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Having review the tool and the cheking comments above the tool does not provide the following tools:

  • Easily customisable fields
  • The ability to download files.

On this basis I’d like to request a refund for the product.

Regards Glen

Hi, sorry to hear your having difficulties with the plug-in. What are you trying to do with forms? What files would you expect to download?

I don’t have to tools with-in CodeCanyon to provide a refund, you would need to go through the following process: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

Hi, I just purchased the plugin and it is not working. When a lead is submitted, the form redirects to a 404 page and does nothing. NO lead data shows up. Then, when I attempt to enter a company, nothing shows up in the database. PLEASE HELP ASAP

Yes, no problem. First make sure that you have configured the settings accordingly and that there is at least one active method for payments. Then you will need at least one, active company to view the leads. Add a lead via the form on the front-end of the website, then in the admin area that lead needs to be approved. Login into the admin as the active company and you should see the lead available for purchase.

Thanks, but not the permalinks are yet again not working. I changed to Pretty URLs and it was working fine yesterday, now today during a test it sent me back to the 404 page. I went through all of the same permalink types and have the same issue. nuageessentials.com/leads

Hi, did you follow through the link I mentioned? Do you have the .htaccess added and in the right place?


barryrs Purchased


I have just purchased your Lead Capture Pro and installed it, but I am having some issues.

I cannot see how to add a Company Registration Form to my site, there is only one option in the forms and that is for leads?

Any ideas?



Hi Barry – I’m pretty much there with the beta version. Got a couple of things to polish and then I can send you over a copy. I’m looking at getting it to you tomorrow evening.



barryrs Purchased

Fantastic news, can’t wait to see the latest updates and get testing :-)

Regards, Barry

Hi Barry – version 1.4 is now ready for testing. I don’t have your email address to send it too, could you email on hello@leadcapturepro.co.uk and I will send you a copy.

Thanks, Dave.

Hi ! Is your plugin compatible with the lastest version of wordpress ?

Regards, Nicolas

Hi Nicolas, yes its tested right up to WordPress 4.6.1

Hi, I’m the same Nicolas from the last comment.
I’ve bought it and it’s working great BUT :
1. I can’t translate it with wordpress plugins. Must go and modify files manually…
2. I can’t modify the campanies form, must use javascript & css.

So, in the next version, maybe you should let modify this form & permit translations.

I have a question : Is it possible to send an email to all the companies when a lead is approuved ?

Regards, Nicolas

Hi Nicolas, I’m pleased you have it up and running. Companies should be getting those emails, is this not happening?


Hi, I have the plugin set up and it works great but I do have a couple questions. The main reason I purchased this plugin is because companies have the ability to create an account and buy leads. I already have all of my lead forms set up using Gravity Forms.. is there a way to integrate these two or is there anyway I can import leads by CSV or something to sell existing leads through this plugin?


Hi, currently there is no integration between Gravity Forms and LCP. I am working on LCP v1.5 which will have the ability to export leads, companies to a CSV file. There is no ETA for v1.5, other than asap.

okay great thanks for the update!


Love the plugin so far! Is there a way to auto-approve leads as I would like this to run on auto pilot?



Ok I figured it out. The leads are approved automatically, but I have to go into each lead and re-press the approved button for the email to be sent out, how can I fix this?

Hi, the leads are initially set to Pending. When you approve a lead the status is changed and an email broadcast to the registered companies telling them a lead is available for purchase.

The approval process cannot be automated currently.


I would love to try this theme. Is it mobile friendly ? Is it possible add diffrent membership for companys ? I wish to sell leads to company and offert diffrent membership with diffrent benefits.

Hi, LCP isn’t a theme but a plug-in that you can add to your theme of choice. The forms it generates are based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 so they work well with-in a responsive theme, but you can add your own css to control the look and feel of the form. To do this simply add the css to your own (or themes) css file.

Please check out the feature set listed at the top of this page: https://codecanyon.net/item/lead-capture-pro/10204637, or the docs here: http://www.leadcapturepro.co.uk/docs/

Dear Developer,

we have bought LEAD CAPTURE PRO before some days. Today, we have intalled the software in our website.

In General setting options, CURRENCY option. We are from India. we want to show INDIAN RUPEE as currency. But, there is no INDIAN RUPEE.

2) we don’t want accept ONLINE PAYMENTS like stripe etc. We want to take Amount offline and want to assign CREDITS to COMPANIES. we are not able to understand ON ACCOUNT PAYMENTS.

please explain and do the needful.

Hi – Please find an explanation of how the On Account feature works below:

The credit flow works as per the following: Every company has a profile, on the profile you can set a credit limit for example £500. Each time the company makes a purchase the purchase amount will be taken from the credit limit. If the company hits the limit the buy now buttons are replaced with a notice telling them they have no more credit left. At any time you can go back into the companies profile and enter a new credit limit – usually after they have paid their invoice. Please note, the plugin does not sent invoices.

I will add India Rupee into the currency list and send you over a new version of the plug-in shortly.


1) How to edit/rename/add fields in Comany signup forms. 2) what is TEST/LIVE MODES in setttings optin?

Hi – The companies form cannot be edited, only the lead capture forms at this stage. Test and Live modes are used for putting test sales through the system, this can be used to test the set-up of the Stripe account before you start taking live leads.


je suis intéresse par votre plugin pour wp. Je souhaite modifier ou faire un questionnaire pour l’internaute dans un domaine spécifique , il est possible de faire un peu ce que l’on veut ? On le fait avec contact form ?

