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You can read local files? running as a mobile web … but no connection? Thank you.

hi do u mean if the content of the menu read from local file? it is easy to add a wrap for the exist interface, but it is not implemented now

I need a freelance work … this is what I need: a budget and delivery time for: your Leaf Menu to work with two options: with links to external websites (how it works now) and links to local content (my mobile website included in xcode) to read it without internet connection …If you have questions please ask. Thanks in advance. ventas@digitalizame.com

Hi there, great project, congratulations, I’d like to know how can I add a “go to next tab” button, so users dont have to open the menu every time, they can just “slide” to the next tab. is it possible? Also, i’ve tried to change the home screen as you said, but i’m getting an error: Unused variable ‘urlStr’, how can I fix that?

Thank you

add a button in viewcontroller.xib / viewcontroller~iPad.xib and add a iboutlet action in viewcontroller.h

in the button click callback call the function - (void) didSelectAtMenuIndex:(NSUInteger)idx withTitle:(NSString*)title; set the parameter idx to the next tab your want

of cource, you may need to add a local member parameter to remember the current menu index you last selected.

good luck

Can you tell me what to do if i want that the app load directly for example “google” when it start instead “guide”

Actually I tried for this(Yes, I already read this:http://codecanyon.net/item/leaf-menu-for-iphone/discussion/2123921?page=1), But not working.

Can you tell me more detail?

Thank you

Will you be making it support for the iPhone 5?? :)

iOS 6.0 Support? ;)

would love to get a + button on leaf menu so user can input own address

“CodeCanyon” – then auto add the http address to code

- i’ve almost got it working fine on iPhone 5 apart from webview will not auto resize! any clues ?

hi nice work. can i use the menu to switch between some storyboards? iOS 7 ready?


Do you have this style also for android ?

Doesn’t work on anything newer then iOS 8, I just downloaded it and saw it was built for 4.3 which is very OLD … Any chance you updated it or have an easy way to make it work on iOS 8?

Thank you.

Hallo, And full of updates because FUNCTIONS deprecated. Best regards

I trashed 10 Dollars . Ipad does not work for the menu . In many project FUNCTIONS are deprecated … Mhaaa