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Here’s the error I receive when activating this plugin:

Warning : Missing argument 2 for kleo_css_classes_for_elements() in /.../wp-content/plugins/k-elements/compat/plugin-js-composer/config.php on line 82

Warning : Missing argument 2 for kleo_css_classes_for_elements() in /.../wp-content/plugins/k-elements/compat/plugin-js-composer/config.php on line 82

Seems as though I can’t actually use the layering function properly to upload multiple images and position them as needed. Also is there a way to embed links into these layered images?

Hi, those warnings are coming from another plugin called k-elements. Anyway those are warning and they shouldn’t show on your site because live site shoulkd have warnings turned off on the server. Regarding layer images. Have you tried following docs in https://timersys.com/layer-images/docs/ ?

How can the layered Images be aligned / positioned? I can only set the alignment of the Layer1 Image but not Layer 2 and higher. some basic “alignment and padding / margin” box would help.

Hi, as the layers site on top of each other only the first one can be aligned. You can add the padding margin to your whole container. Or use your image pixels to move it around inside the canvas of the image.

FEATURE REQUEST: Stack Content Boxes not only Images. So a Box with a Table or Form can “fly in” ontop of a Image

I will take that in consideration if more people start asking for it. Thanks

Hi, I’d like to layer image directly on top of each other. The top one is a picture frame with a transparent middle.

How can I do this? Currently the layers are always to the left or right

Hi, all images need to have the same canvas size. For example 400px x 400px. Then the first image is the one that sets the aligment( left, right or center). But you need to play with the trasnparency and the position of the layers within the 400px

nice work gud luck

I’m trying to create a layered effect with some images but they aren’t positioning themselves correctly on the page nor are they layered correctly even though they have the correct layer order. The images are all the same canvas size.

The row and content is also supposed to go edge to edge, but it doesn’t work either. What’s the issue here?

hey is there any way to contact you privately? I implemented your changes and it still didn’t work so I built it on a different page in a 2 col grid and it only managed to break the grid.

Great, thanks for the fast reply! I just sent you a message.

Hello. Good Plugin. Is it possible to reverse the effect and also trigger it again after it’s complete?

Thank you.

Cheers, Peter

And what about responsiveness…

Hi Peter, Im not sure what you mean by reverse the effect. But no, once it finished it won’t run again.

Regarding responsiveness, it should be responsive, yes.