near each other. Yes, it’s so, and first timer can have larger numbers and the second – smaller. But it’s impossible to set only days as the first timer.

2. When the timer finishes, it doesn’t perform a load command, it displays only zeros.

Are there any conflicts with current version of jquery? i am able to load this on its own, but when i add it to an existing page i am getting an error on the Raphael page: TypeError: b is undefined

any suggestions?

can this be responsive?

Unfortunately, in this version it is impossible to make the plugin responsive.

HI Anatolik! Is it possible to display a variable number?

It looks great. GLWS!

Hi Anatolik,

I see your Led Time Panel is not updated since 11/04/2013. Will there be an update or is this product ‘dead’. I’d like to buy your script but it needs to be responsive.

Hope to hear from you … Marc