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Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you !:)

you have plan to create about dota 2 ? , i want dota 2.

Hmm. Second one is good. I saved these links. When I’ll finish the current update, that will be next I think :) Thank you!

i will wait you :D if done, i buy sure.

first :)

Thank you ! Maybe you know or not, I’m here in case you have some trouble or you need informations. New features soon :)

ok perfect :D Thanks :)

Looks awesome, GLWS!

Thank you ! I appreciate !:)

gaska96 i buy your script and i see when i check my lol profile this stats for season6 is not compatibility please see your mail where i send you.

Hi. Use contact form from my profile. It’s faster. Also, give me your domain. I’m waiting for your email soon

So i have this now to. I got all your scripts. I must say i like the support and also the code is nice and clean. Easy to read. Thanks again

Thank you !:)

Hi. I ‘ve tried a Write the nick of friend , Këppâ , But No recognized . Is there a way to make recognize these characters ? Thank you .

Hi. Thank you for contacting me. I didn’t know that Riot accepts these kind of characters. I noted this and I’ll fix it in the next update

demo link please

Fixed. Thank you !

When wil the next update there.

As I said to another user in email, I made an update with Codeigniter, but due an unknown error, I have to rewrite all script without Codeigniter. Most is finished, but I have Admin Panel left.

I found a bug. When you enter a name with Í or any special letters the special alt code gets deleted and you get a different result.

I’ll have a look and I’ll change charset.

Next update ?

I don’t know. I hope that I’ll make it until the end of the year.

Next update?

Hi. I hope next month.I saw you send me few emails and contacted me on facebook, too, right ? I’ll reply to them tomorrow. Thank tou for patience !

Thank you!

Demo link please

I paid for host now. Sorry. Wait now until reactivation. :) Thank you !