Discussion on Learning Management System Flutter App - TrainEasy

Discussion on Learning Management System Flutter App - TrainEasy

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I can’t get my api link I installed the script on the link

i see error when run app type bool is not a subtype of type map dynamic

ou do not have active support for this item. You support expired on 28, Oct 2022. Please visit in order to renew your support.

Kindly use the purchase code for the PHP script and not the mobile app.

im open Ticket now

Hello, (Question Before Purchase ) And please try this before confirming .. if i bought this app Can you send me an app that works with flutter version 2.2.0 stable because i can’t update this version i only use 2.2.0. if u can confirm that u will give me this source code version i will buy immediately

if u can send me the version that will work with 2.2.0 i will buy it now. I’m pro developer i know how to work with multiple versions but i only work on 2.2.0 this time i won’t be able to upgrade.

it’s okay i will buy the 2.10.4 ver, Can u just tell me what’s the current sdk version of this ? you can find this in pubspec.yaml file under environment : sdk : “     ” ? 

Great. Its ”>=2.12.0 <3.0.0”

Hi, How can I connect Vimeo or YouTube through LMS? is there any guide to do that?

Yes you can embed Youtube and Vimeo videos into your courses very easily. Kindly open a support ticket here after purchase:

Do you offer free installation?

No please.

Hello, can this system be installed on a VPS with NGINX ? Not apache

Yes it can

Does this mobile app support zoom live classes?? It is not mentioned anywhere?

What are your charges to upload app to Play Store?

Unfortunately we do not provide this service at the moment.

Kindly request for support here: . Please use your main TrainEasy script purchase code

Can we BLOCK screen recording ?

This is not possible technology wise

hello i work on previous version zend framework can i buy mobile app for zend framework??

Hello. The mobile app works for both the old version and the new version so you can go ahead and but it without any problems. Please use this link:

Hi this can integrate with cordova camera plugin?

Sure you can integrate it if you wish.

I need whole app and admin panel help me

Hello. Thank you for your interest in our product. Please by the PHP script here: . You can then buy the mobile app here: . You need to buy the PHP script in order for the mobile app to work.

How to integrate php and mobile script?

Its very easy to do. Once you buy the mobile app, you will find the instructions on how to connect it to your web app. It only entails setting a url in a config file. We look forward to your purchase.

When I upload to APP to AppStore I got “ITMS-90809: Deprecated API Usage – New apps that use UIWebView are no longer accepted. Instead, use WKWebView for improved security and reliability. Learn more ("

Please refer to this post: . Follow the steps to rectify the issue.

I am very interested in buying but I’m a little confused about the installation, I set up my free trial account as directed by your user guide under getting started and it looks like I need to purchase a subscription plan, is this in addition to the $49 for Learning Management System Ionic 3 App – TrainEasy, is this true or can I buy it here and install it myself?

Hello. Actually you can but it here and install on your own server. You will not need to pay any subscription fee. Kindly buy the PHP script here as well: . You will need to have the PHP script running in order to use the Ionic app.

do you have android Version?

This works with both android and IOs

I have error with apk file, when i try in mobile, it shows “Network Error”

You probably need to check that the api url was entered correctly.

I would like to purchase this, does this product offers support?

Hello, I have both TrainEasy website and TrainEasy app, and they sync well. But I have the following issue: on my website in lecture context (text) I embedded iframe. This iframe loads well on the website but in the app it does not load (only blank page). Thank you for any hints.

Hello. Kindly send an Item support message regarding this.

Hello, I sent the support message to info at . Thanks

No problem. We’ll reply you asap.

Hi, I have a question: both App Store and Google play store require in-app purchase payment to be set up (which is not the case in your app as you have only third-party payment gateways if a user needs to pay for courses). How this requirement can affect publishing of the app in Google Play and App Store? Will it be refused? Thanks.

No, the app should not be refused. In app payments are not required for services that can be used outside of the app. The courses and sessions students pay for in this case falls into this category.

Thanks, you underlined a good point.

Hi, the android compilation of your code does not support Android SDK 29. It supports SDK 27 which means that it cannot be published on Google Play?

Glad to hear that!

Hi, in the app (not on the website though) when a student enrolls for a FREE one and if the course type is “Online Course”, payment page with payment method is nevertheless shown to him.

When the Course type is Training Session with Online Classes, then everything is ok.

Is there any way to solve this issue? Thanks

Sorry, probably it was a cache issue. It seems to be ok now.

1. is there a way that use can see or search courses through code only

2. can i add iframe and embed say google slide or youtube video in courses

3. can i add iframe for say google form

4 can i add conditional access say complete pre-requisites or have a code

Hello, I’m not sure I understand your first question i.e what do you mean by ‘through code only’? However, the answers to question 2 and 3 is yes. For question 4, yes, you can add prerequisite classes that students need to complete before proceeding to next classes.


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