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Dang. Images don’t work with the latest version of Internet Explorer. Going to have to redo my sliders with someone else’s code base now. Will probably use one by Kreatura … seems to have great support and frequent updates. More work and cost for me. :(

contact me through my profile page with details and link

Images doesn’t work with internet explorer 10, is there something i can do to make it work?

I fixed the bug, just contact me throguh my profile page i will send the file

Please help now all images inside the folder fmBanner/images are not displaying on IE-10

contact me through my profile page with details, I will send the file

I replied to your profile page… tanx

I received the file and it works like magic… tanx again…

Presale !

can i run multiple instances on same page ? I need 3 placeholders running different advertisements.

Is this “jQuery Ad Banner” responsive, mobile-compatible?

No, its not responsive