Si je souhaite mettre des champs spéciaux pour l’inscription des entreprises est ce possible ? Car c’est important pour moi ?

Derniere question avant de vous acheter le plugin et en attendant votre réponse : Est il possible de mettre le paiement des entreprises via PayPal ? Et est il possible de vendre des pack avec des jetons d’avance ?

Merci pour vos réponses


Salut John,

Merci de votre intérêt pour le plug-in. En réponse à vos questions. Le plug-in n’utilise plus PayPal mais utilise maintenant Stripe à la place. Le formulaire des sociétés ne peut pas ajouter de nouveaux champs.

Désolé pour la mauvaise traduction.


Presales Question: Can the companies manage their leads only from backend? I don’t want to give wp-admin access to companies. Is there a workaround?

Hi – WordPress’s user and role management is built for this type of scenario so you shouldn’t have any problems with companies logging into the wp-admin area. Unfortunately there is no quick workaround for this – sorry.


can the price of the lead be set depending on one of the options chosen on the leads form?

Yes certainly :)

do you offer this service?

I don’t offer a customisation service but developers on platforms such as https://codeable.io/ will work on the plugin for you.

Greetings. I just purchased your plugin and am having technical issues. First, the required configuration nag does not go away, even after updating the configuration: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j2qnozsuqf598fh/LeadCapturePro%20-%20PersistNag.png?dl=0 Second, fields from the default form are seen in the other form(s), and the Clear Filters button is not 100% visible: https://www.dropbox.com/s/71jthjo772zihim/LeadCapturePro-BrokenFieldSelectorAndClearFilters.png?dl=0

Finally, Leads are not being seen by the approved Companies when logged in:

Admin View: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lwwbkjamdjluovp/LeadCapturePro-Leads.png?dl=0 Company View: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m9i5ja86v293q4x/LeadCapturePro-NoLeadsVisible.png?dl=0

Hi – The nag will only disappear when something is added into all of the settings (anything will do), this is known bug and will be addressed in the next version.

Regarding the leads not being seen, which payment method is the plugin set to?

Is it possible for you to send me a copy of your database (just the lcp tables is enough) so I could take a look? Also, which version of PHP and WordPress are you using and which browser?

Thanks, Dave.

Hey Dave,

Sure, I’ll package the db and send it to you. What’s a good email address?

Hi please send to hello@leadcapturepro.co.uk. Could you also confirm the PHP and WordPress versions so I can use the correct test configurations?


Hi there, I want to use this just to capture and manage leads, not the sales part of it. Is this possible and can this work properly this way?

Do you want companies to be able to login and see the leads?

No just users such as Admin & Editors

Then yes you could. Although if its just lead capture you are after, there maybe more suitable plugins available.

Hi, I have a pre-buying question: Does your plugin accept another payment gateway like Ideal or Creditcard? And if not, will this be possible in the future?

Thank you!

Hi – The plug-in does allow for companies to pay for leads using their credit cards via Stripe. There are plans to add more payment providers in the future, plus hooks to allow developers to add their own.


I just bought your plugin and I am looking forward to using it correctly. But for now I have some issues. :)

1) When i test as a company, I can’t use the wp-admin to login. It sends me to the front of the website and not to the admin panel. So I can’t see any leads. Do you have a solution for me?

2) The emails are screwed up. The headers are not working. X-Mailer: PHPMailer 5.2.14 types of info. Can you help me with this?

3) Loco Translate doesn’t work on your plugin. How can I translate your plugin into Dutch? and how can I translate the fields in the Company Form?

4) When will it be possible to change the company form, because I want to make it possible for companies to register themselves within categories. Now it’s not possible to categorize.

5) I want to categorize leads and make sure that these leads will be sent to companies that are working in that area of expertise. For instance: a lead for a beauty salon has to go to companies that are beauty salons and not go to other companies. When will this be available? When I bought this plugin, I thought it was available already.

6) I tried testing in your demo but the demo isn’t working correctly also. I can’t login as a company after I registered myself.

Looking forward to your supportive answers.

Hi Judith,

Thanks for purchasing LCP. Could you let me know what version of WordPress you are using, and if possible the version of PHP you have installed?

Many thanks. Dave.

Hi Judith, I have fix the issue with the companies not being able to login and submitted the plugin to CodeCanyon for approval. If you would like the update sooner please email me at hello@leadcapturepro.co.uk and I will send you a copy.

Regarding the translations and categorisations, this is not possible in the current version but they will be added into a future version.



btimsah Purchased

Hi, just purchased. I approved both a new lead and new test company but when I login as the test company it just takes me to the homepage. When I got to admin it says they don’t have permission to view the page. But both the lead and company have been approved, and I’ve setup Stripe as the payment method. Just doesn’t seem to be working.

Hi btimash, I have fixed the issue and submitted a new version for approval by CodeCanyon. If you would like the update sooner then please send me a message to hello@leadcapturepro.co.uk and I will email you a copy.



btimsah Purchased

Thank you! It’s working great now!

Fab :)

Hi what kind of changelog for new release ? I’m still waiting the feature to categorise leads and companies by sector and localization. Tks

Hi – the latest release was a bug fix and minor feature version. I am currently working on v1.5 although that one is mainly new features for the form builder – drag n drop field sorting etc etc. The release after that one will have the categories and granular lead pricing features you are after.