Layers Essential Addons - extention pack

Layers Essential Addons - extention pack

A set of essential extentions for Layers

This WordPress plugin was made by CustomizeWP and works only with Layers. It provides a set of additional useful features.

What is Layers?

Layers is a free WordPress page builder, that can be used to build themes. So if you have a theme based on LayersWP, this extention pack is for you. Link to Layers

Layers Essentials offers you following functions:

NEW in v1.0.3 – Equal column height

When your column have different amount of content, they have differnet height. This feature allows them to have same height for all columns.

  • Equal height for all columns in a widget
  • Set vertical text align for columns with smaller amount of text (top, middle, bottom)
  • Set width for which the feature will stop working so columns are not so high on mobile devices.


When you scroll down the page, the elements you choose will reveal using one of 74 animations available.

  • Animations based on Animate.css (fast and lightwight)
  • 74 animations
  • Set animation duration
  • Set animation delay
  • Fully integrated with Layers interface
  • Easy to use

Parallax background

When adding a background image to a section, Layers Essentials adds a checkbox “parallax”. When checked it will turn your regular background image to parallax one. It just cannot be more simple.

Tabs and Accordions

Layers Essentials adds a new element to include to your site. This is Accordion and Tabs.
  • Responsive
  • Vertical tabs, hotizontal tabs & accordion
  • 2 available styles
  • Fully integrated with Layers interface
  • Easy to use


Need support?

If you have any issues with the plugin, please open a ticket using our support system here.


  • Added: Equal column height
  • Added: Possible to add featured images inside tabs
  • Fixed: few small bugs