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Getting Errors Layers 1.51 and Layers Pro 1.6

Warning: Missing argument 2 for Layers_Pro_Widget_Filters::add_buttons_styling() in /home/boxrx584/public_html/wp-content/plugins/layers-pro-extension/includes/widget-filters.php on line 302

Warning: Missing argument 3 for Layers_Pro_Widget_Filters::add_buttons_styling() in /home/boxrx584/public_html/wp-content/plugins/layers-pro-extension/includes/widget-filters.php on line 302

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_layers_field_name() on null in /home/boxrx584/public_html/wp-content/plugins/layers-pro-extension/includes/widget-filters.php on line 366

When I disable this plugin the Theme customizer loads correctly.

kindly send me your ftp and wordpress login details from my profile and let me check.

Please update and let me know if you still have any issue.

I’ve just updated my layers pro and its interfering with the customising option. I reinstalled EVERYTHING, switched off plugins one by one and it works when layers plus is deactivated. Why is it doing this?

I will update on Tuesday.

Hi can you please tell me which widget you are using from layers plus.

Please update and let me know if you still have any issue.

where can i check demo of smooth scroll?

Hi, just missed your comment. Please click at coming soon link in demo navigation.

Any idea when are you having a fix for the conflict with Layers Pro?

I will update on Tuesday.

Please update and let me know if you still have any issue.

The new update isn’t allowing me to activate the plugin. Is anyone else having this issue as well? Was hoping to get it to work with Layers Pro. It says Plugin Activated, then when i scroll down to check it out it is still not activated.

That works now, but i’m having other issues now.

Warning: file_get_contents(http://xxx/wp-content/plugins/layers-plus/assets/css/fontawesome.css): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in /home/xx/xx/x/wp-content/plugins/layers-plus/functions.php on line 9

When trying to use the separator widget.

I also have allow_url_fopen set to TRUE on the server. Is there a way to change this method to a cURL option?

I will check it.

Tell me this plugin works together with Layers Pro and are there any conflicts ?

Sorry for delay yes it works please download latest version.

Tell me how to start an animation in the widget, Service Widget, all other functions are working but animations are not want. Is version from 24.05.2016 P. S at the same time, layers and Layers pro your Plus

Just updated today. I hope it will fix your issue. Please download new files

when i install plugin it’s show “The plugin does not have a valid header.” how can i do?

by the way , can i set height of slider layer plus?

hi i found another issue, bin icon mission from price table widget. so i can’t delete column of price

Are you still getting “valid header” error? can you please deactivate other plugin and check if there is any conflict.

Right now there is no option for height I will check if I can add this.

yup bin icon is missing because of newer version I will fix this issue asap, Thanks for reporting.

Hello, The last Layers update and layer plus it´s a really nightmare, you guys do this run, to much errors, waste time and no fixing at all… I´ll shif to other framework for sure

can you please tell me which error you are getting so I can fix it.

Carousel Content Widget, images cant justify and basket disappeared…

basket disappeared issue was fixed in last version I will test check other issue.

Hi there, I purchased your add-on today and have a couple questions/issues:

1. The widget don’t seem to have the delete button

2. How do I change the column number from 3 to 4.. (was trying for the team widget).

I run the latest layerswp pro version

Sorry for delay response.

1: delete button is missing I will fix it for now you can remove and add new team widget. 2: there is column option select 4 of 12 column for each new column you will create.

I have Layers v1.5.5 and have Layers Plus Addons Bundle v1.4.5 installed and any page that has a ‘Portfolio Gallery’ on it will only show the white loading screen. On mobile I can scroll down and see that the gallery is there so for some reason the loading screen will not remove after it has loaded. Please can you fix this quickly as the site I have uses the gallery for over 80% of it’s pages. I know there is an issue with this plugin as I have no other plugins activated in WordPress and when I switch it off I can load the pages but they appear without the gallery.

I’m getting this error in the inspector…

Can’t find variable: layers_masonry_settings

Same issue with v1.4.7

Can you please share your site link so i can check

I’m having a problem with the circular progress bars – they don’t always load. When they don’t, resizing the viewport or changing the orientation on the phone forces them to load. Example:

The plugin doesn’t work in my dashboard iv deleted from FTP and reinstalled it PREVENTS me being able to edit ANY Layers page when ctivated . Additionally i’m finding my experience with Layers Hell!! It takes 3 hours to do 1 page iv used numerous builders on my sites. Something must be wrong it freezes does not let me copy or past nor click any position in text in content or text box , it wont let me select and delete all . Can somone please help me out with this iv reinstalled twice and same issue. Running on great PC, FAST NETWORK, GREAT HOSTING PLATFORM, I’m missing work to try to get this site complete as its not functioning as normal to design.

Yasmin 21ac38e0-dea6-4da4-89c1-3bbbfe174adc -

Hi there. I would like to ask you, why doesn´t work possibility to change the colour buttons and text in “service” widget. There are still colour as you can see on the pictures bellow (second is after onmouse over). Vnorený obrázok 2Vnorený obrázok 1 My setting is:

Vnorený obrázok 3

Buttons background is possible change only in “global” setting fo web site:

Vnorený obrázok 4Vnorený obrázok 5

But it is working only for background colour, not for text.

As you can see, I don´t have chosen any colour in global settings.

In the “content” widget it is working. Thanks.

Hey, when installing the latest version of plugin on a site built on layers for a while now, I get “Layers is required to use the Layers Plus Extension. Click here to get it.” as a WP message – thoughts?

I’m developing a website locally and keep getting an error when trying to set the masonry style on a portfolio (any kind)

Uncaught ReferenceError: layers_masonry_settings is not defined

Any help?

“Fatal error: Class ‘Service_Icons’ not found in…”

I also got this error during using your plugin, do you have final solution? My site still in local and can’t send you URL.

Thank you,


Thanks for the plugin- looking pretty rad so far. Just a quick question- and honestly I havent looked very deep for this- so it might be staring me int he face… In the TEAM widget, can I add an email and telephone number? without having to add it in the description – if I could add it like you add a facebook comment- so it’s automatically a link? Let me know if thats currently possible please. Thank you! Chantelle

Hello.I have a problem. I bought this plugin and when I try activated Layers Plus Widgets than I can’t customize my layerswp theme. I push buton customize and there is a message No Post Found. When i disable Layers Plus Widgets everything works fine. Can you help me?

Has anyone else encountered errors with the Layers 1.6.5 update? When I updated this plugin was completely removed? and deactivated

im having trouble installing the files. it says the maximum file size is exceeded. please help