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Can this work on Android, I’m having problems adding the bookmark link in Firefox and Chrome android

Hi metro1 and thank you for purchase. I don’t know if the bookmarklet is a feature that can work on android. You’re trying to put a bookmarklet in the browser you have on a tablet? Are bookmarklet supported on android browser? I really don’t know. Do you have other bookmarklets on your android browser? No widget, I mean bookmarklets.

I would like to buy this plugin. But I need to grab informations from https website. Is it working with https?

I wrote the code to support HTTPS, but I’ve noticed that curl have some problems to fetch the https content. So I can’t say I’m sure about it. :-/

For some reason the plugin does not read galleries properly. When in step 2, they show up – as if loading pictures – in a light grey box, than disappears. Galleries similar to below are where we are pulling content from. Any suggestions or coding missing?


The plugin scrapes content from the web site url, but sometimes coders hide their content so it’s not always possibile to retrieve all the informations and images.

Thank you!

hi gino, I purchased the script and I must say it’s a must have!! the https problem sitll persists, I tried 3 different sites, wikipedia included, and all gave me back errors. I also noticed something weird. I tried to download some text from imdb. well, since my site is hosted on a french webfarm, some text and links appeared in french. anyway, I think https problem should be fixed. thanks.

Hi area97 and thank you for purchase. I’m agree with the https problem, but I’ve not analyzed curl lbrary for it. Sometimes if you manually change https to http it works.

Hi, your plugin resume to work? I mean with new wordpress updates, and is there any new update for your plugin? Any translate section you have in your plugin, for example; I would like to translate my grabbed article before publishing?

Hi yama25m, thank you for purchase. You can grab the article as “draft” and than you can go in the WordPress editor to translate it. There isn’t any translate feature in the plugin.

Hi, I already purchased your plugin that I have a problem about the image grab to the directly into the post.

Images are imported to the post with css class: attachment-x so this style turn them to the small size, is there any way to the attach them directly without css class?

It could be perfect if I can download images when I choose the paragraphs, if I choose them now, images will be attached with hotlinks.

I am waiting your reply

I’ve tried your url and that one doesn’t work also on my installation. I’m asking my provider if there are any problems with that https SSL certificate, because I’ve tested other https urls and it worked, maybe it’s a server issue. I hope to fix it in the next week (or before).

Ok dear Gino, I will wait, have a nice day…

Bug fixed, and plugin uploaded. When Codecanyon staff will approve it you will receive an email note to download the fixed version! bye!


Lazy Post Plugin have option to check for duplicate title or url?

I don’t know. Duplicate urls are not a problem, since WP already check for them and add -2 at the end of the new url.

Yes but information like “someone already add this url” it would be great :) For block duplicate content.

Mmm… but there could be two urls with same words but different content. I think about it. Thank you.

A pre buy question; I have a client who sometimes gets written about in the press. They would like to have a simple way to display a image, a short excerpt on their site and when a user click the post they get directed to the original source article. Is this possible with your plugin?

I think I haven’t understand your message. Can you try to to explain it better?

Can this plugin be used to just relay to the source site? When you have created your post via “Lazy Post Plugin”, can it just send the user to the orignal source page without having to stop on your own site first?

No, this is not possible, the plugin create a post and a link is placed inside that post. So the visitor have to make a click to enter the post and another click to go to external source.

Hi . Is possible to make it work for Hostgator?

I’m thinking about it.

Hello, i have problem with the plugin, i enter the url, it takes, title, images, content, but when i push the done button i get this error “ERROR: That action is currently not allowed” at the url /plugins/lazy-post/lpos-post.php. The funny thing is that i get this error only at one computer i work. Can you help?

Do you have the problem only with the snippet button or also from the Lazy Post link in the menu?

No, only at the last part, the “done!” button, everything until this step works, except that step at this computer. I know it is weird, will try this at other computers and i will let you know. If you have any idea please tell me.

Send me privtey a temporary admin account to let me check the problem please.

Can you restrict who has access to using this feature?


The access is restricted to users who have the manage_options permission.

Hi Gino, do you have plan to update/improve the plugin?

Hi, at this moment I’ve not time to update or improve the plugin. But I’d like to.

Thanks, its still great tool but needs maybe some update. Take ur time and have a nice day!


area97 Purchased

hi Gino, I noticed that when clicking the la<y post button in message editing, it pops up a new blnk window, no options at all. just the title in upper left corner.

I will check it, which version of WordPress are you using?

I’ve just tested on wordpress 4.9 and works fine.