Layered Responsive Modal Window

Layered Responsive Modal Window

One of the most popular features of the website is a modal window. Modern developers pay little attention to them. Often Windows look awful, boring or don’t work. So we decided to create a unique component for modal dialogs! The result surprised us! Turned out so beautiful, interesting window. Now you can create the same. The only thing that can you can prevent this by you! Create, invent! Create individual Windows! Which is not on any website. Our component is suitable for lightbox. Your quality pictures will gain a new look! This you will surely enjoy.

Main features

  • integration with Google Maps
  • integration with Vimeo
  • 64 css3 animation
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Lightbox
  • good documentation
  • easy to use & customize
  • Support mobile devices
  • Include Less and SASS files


  • 10.10.2015 – init 2.0 version
  • 31.08.2015 – added keyboard events
  • 30.03.2015 – updated core plugins and documentation
  • 10.02.2015 – added control lighbox, bug fix with height, autoplay after load page
  • 1.02.2015 – added Jquery lightbox with controll
  • 29.01.2015 – create plugin

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