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NO SUPPORTED SCRIPTֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱ!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi James, Sorry for the delay we had to response you, I have sent you a personal email to better understand your issue and help you to solve it. We are trying to give best response for everyone and I hope we could help you too.

I Want to buy this product.I have small doubt.Im admin and i have 3 users,I can see all 3 users leads,But user cant see other user leads means 3 users A,B,C.I can see A,B,C leads.A cant see B and C leads,B cant see A and C leads Right?

Yes , it is possible. You can also see tutorial.

You are right and it is possible , so you can buy this script :-) .


Hi there , Can i know this is still supported and working ? And can i add on fields and lead status ??

Yes it is supported, we support all our products. Yes, you can add fields & lead status if you know .net otherwise it is in not possible.

Ermm … can you guide me to add fields and lead status after purchased ?

I sent you private email

Oh it isn’t PHP app ? We need to install to our linux server

No, it is .net

This is very very very slow. Please, consider improve the page speed load.

This application has a good speed, I think you hosted on the shared server that’s the reason for low speed.

Im having slight issue with installation the tutorial video doesn’t work

The demo is not working where can i view on as interested