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Gents the download does not contain any updateable files, can you please check this before pushing out an update, the last time i used timeline it crashed my WP.

I have waiting for an update only to find the zip has no update :-(


Please drop me mail with your site details.


Hi, why do you need my site details? the issue is not with my site, the zip file that you guys published does not contain the wordpress plugin that was supposedly updated, please read my initial comments.


please active plugin and check timeline support 70+ animation effects with many more customize option of animation, and plugin library updated to support layerwp 1.2.10.


I’m really confused. I purchased the plugin, but after reading the documentation see that it only works with the LayersWP theme. I don’t want to change my current theme. Nowhere on the product description page does it mention that the LayersWP theme is a “requirement”.

Please explain if it’s possible to work around this. If not I would like a refund. Thank you.


Thank you for purchased plugin, we are working on to support all theme for this plugin, and please see right side of plugin page you can show Compatible With Layers WP


The Compatible With Layers WP text is not clear in that it is a “requirement”. Compatibility with seems more of a benefit. Please advise as I have no use for this plugin.

Hello, Can you post a screenshot of what the backend UI looks like for this when adding and editing a timeline widget? I’d like to see what that looks before purchase.


please re-check live preview for back-end screenshot


hello I don’t understand all your products. Seems interesting but it’s writed “extension”. Extension to what ?? All WP Themes ? All WP plugins ?? Is it an extension to a specific plugin or theme ?? I can’t find this information

Hello Chamomor,

All of my extension is for particular theme ‘Layerswp’ this theme is compalately free and have many feature.



I have purchased your item to use it on my WordPress. Not clear enough on item details that IN ONLY WORKS with your theme.

Can you please refund? Thanks !

I purchased the layer – timeline extension but found that it was only built to be used with a theme called “layers” I am not using that theme and was wondering if you would be able to refund my purchase.

Thanks for your help. Brad

Seems several users have had same issue. I like the timeline but it is really unclear that it can only be used with your LayersWP theme. I downloaded and have been trouble shooting wondering why it was not functioning properly with my theme only to find out it is not supposed to. Pretty inconvenient. Great work on your plugin but as several have mentioned…making it explicitly clear on the details about it working only with your theme would be helpful. I would like to request a refund please.

I also didn’t realize that this was for a specific theme. I also have 0 use for this plugin. Please give me a refund

Hello, please read item description i have added Note plugin is Work On Layerswp theme only

HI, I found a bug with firefox on the extension. The hours doesn’t appear on firefox browser but are show on IE and chrome

Hi idealc,

I think your meaning about **hover, hover effect work on all browser, but if you get any issue then please give me your 1) site url, 2) browser you tested 3) OS you use 4) device type

Thank you

No, I mean the dates and times that are displayed along the timeline. The site url : The timeline is one the home page. I test with windows 7 & 10 and with firefox 43 and 42. It work fine with Chrome and IE on the same OS

Since I update today with the last version, I have an other issue. The layers customise page didn’t work. I must disable timeline to restore it. The error on my logs is : 2016/04/06 13:26:58 [error] 5356#0: *867100 FastCGI sent in stderr: “PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Layers_Timeline_Widget::repeater() in /var/www/wpideal/public_html/wp-content/plugins/layers-timeline-extension/widgets/layers-timeline-widget.php on line 563” while reading response header from upstream, client: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, server:, request: “GET /forum-thd/wp-admin/customize.php HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock:”, host: “” THanks

can you drop me mail please,on Thank you

when I upload and install the plugin I get this error message: “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

I also tried unzipping the file to see if there was a separate zip installer inside and couldn’t find one.

Please help asap.


sorry I also just noticed that this plugin only works with the layers template, can I get it to work with the Avada template?

Plugin is only work on layerswp theme.

Sorry but how do I go about getting a refund, how can you make a plugin that works for only 1 theme? It needs to work on all themes.

Hi~! Today I bought the theme you plugin. However, I will not apply to that use theme.

I do not think changing the theme.

So I ask for a refund.

I’m sorry. For not paying more attention

I seem to be having compatibility issues with Layers Pro. My layers pro crashes whenever I activate this plugin. It won’t allow me to use the Customizer feature at all. Will this be fixed?


yes it will be fix in next plugin version,

Thank you.