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Excellent work! Bookmarked

blank page opens and displays this error. The script works only subdomain?

var dv022812000909686092siteUrl = 'http://localhost:8080/THEMEFOREST/leadscontact/';
var dv022812000909686092session = 'PHPdv022812000909686092=k2j6mdqf90d5drob9un2domn34';
SyntaxError: malformed hexadecimal character escape sequence

...#dv022812000909686092_captcha_text","2","\x3Cdiv class=\x22err-validation\x22\x3...
<div id="dv022812000909686092" style="width: 400px;" /><script type="text/javascript" src="http://localhost:8080/THEMEFOREST/leadscontact/form.php?div_id=dv022812000909686092&template=contact_ver2"></script>
Please if you can provide us what kind of apache and php server you used, and did you made a test page where you add this code: <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://localhost:8080/THEMEFOREST/leadscontact/form.php?div_id=dv022812000909686092&template=contact_ver2”></script> please provide more info so we can reproduce your problem we have made the same tests, placing the script in subdomain identical as in your example and it works fine here is print screen of our tests

with the new updated release we removed the javascript encoding, and now this should not make any problems

Hello I am hoping you can help, I have setup/enabled the form on my website. etc but when the submit button is pressed I get a

Error occurred while saving data, please try again later!

Error occurred while saving data, please try again later!

would you please advice how I can correct this? Thanks Judi

Please if you can provide URL of the site where you add your form so we can investigate the problem (If you don’t want to post your site URL with your form publicly , please if is possible to send it as private message to us). This error appears if there is s problem with server SESSION on your Master Site, but we have to see example of your form in order to fix this problem or advice you for any solution.

hi it Judianne again url


Sorry the form is

Thanks judi

We made 3 test pages so you can check if on your server PHP session is working properly. Please if you can download this zip file:

Copy those 3 php files in your CrossDomainPost folder and then start the following page:

then click on the link to go to the next page:

if session value is not the same as on previous page, then you have problem with your server session

Here are links from our test server where you can compare the values with your site.

Hi Again

The results are Your Session Name: PHPtestsession123 Your Session ID: 893eba07d7610e914a699cac01bbc803 Your Session Session Value: TestSessionVALUE Click here to go on the next page to check the session

ttp:// Your Session Name: PHPtestsession123 Your Session ID: 893eba07d7610e914a699cac01bbc803 Session from previous page “TestSessionVALUE” is: SESSION VALUE NOT FOUND

Diffferent from your result is Session from previous page"TestSessionVALUE" is: TestSessionVALUE

Can this be corrected?

Thanks Judi

We assume that your server can’t save the session file on your server disk. You can try couple of solutions:

1) Contact your site administrator or your host provider and ask them to check the PHP session settings for your site (recommended by us). Here is useful link for this:

2) You can try by changing the config file and manually set the session.save_path which is not recommended but you can try it
- open the /CrossDomainPost/config.php file is some text editor
- add this line of code on 2 line, just below <?php line…: session_save_path (dirname( FILE ).’/log_posts/’);
- you can check the path folder to some other place where it has write permissions
- open the followin file in text editor: /CrossDomainPost/captcha/captcha.php and add the following line of code on line 12, just below the comments section:

3) And the last option is:
- go in admin page and select a form without captcha.
- open the following file in text editor: /CrossDomainPost/form_processor.php
- comment the lines: 14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21 by adding // as first character in each of those lines
- on line 22 add the following line of code: $_SESSION‘form’ = ‘sometextwithoutspace’;

Thanks for your help _ I will try this tomorrow (its midnight here) and let you know the outcome. Regards Judi

Hi Judi,

please find same explanation as above but with correct tags

Hi Again

Problem is now fixed! you were absolutely correct the issue was with the host server PHP session settings. Thank you for your patience. All works great now. Regards Judi

Hi Judi,

np if you need more help don’t hesitate to contact

I am interested in purchasing this! I would like to us the forms on many of my client websites, but it says the forms inherit the look of the parent/original… is it possible to style each form to look like its own? Also, can the form take attached image files?


about is it possible to style each form to look like its own only if you know good html and css and you know how to set up a new form style

as for Also, can the form take attached image files the answer is no


I have a problem, I do not see the templates:

This configuration is correct? This application is valid for Drupal 7?


