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Hey there, We tried building Lead tracker recently but your concept is really awesome. Keep it up. Good wishes for sales !!

Thanks a lot :)

Hi, very nice script. Any plan to add a javascript snippet instead of iframe div?


Yes in next update, we were doing in current version, but thought to give it a try , first with iframe :)

Ok, in the next update with js integration I’ll buy! Thanks.

consider making a page with an actual form embedded on?

You can see other example too :http://leads.ifreelance.asia/lead/create/form/1

cool. I will try this out, I’d like the js script snippet myself personally, but this is still cool. ;)

Sure, let me know, if you have any question :)

Demo credentials are not working! Did someone changed it?

What credentials are you typing. It is same as “Administrator” and “abcdef”

What version of Laravel is this running on?

Laravel 4.2

Hello, nice script.

Is it possible to ask buy a customization?

Best regards

Yes, we can be hired for customization.

The script looks great.. but from daily operational point of view in the dashboard / Lead List If ‘Lead Status’ Column is added and sorting by the same would be available would be really useful.

As user can directly come to know the status of lead and accordingly the action can be taken. Also what does this indexable column represents.

Lead Status or any such column is not hard coded. To filter leads for any column, you can simply create lead status field and search for value like “active” or “suspended” in search column, and it will list out automatically those value :)

Indexable columns are those columns, if you ever need to find list of email or contact number from lead, you can do that by assigning email field or contact field indexable, and that value will get stored in separate column in lead value for any campaign.

i need following customization, please let me know its price and time required to get it done :

1) on page assign to column, so that it multiple leads assigned at once ON PAGE. 2) multiple deletion of leads possible.

Send me message via my profile page.


Hi, looks lovely. I would like a little clarification if you do not mind I want a system just as yours but with a 3 user login, user, manager and admin just like your demo, where each has different login info. Can the info from the forms be added onto a database? Can there be an option to add info eg student library books borrowed, where you can add every borrowed book to every user and lastly is there an option to upload images and add time? Thank you for your time.

Yes, This all can be done

exist some minimal settings, because i just installed on my hosting Goda. and almost all page says.. Whoops, looks like something went wrong… when i create user, when try to open any button… help please

Can you please provide your FTP details. via profile contact form, so that i can have a look.


I dont understand about “via profile contact form” which url.. but i just send my credentials on http://codecanyon.net/user/ifreelancerasia is fine.. please send one email for reply if you dont receive.. thanks you.

Hi yes, Sorry for delay, actually in India, it’s festive season and whole office goes for cleaning and it is terrible to work at the moment.

Will be updating today.


Hi iFreelancer,

It is easy to customize the form HTML? I didn’t want to embed it on my page using <iframe>. Or could I just use the <form action=”URL-OF-YOUR-SYSTEM”> and it will work?

Thank you!

Yes, you can do that too. But , you need to use same “field-name” that you have created in “form-field” and form-item.

But, please note, you may need to disable CSRF-form option.


Hi iFreelancer,

Before considering your Software, I want to know if it be usable for the following use case:

I have an association of Four roles (CEO, IT, Executives and trainers).

We do many events for charity and health campaigns. We want a given trainer to fill a pre-defined form (campaign prevention from cancer form). Once the form is filled, it shows up on the Executive dashboard to validate it. Once OK, it will show up at the CEO dashboard as Activity Done. If NO, it should be resubmitted to the Trainer for recheck and so on. Each Form should be unique and corresponds to a given activity. For example, the fields in Events Form are not the same as those on the Campaigns Form, not the same as on the Travels Form.

There is no anonymous user, only registered users should choose and fill forms, that will then be transmitted to other in the workflow chain.

How can we do this using your software? If it can’t be done, please can you customize or advise?

Thank you so much for reading this.

Yours, Alaa NIZAR alaanizar@hotmail.com

Well our new product will be, we will be uploading that new product today and it will be probably ready in 2-3 days after getting reviewed.


Looks amazing.

1. Can I get some more example of forms. pop up, landing pages?

Well, you can simply integrate our example URL anwyere and test it out. We have not created those example form.

Can custom fields be added for leads?

We wanted to buy this CRM for, our Internal Office Purpose, so that we could manage our Inventory along with customer details. I wanted to clarify that we are dealing in Mobile Connections, which are issued to various end customers.

We wanted to modify the things such that if first user enter the Sim Details in a specific form, like Sim No. which is mapped to the Executive Name to whom the sim is allocated for distribution purpose (SIM STATUS=With Executive). Now the other user of the CRM would enter the customer details, against the sale of a particular sim No., and will make the Activation Status as Sale Picked (SIM STATUS=SOLD) wherein the executive Name should have an option to get auto selected, from data entered by first user .

Now the third user will scan the documents in the CRM, and need to change the activation status as Sale Punched (SIM STATUS=PUNCHED)

Now once the connection gets activated after Physical Verification happens, we need to mark the SIM STATUS as :Verification Done” and then when finally the status gets activated, the final user would chang the SIM STATUS to “Activation successful”, and if the activation is not done, then the SIM STATUS as PENDING

Now we need to cross check, once our Data entry guy enters all details in the software, so that we could check report according to different formats like , according to different status of sims, how many sales are getting sold according to Sales Executive, or how many sales are getting sold according to Tele Caller Agent, how many sims got sold in any specific area/ pincode, or how many sims are left in inventory as With Executive, how many sales are picked in a particular period of time, how many of them got punched, and how many of them got activated.

So,please confirm, can we use this application for such customized described purposes. Please help, so that if it could be achieved using this, then we would buy it immediately.

Hi, Sorry for late reply , but speaking frankly, I am unable to understand your requirement. Can you please tell me in below ways, so that i can understand better :-

1. Types of Executive who will be managing lead. 2. Do you also want your lead person or customer to change sim status ?

1. Types of Executive who will be managing lead. (The Data would be entered by particular backend agents. The executive can update the sim status only, other details cant be edited by the Executive ) 2. Do you also want your lead person or customer to change sim status ? (NO. Sim Status would be changed by Backend Agents only)

Yes This can be done

hello. can generate leads from received email?

Can I make landing pages using this script? I haven’t seen landing pages examples

Landing pages like ?

hello, the link of demo do not works

Hi , we are fixing it. It will be all ready today.


Hi, the demo link is not working still after 1 month ? :-) hehe

Hi sir, there are video preview – We will update demo soon. We are actually facing lots of traffic issue in our other server.


It is past months . Demo link is still not working ? Which server configurations need to setup this script pelase ? May I use form codes on Any HTML landing pages ?


Hi, Kindly choose this product :- https://codecanyon.net/item/ilead-v2-lead-management-system-with-comment-and-form-builder/14157984 support for this item is only for existing (old) customer.