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Hello, I am interested but I have an important question. Video gallery generates is she all alone. For example if I add a video in the folder, this video is she added automatically without touching the code. In the same spirit I bought “auto albums” but only works for images. If not, is it complicated to set up?

thanck you

Hi jacks69,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Before I can provide a correct response, I would like to clarify. Do you mean that you want to provide a path to a directory and all the videos in that directory are loaded from there, so when you add another video to the folder it is automatically updated in a gallery?

Have a great day

thacnk you for your quick answer .it’s exactly that you said !

Hi jacks69,

So sorry for not getting back to you. At the moment there is no option for a gallery from a folder. I will be working on updates so this is something we can look at. Please check back soon.

Have a great day

you forgot me dev

Sorry – Replied to your original post

why you did not reply me. Es can or not?

Sorry – Replied to your original post

Hi I have followed the instructions to the dot. Im using a bootstrap based site.

No controls show up on my video. I have checked the directory structure and link spellings a hundred times and there is nothing wrong with them.

I am using the latest version of Safari and have even tried testing it in Chrome with no luck.

Here is what i did 1. Added Font Awesome and Lazy Video CSS to the header <link href=”//” rel=”stylesheet”> <link href=”lazyvideo/css/lazyvideo.min.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>

2. Added LazyVideo JS library after JQuery <script src=”components/js/jquery-1.11.0.min.js”></script> <script src=”lazyvideo/js/lazyvideo.min.js”></script>

3. Added a <video> component to my body with the class “lazyvideo” <video src=”video/qv-showreel.mp4” class=”lazyvideo”></video>

Please help as i need this for a client very urgently. Thanks in advance Talal

Hi Talal,

I understand your urgency and am sorry you are having difficulties with the library.

Can you send a link to your development site so I can see exactly how you have implemented the library and give you a solution as quick as possible.

Have a great day.


Hi Talal,

I have tested the code you supplied in your support question and realised that I had made a terrible mistake in my documentation.

Please accept my apologies for this mistake and hope this has not put you off of using the plugin.

I have updated the documentation to fix the problem and as you will see the change has been made to the script tag for the lazyvideo js library.

<script src=”lazyvideo/js/jquery.lazyvideo.min.js”></script>

The src attribute must point to js/jquery.lazyvideo.min.js as opposed to js/lazyvideo.min.js

Sorry for the confusion and if you have any other issues please let me know and I will help out as much as I can.

Have a great day and enjoy using LazyVideo.

Adam Bruzon


Not sure if this is possible, but I have a small website with about 30 PDF files embedded in <embed> tags. Can I use this script to lazy load the embedded elements?

Hi StigO,

Maybe I am not understanding your question, but this plugin is for HTML5 <video> tags to create customised controls for video content, not PDF files.

If I have misunderstood the question, please elaborate and I will answer as well as I can.

Have a great day.

Adam Bruzon

That demo video is hot!

Awesome work on the script :)

Thank you imoshi,
Hope you enjoy using it.
Have a great day.


Looks great, nice work! I noticed on your demo that the menu bar (first option) displays over the video slightly. Is there anyway to change this? Also, is there a way to auto hide the menu after a few seconds?


Hi jtap,

At the moment there is no option to display the controls below the video.

You can use data-fade=”true” to make the controls fade out after a few seconds. They appear again on hover of the player.

Hope this answers your questions.

Have a great day
Lazy Bear

Okay thank you!

hello, If i want to add my logo & upload the movie to youtuve , is that right ?

I purchase this. I need the video to autoplay on load. Could you please tell me how to do this ??

Hello pablo05m,

You can use all the standard HTML5 video functionality and by using the ‘autoplay’ attribute the video will start playing.

<video autoplay></video>

Hope this helps
Have a great day

Hey LazyBearOnline, I tried doing that but your code still blocks the playing of the video in chrome and in IE and Firefox, it plays but it has a dark shadow over it with the white play button in the middle of the video.

Please help me out. Thanks pablo05m

Hi pablo05m,

So sorry this is happening.
I am working on a fix for you and will update very soon.

Thank you for pointing this out and contributing to making this product even better.

Have a great day