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You are most welcome to let me know if you need any help!


Can we put widgets in the sliding tabs? Thanks



also, is it a lightweight plug? Many down here load in many seconds.

You can install super cache wordpress plugins to decrease loading time, Also on coming next version within 3 days will have sidebar for lazy markup for widgets supports.

So you can wait for that or download it now and install it and give me your site access so I can make it widget supportable within 24 hours.


The new version 1.1.0 is available for download, it’s lightweight and has support for widget as content.


Just tried your demo. Everything seems to slide open very slowly. Is that by design?

1. Can be done by the settings of the plugins when creating a slide. 2. Also can be done with different slides for each page you are creating – So after creating a page you need to create a slide for it and select that slide to be enabled for that specific page. 3. Your given video gone deleted saying “This video has been removed by the user.”

ok now it works. On the plugins it’s closing effect is always fading to opacity 0 but you can control easing, speed etc – For this current version it has no way to change this fading behavior.

Hi, I’m curious… Can your plugin help me add sound effects to rollovers/hovers in my WordPress site?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, Currently it has no effects like this. Thanks

hi just baugh ti great plugin i was wondering how can i make the lzy mark multilang emglish opens from left heb open from right


i there a shortcode that i can impement markup manually

Sorry for late reply, no it is not generating any shortcode but a html content which you can copy and past to other page if you want to use.

To see the html code see your currently working page source code at bottom of page source.


hi im using 4 markup right now when i close each markup the other one doesnt get closed

is there a way that only one markup will be opened at a time



Could you confirm that i can custom slide with different content for each page ex :

Page 1, two slides with our content, Page 2 four slides with another content ?

There is update with new feature soon ? It’s compatible with WP 3.9 ?

Thanks you very much i love your plugin !

Best regards


I set a lazy Markup i can see it when i click to View Lazy Markup but i can’t see it on my webpage.

Thank you

Can you please give me your website url? Thanks

Could you please on my admin ? i will send you by mail ?

Thank you

Would it be possible to trigger a panel to open with proximity? I want a panel on the left side of the viewport to open when the users move their mouse to anywhere within 200 pixels of that side of the screen.


No, It is not possible right now. Thanks

thanks for answering so quickly. GLWS

hi is t possiable do close panel when a second one opens

im using 5 panel when you press on one of them you need to close it

if not you end up with 5 markups open


Hello. After some test on localhost server (everything is ok) I`ve just intalled plugin on my website and ny Visibility section is empty, so I cannot set visibility and my MarkUp doesn`t show.

Why do I have this problem? Mayby it`s about too many posts on website?

How can I – in diffrent way – set up markup to display on ALL POSTS and ON HOMEPAGE?


Well I temporary make this by delete (from register_post_type.php ) the part with ”//Checking if it is in the except list” and now everything is working fine – but I know it is only workaround. And there is still one inconvenience – banner is showing on every post (this is OK for me) but also on every page (I want to show it only on main page)

I have ~4000 posts on page

As you know some coding you can add another condition if it is only page.

For Example: if ( is_page() ) { //Your code }

for more info

thanks for help.

For now

if ( is_page() ) { continue; }

solved most of my problems. I will try to do some work with the rest conditiond to achieve what I all want.

hey i need some help please check your inbox . thanks

Just replied you to your inbox. Thanks

hi im using your plugin i have a problem iwth content inside markup i have a form which isnt working inside markup but outside works perfectly any clues why my purchase code is 936320e1-706c-4382-a3ae-a26baf59f871

link to the probelm

the same form is in both place one insde markup and out side

the form doesnt work properly pressing on submit button doesnt check field inside markup

date module doesnt work

what may be the probelm tnx


Seems you are using multiple same ID on a single page, You first need to make sure 2 contact form html are using different id for each input field to handle by javascript. Also Your site has a JS error you may first need to fix it also.

Also for other pages, first confirm the related javascript files loaded properly.


hi thanks for replaying the reason im using the same form is showing you the form works

where do you see eror ? cant see it are you sure the form going to work after fixxing the eror



On the download package documentation have the email address. please send me your website admin access so I can have a look on it for you.


Can I trigger a markup from, lets say, a button click ? How can I do it?

In WP-admin are you can create a markup by the plugin itself, where you can adjust it’s button text, position etc and markup as it’s triggered content.

If you face any trouble please forward me you markup content via my profile contact form. I will be back to you as soon as possible.


Hi, this plugin is it compatible with Wordpress 4.6 ?

It’s not tested on WP 4.6 yet but as it is developed with all WP standard I wish it will work fine on 4.6, Just in case you face any issue I am here to assist you on this. Thanks