//site URL, change “” with your real site domain, and if you place this script in different subfolder also change “scriptfolder” with the name of your subfolder //make sure it has / at the end define(‘SITE_URL’, ‘');

//sent form posts to this email address, leave empty if you don’t want emails. define(‘EMAIL’, ‘‘);

//this is a folder where all form posts will be saved in a dirrenct file for each template //this folder needs to have WRITE privileges in order to create files and update file content define(‘LOG_FILE_PATH’, dirname(FILE).’/log_posts/’);

//please do not change this path define(‘TEMPLATES_PATH’, dirname(FILE).’/form_templates/’);

//security key, is it used to access to admin page, place change this key value, so you can better protect your data define(‘SECURITY_KEY’, ‘Asd4F3’); ?>

Thanks, Kind Regards.


It looks like your PHP server is not processing PHP short tags. Please if you can download the new script version and let us know if is working now. If problem still remains please send us more info about your server PHP version

Does this script allow configuration of email notifications, bcc, etc?
Would I be able to store the submitted info in a MYSQL database?

>> Does this script allow configuration of email notifications

Yes, it has simple email configuration, bcc is not supported, but you can add as many as you want emails if you update your configuration file. To do this: - please open is some text editor the following file “config.php” - find the following line in the config:

define(‘EMAIL’, ‘,,‘);,,

- Replace this test email/s with your email addresses, if you want to use more than one email, they need to be separated with comma ”,” Marked as 1) in this image:

>> Would I be able to store the submitted info in a MYSQL database?

The script is made to work everywhere, so it’s not using any database. The form posts are saved in text file (tab delimited) and you can use this file to import the data in your database. If you have more than one form, each form data is saved in different text file. The folder where form data is saved also can be set in “config.php” file and is marked as 2) in this image:

Hello, can be removed and put mandatory fields as we believe?

Thank you


check “How to Create a new Form Template”

this is the example site and this is a link to test admin module:

I set-up my form, and it successfully saves the info to the text file, but does not send to the email address specified in the config.php.

Any ideas?

I need the ability to send to different email addresses.

Example 1: Form 1 sends to:

Example 2: Form 2 sends to:

Can this be done?

This is simple form and is not using any database, so you cannot send form posts from different forms to different emails.

But on this page (url is example from our test site) under “Log Files” tab, each post from same form is saved in different text file (tab delimited) so you can use this option to download the posts and export them in excel or other application.

you can send the posts to more than one email by changing the config.php file and adding more email addresses: define(‘EMAIL’, ‘,,‘); but this is not what you are looking for…

The product can be customized for your needs for extra charge…

Live preview is gone, can you re-upload. Would like to check it out.

Please check now

I’ve got a client of a client who could really use this system. Got it all set up, tested the form –

Submission just spins and spins. No error message. Updated your error suppression line though and found some possible culprits:

Notice: Undefined index: action in /path/to/public_html/formcraft/function.php on line 45 Notice: Undefined index: custom_css in /path/to/public_html/formcraft/function.php on line 1247 Notice: Object of class ORM could not be converted to int in /path/to/public_html/formcraft/function.php on line 203 – See more at:

PHP Version on the server is 5.5.19

Also, my “purchased” badge should be showing. It’s not. But I did buy the software about 20 minutes ago.


we checked the link you sent and it seems that you didn’t buy our product; we don’t have these field names

Need a refund not working for me sorry:

Leads Contact Forms Regular License 6 months support (expires on 16 Aug 2017) Purchase code: 46636c56-d1a2-4634-9c5c-c545103e8cc4

Hello, I tested the demo for my clients site and it seemed to work fine. I purchased and installed the form on my site, following the directions – but the form is not showing up: (form should show up toward the bottom, below red text that says “free case evaluation”)

Can you check to see what the issue is? Your help would be much appreciated.

Hi benchmarkwd.

I can’t see any script on your page that includes the contact form from this plugin. Under “free case evaluation” I see another plugin Can you please double check that you have included.

Hi benchmarkwd.

I can’t see any script on your page that includes the contact form from this plugin. Under “free case evaluation” I see another plugin Can you please double check that you have included.