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hey thanks! :)

1. Is this a SaaS script where users can register an account to manage their own leads and contacts? Because when I registered as new user, I got admin access.

2. How do you add leads? – the dashboard is confusing not intuitive

3. Can you export leads and contacts to CSV?

1. No its meant for one company to manage lead/accounts but can be modify to do that you are looking for (SAAS). Also in the demo you get admin access but if you buy the script when you register you will get the user group not admin i only did this to make it easy for people to see but maybe i should set it back to user.

2. If you click on Accounts on the left menu bar you will get a drop down of options and one is to “Create New Account” . Please see!/features for a layout on what the dashboard is.

3. I can add that right now into the system as well as a import feature as well. This will be coming up in a update very soon already working on that since some have requested this.

Thank you for you input and if their is anything else i can help with please let me know.

Quick update just added the new feature Import and Export function will be posting the update soon here is a screen shot now of it

very nice script! will buy soon!

hey thanks! Please let me know if you need help installing. :)

Hi Videotronix,

Before considering your Software, I want to know if it be usable for the following use case:

I have an association of Four roles (CEO, IT, Executives and trainers).

We do many events for charity and health campaigns. We want a given trainer to fill a pre-defined form (campaign prevention from cancer form). Once the form is filled, it shows up on the Executive dashboard to validate it. Once OK, it will show up at the CEO dashboard as Activity Done. If NO, it should be resubmitted to the Trainer for recheck and so on. Each Form should be unique and corresponds to a given activity. For example, the fields in Events Form are not the same as those on the Campaigns Form, not the same as on the Travels Form.

There is no anonymous user, only registered users should choose and fill forms, that will then be transmitted to other in the workflow chain.

How can we do this using your software? If it can’t be done, please can you customize or advise?

Thank you so much for reading this.

Yours, Alaa NIZAR

Hi Alaa, and thank you for looking at my php script right now is does not do what you need but i can customize it for your needs but will need more info please contact me via email or Skype both are below. Thank you skype username: videotronix


I will contact you as soon as possible.

On what time slot you are? GMT+?


ok great and i’m EST -5

Hi Author,

I liked your script very much and its similar to my requirement. I am a developer and need to purchase this to customize as per my company internal use for account and user management. I’ve few questions before purchasing this like:

1. This is for our company internal use only so Regular License purchasing will it be ok?

2. How its easy for me to customize the code as per my requirement.

Pls. answer my question ASAP. I need this very urgently.

Thanks, GRaj

Hi GRaj, thank you yes the Regular License is fine and the script is very easy to customize, comments though out the script and if you have any questions or problems please let me know I’m here to help. Thanks

Thanks you for quick response but i found some other solution for my project. Thanks again and best for luck for future sale :)

No problem and thank you for your response if their is anything I can help with please let me know. :)

Hello is this product multilang? if yes, italian is supported, if not is possible to translate the string by self?



Hi, I’m very sorry but no right now just English only And yes it would be possible to convert the string before it echo’s out the data to any language you want you just have to create that function.

ok… jst to understaind the echo in php is realted to a “lang” folder or is writed ditect into english… echo ‘hello’; or echo $text_hello ; ?

sorry yes it is written directly to English but i could add this in the next update i do. Let me know if this is something you would like to see. Thanks

Hi, I’m very sorry but no right now just english only.

And yes it would be possible to convert the string before it echo’s out the data

I purchased this product and so far I like it a lot. However I have a request/inquiry. I need to add fields to the customer details. How can I do this?

Great glad to here! to do this you can edit php file create_account.php and edit_account.php to then add the field to the database if you like i can do this for you? just let me know when you are free? i’m free around noon(12:00) and anything after 5pm EST time today?

The address lines are American based. (state, Zip code) I live in Canada, so I need 1 line address instead of 2, and I need Canadian provinces not American states and Postal code instead of Zip Code.

Also here are the fields I need for each lead: School Name Phone Number Fax number Address City Province Postal Code Principal Name Principal Email Address Vice Principal WR No. UPHS LOI Ranking SHSM

ok i will work on this can you please add me on skype (videotronix) so i can send you the files to update on your end? Thanks

Hello , This is simple, good and useful. One clarification – Can this be used as Saas, if not do you have plans for that. I would be interested. Thanks.

Hi right now its only setup for multiple users or company to use, however we some code modifications this can be done are you interested if we build out Saas? Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks for looking!

Can custom fields be added for leads?

Hi yes they can be but you would have to code them in which is not too hard or we can chat more by email if you like at

I want to use this as a Saas product and for that It should allow multiple admins for different companies. If you can customize it for my need, I will buy it right away. Please reply soon.

Thanks a lot for your interest! Please contact us at and one of our developers can work with you on this. :)

Is it possible for admin the assign lead to users ? Also can the user be restricted from editing those leads?

Hi right now the program does not have those thing but we can custom for your needs please email us at to discussed further thank you

Nice Work GLWS =D

Hi, thank you for the kind words! :)

Hello, I tried the Lead Tracker Manager and I am willing to buy it but it lacks the following features.

Upload a contact business card for the client – Add a google map location for the account – The user can only view his created accounts not all accounts- The user cannot delete|edit the account if it is locked by the admin – user can still do follow ups even if it is locked by the admin .

Admin can view all accounts listed under the user who has created the accounts .

Regards, Ibrahim Jradi

Hi thank you for your purchase we can have some of these things in the next update. Thank you for your suggestions :)

Is there a way to have these features and change some of the code now! any help?!

Hello, I do provide support for bugs and issues but does not cover any item modifications however you can contact me at to discuses more about the features you would like to add. Thank you :)

Does this system have the ability to check an email account and turn incoming emails into leads?

Hi, no its does not but we can setup a form they can submit to get the lead.

Thanks, but am already receiving leads through email and wanted to be able to track from there.

Hi, Yes sorry this program doesn’t do that but we could customize to read a email account with a cron job please email us at to talk more about your needs thank you

Pre-Purchase Question

1. What is scope for customization in accounts form. 2. Can I have filter with user. 3. Can user only see their own added account.

Hi, the system is only customizable if you can program a little you can make these changes. What do you mean filter please see demo that might answer your question. No all users can see all leads but with some simple code changes you can change that. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks

admin admin

Its asking for email

Just use admin for email admin for password

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\demo\\top.php on line 7

I got this error when trying to research on account page

weird loads ok for me can you send me a screen shot at please thanks