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Nice work man, i like it ;)

thank tou) buy it)

Nice work, GLWS! :)

thank)use it

really useful stuff, good job ! :)

thanks. buy it)

Can’t get this to work for the life of me. It’s not very well laid out as far as tutorials go. Could you offer some better documentation? Even if you just do a basic copy/paste on the example page.

At a loss right now. Not too sure how to even go about this…

Forgive for inconvenience. You can describe that at you it is impossible and to send me to e-mail?

Can you see this link?

I need a popup where I can display say today’s special offer with a link that should display a page in the underlying browser. Do you see what I mean ?

Yes, purchased !

thank you. You could estimate my work?

Yes, I bought your script already.

can you please provide me with a piece of javascript how to close the modal. Cause if I load the modal on pageload, I can’t close it.


    container: $("#popup2")
var time_animation  = setTimeout(function(){
    var active_popup = $("#popup2");

$(’#close_popup’).on(‘click’,function(){ var closePopup = $(”#popup2”); });

This is not working

$(’#popup2’).on(‘click’,function(){ var closePopup = $(”#popup2”); });

or this..

use method cloasePopup. Method closePopup Description method of closing of a modal. If you still have problems, write to me on e-mail.

$(’.close_popup’).on(‘click’,function(){ var active_popup = $(this).parents(”.active_layer_popup”); $(this).LayerPopup(‘closePopup’, active_popup, true); });

Great soluton for popups ! Is it supports urls address for each modal ? Like data-address ? Regards.

I sent

Hi, I am looking for a full screen modal that appears on page load and which is clickable to give the user the option of making the modal dissappear or going to another page. Also I only want the modal to show on start up and not appear if the user returns to the index page. Can you tell me if your modal can do this please?

Hi. You can send the link with example?

How do we control this for non programmers? 90% of internet users. Is there a backend management? Can you create one for extra? I am not a programmer but want to add this type of functionality to websites I own. Search for: Layered Popups and see how many sales he has. This is because he has a PHP admin area for users. They can create pop ups/modals and add to any website. I like this functionality of yours with full screen and such but how can I work with templates, etc :)?

This plugin doesn’t have admin panel. You need to use settings of plugins and create images manually.