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The plug-ins does as promises which I like yet the blocks of text are responsive the parallax image just scales down and gets pixelated. While on a computer you can re-size the window and have a high-res image but not if you try directly from your phone. If you really want to see in a W.I.P. site ( )

This is probably just a small bug on the plugins end, would love to see it fixed soon!

Kind regards,

Pieter Staaks

Hi, In next release we will add an option to set parallax speed ratio. Right now you can change it yourself. Go to plugin folder and edit widgets/essentials-widgets.php line 693 chnage backgroubd-ratio to higher value up to 1.

Hi, responsiveness is broken once more.. text goes through the image.. Please fix it, and keep it fixed please.

Hi, Please open a trouble ticket using our support system on

Trying to add a background to an Advanced Content and the media library just keeps spinning, and when I try to upload an image I get this error “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.” however if I turn the plugin off, this no longer happens and Layers functions as normal. I am running no other plugins, Layers 1.1.4, and WordPress 4.2.2

Hi, I believe you have opened a trouble ticket with our support system. Please allow su to respond there.

Thanks for the rapid support. You fixed it!

Happy we could help :)

Can you add Video Parallax Background?

We are developing next features right now. I will add it to my list.

Nice job on this one guys! I would love to see these options added to the existing Layers widgets to extend them (less work for you having to update your widget with changes we make to the content widget). Please drop by if you have questions on how to go about that or check out our codex!

Hi, Thanks! This was our initial idea, but we did not found any documentation on how to do it. I will dig deeper to check if it is possible.

Hi, parallax doesn’t work in iPad and iPhone :(

Hi, it is turned of on purpouse for performance reason. If you woul like to enable edit /includes/lwpEss.js. If you have further issues, please contact our support.

Hello, just wanted to let you know that there is a wrong link in product description. It seems to link to the product “lightbox pro” ;)

Regarding the previous comment on “Parallax” and mobile devices: Please, make it optional settings instead of hard-coded default. Thanks in advance.


Is it possible to have options for overlay effects? i.e. transparent color, transparent pixel patterns/tiles. This would allow to use any regular image without editing or colorize them in an editor.

Hi, thanks for notice, I have corrected the link. Good ideas, I will add both such options soon

Tab buttons are disappearing around 760px window size, even on demo page. How thats responsive? Also could be very usefull to be able float text arround image inside tab by using layers “align image” and “align text” features.

Hi, at this breakpoint tabs are turning to accordions. Please doublecheck. Regarding your second question. A new version of the plugin has this feature added. It should be out soon.

Does this add ons pack compatible with all child themes?

Hi, Yes, It just adds few widgets and functions.

Hello again, as far as I can see you are utilizing the well-known STELLAR script for parallax fx. Your demo page does not work for me in latest SAFARI/webkit. I just see regular background images… no moving fx… no different speed. BTW, other Stellar powered examples and the official demo works. What is the issue on your live demo URL? Thanks in advance.

Hi, will check and let you know later today.

Would this work with existing widgets and child theme elements…thanks

Sorry I repeated my question….and purchased this item…

No probelem, Yes it will work.

Needed to adjust essentials-widgets.php on line 878 so the link button is working again, before it returned a blank href=””.

original: echo $column[‘respAccordion/link’];

changed to: echo $column[‘link’];

Please try to incorporate your widget within the default one, this makes it much more convenient, but anyway nice job :)

Hi Thanks for the tip. Will do

Hi, I’ve just baught & installed the pack. Activated plugin. I don’t see a lot of options – no parallax icon, no equal columns height. May be I’ve done something wrong or trying to find these options not in a proper place. Whould you please help me to turn on full pack functionality. May be I should read docs, but I don’t have one. Thank you.

Thanks – I’ve already found it.

Hello again – one more question. This “advanced content” widget makes left horizontal alignement of the content inside each column. How to do the content in the column center-aligned? I have 4 equal width columns with different width of content. When the content is narrow it is left-aligned. I’ve tried via CSS text align & display: inline-table, but it doesn’t work correctly. As far as I’ve seen – jQuery function rewrites my custom CSS or something like that. After first load of the page it looks incorrect, but 1st browser window resize makes everything OK (it is the same in Chrome & Safari. In Opera browser window resizing doesn’t change anything. The task to do column content center-aligned seems to be elementary, but I cannot find the way to do it!

Hi, please be so kind and open a ticket with our system here ->

Hei, sent you a support request and did not have anuy responses! The tab function seems not working when resized to mobile size.

Can you help me?

Hi, just replied

After a month of waiting no news about this bug, cant use this feature on a responsive site…

Another bug, links on columns do not works, redirecting after the click to the home page regardless the url inserted.

Too bad…

Hi, Sorry I have not noticed your message. I have sent you the corrected plugin. It has also been updated on CodeCanyon.

Parallax demo doesn’t work.

Thanks! Will check that.

Hi. I got a problem with the plugin Layers Add-ons purchased ten days ago. Buttons links don’t work in columns regardless the URL inserted, redirecting to the same page instead. Could you help? Thanks in advance.

Hi! >Last Update 5 January 16 Will you support this item? Does Layers losing popularity?

Hi there, Currently this extension breaks Parallax in Layers Pro core. Please update the extension as soon as you can! You can find a migration guide on our website, or feel free to contact us via Layers Messenger for help. Thanks!