Layer Magic

Layer Magic

Layer Magic

Layer Magic is an easy to use HTML5 Canvas editor that allows you to create sliding effects from any direction, parallax effects, or any other type of movement based on scroll, mouse movement or touch without having to write any code for it. It uses hardware and software acceleration to create overlapping layers and gives you full control over each layer’s behavior, and over the behavior of the entire project.

It is well optimized, feature rich and versatile so that you can create cool effects on your pages with ease.

Visual Composer compatibility: We have tested Layer Magic and it works well with all the recent versions of Visual Composer, and it should work just fine with older ones as well. If you do find versions that it is not working on please let us know in order to see if we can address it.

Version 1.2 released! We have implemented ‘under-the-hood’ features that calibrate how your projects are running on the device it is viewed on in order to hit the maximum performance and quality possible for that device. Full control over these optimization options will be available in the editor at a later date, along side a more complex optimizing system.

Patch Notes

+ performance optimizations: 
   + single event handling point
   + on-screen check for rendering
   + last frame check for animation
   + cached variables
   + removed jQuery from the client side
   + responsive quality change
   + single canvas
+ added continuous animation loop
+ added underscore library
+ file structure refactoring

+ performance optimization using debounce and throttle

+ added home and about page
+ added inspirational quotes
+ updated UI
+ added help button
+ added survey button
+ added settings page with options:
    + disable tooltips
    + disable sliders
+ added icon
+ refactoring + comments
+ added image centralization
+ refactored project hierarchy
+ project name replaced to Layer Magic
+ added responsive viewport option
+ added viewport alignment
+ few performance improvements
+ added new comments structure
+ replaced icon
+ added tutorial samples
+ added home page links
+ used wordpress enqueue functionality
+ added tooltips texts
+ added sliders
+ added random color tooltips
+ added user-friendly inpu values
+ added pivot preview
+ added grid 3x3 for pivot and alignment
+ added tabs for properties
+ added upload video functionality
+ bug fix: images with spaces in name
+ added layer order index
+ improved save notification
+ added project info
+ removed publish page
+ added viewport preview
+ added project info in "open project" page
+ allowed "_" in project/layer name
+ improved notification system
+ accepted minimum resolution for editor 1366x768 (laptop)
+ added download/upload projects .zip file
+ updated shortcode
+ added copy to clipboard for shortcode
+ added align option for viewport
+ added warning marks functionality
+ added absolute layer control (pivot + alignment + scroll + cursor)
+ added support for mobile
+ added display as background options
+ added custom scale viewport
+ added flip layer option
+ added video as layer option
+ bug fix: layer with no image allowed
+ added hidden layer option
+ added viewport
+ added multiple instances of same project
+ added placeholder option
+ added scroll event option
+ added cursor event option
+ added scroll start and end option
+ added multiple projects option
+ added missing project handling
+ full project/file refactoring
+ added OOP code style
+ added auto-save for layer
+ added field validation and sterilization
+ updated UI/UX (css + icons)
+ improved workflow
+ added some server side checks
+ added some layer functionality
+ added notifications bar
+ added optimization
+ added scaling options
+ added resize event
+ fixed display for single layer
+ Create projects
+ Open projects
+ Edit projects
    + Create layers
    + Upload layer image
    + Edit layers
    + Delete layers
    + Drag and drop layers to change their render order on the website
+ Delete projects
+ Publish project
+ Parallax effect of multiple images with individual directions (up / down) and speeds