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NIce idea!

Demo please!

A demo is now available!

I like the sound of it, but need a whole lot more details before I would consider buying.

A demo is now available!

I like this! Any chance this could be modified to show a playoff schedule something like this: http://globalgoodgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/2011_NBA_Playoffs_Printable_Bracket1.gif


Thanks! The first example is more like a tournament bracket generator that I may create in the future. For the second example, what features do you like that you’d like to see added?

I like that it has alot of other features like dates etc I suppose :)

Maybe my other item might be more like what you’re looking for?http://codecanyon.net/item/tournament-brackets-generator/12026165

Is there a way to create this more into a “Tournament” Style Bracket?

IE: Setup 10 teams, each team plays once, winner progresses and the loser goes either a.) home or b.) goes into a loser bracket and then has to win that before come back into the winners bracket.


Not currently, this is meant for round robin tournaments and leagues, but that is something that I may release in the future. Thanks!

I have now released a tournament brackets generator that can be found here: http://codecanyon.net/item/tournament-brackets-generator/12026165

demo site seems to be down.

Thanks for the heads up! It is working again now.

No problem! Thanks for handling it quick!

Is there also standings?

There isn’t currently, but this may be added in a future update.

this script insert the bracket in mysql??

The script doesn’t do this by default, but it can be easily modified to do so.

its any way posible to add time and fields? we play at 3 different hours in a 5 different fields every weekend, so teams are asking for equals time and fields for everyone

Hello! Unfortunately this isn’t planned for the next version.

congratulation my bro GLWS

Please, demo?