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demo isn’t working.

I emailed you for a working copy like you said in the comments. I have paid for this product, can you please respond.

Demo is not working

Please add paypal as payment processor and ability to integrate autoresponder like Aweber, get response.

Please add paypal as payment processor and ability to integrate autoresponder like Aweber, get response.

Pre-sale Questions:

1. Is it possible to setup this plugin to be free for registered users with specific user roles? In addition, I would like the plugin to charge certain user roles per lead? I want to use the the lead plugin with a membership plugin and the leads should be free to users who pay for specific levels.

2. I do not was my users to access the backend of my site. Will users have fully functionality of this plugin from the frontend?

3. I tried viewing your demos, but a few of them open to Codecanyon pages with empty content. Will you send me working links to your demo pages please?

4. My site is a company directory. When a guest (lead) visits my site to search for a business, I would like for them to click on the company profile and send an email to that specific company through the form. The guest should be able to send contact forms to as many companies as they like.

5. The form notification should go directly to the company it was sent to and not to me. I would like for my customers to click on the link in the email that directs them back to their profile to purchase/view the lead. Is this possible?

Ditto this comment..”Please add paypal as payment processor and ability to integrate autoresponder like Aweber, get response.” I came here looking for the same functionality. You have something good in the making….but, it could be awesome if integrated with paypal and another plugin (purposely un-mentioned). I would be willing to pay you to write some custom code. Please contact me if you are interested. I have it already mapped out.


nuktah Purchased


Just purcahsed the plugin but can’t work out where the companies that would buy the lead login to. Is it a separate login or through the wordpress dashboard?

Kind regards

Dear nuktah,

The URL for login is the same. The companies should have the email address as username and password once they registered on your website.

Thank you.

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I would prefer to keep buyers out of the WP admin area for security and aesthetic reasons. Any plans to move lead buyer accounts and leads to a front-end user area?

Also, are lead emails verified by a confirmation email to make moderation easier and is it possible to pair lead submission with an auto-responder?


hello, Do i have to pay any monthly fees for your plugin if i buy it? and any limit to the number of sites i can use it?


nasan Purchased

Hi there, I want to use this just as a Lead Manger and not have the sell leads feature, can this work out of the box for me?

I’m having a problem when the companies get a new lead email they login to there accounts but there is no lead information? What am I doing wrong or is there a bug in the plugin.