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Great looking navigation menu! It’s a breeze to set up and with minimal code adjustments I managed to put 2 entirely different looking menus on one page.

There’s one problem though: When I try to turn the very first subitem into a dropdown for more menu options, the arrow on the right doesn’t display properly. It works fine if I do that to any other subitems.

Thank you for your purchase and for reporting this bug. I have found a fix and I’ll update the file soon.

Have a good day!

Another cool menu from you =)

I have managed to make it fit a changed Twitter Bootstrap layout, and the result is http://awesomescreenshot.com/074bv1x90 gorgeous =D


One thing that i would love to see, is if we could make a sub-item and sub-sub-..-sub-item use the active class, so when using the menu the user knows where he is at.

Regards !

Thank you!

I’ll see what I can do about your sugestion. Regarding the bug you also reported, it has been fixed and the file has been updated!

Hava a good day! :)

The fixed file has been approved and now you can download it.

I had a problem fitting it on my layout due to CSS rules of my own design but Tiberiu provided support enough to get it working.

“Difference is in the details” and this guy got it right.

Nice piece of work!

Thank you for your kind comment! :)

Are we sure this works in all browsers? It seems to only work for me in Firefox :-(

I have tested the menu in Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. It works in any browser (of course, I assume you’re using some pretty recent versions, not old browsers like IE7 ).

Apparently my messing with it caused it to get all wonky. I will need to be more careful when making adjustments.

I love this. Elegant and beautiful design. Nicely commented and written. Its is easy to adapt the size, shape and colour to how you want and has thorough documentation. Perfect.

Thank you for your kind words! I’m really glad that you like it and you find it easy to implement.

I own the lava menu and love it. However, when I am looking at it in IE with compatibility mode on it breaks and there are gaps between the menu items. Is there a fix for that? http://www.grafwebstaging.com/site442

That’s what happens if you use the Internet Explorer 7 compatibility mode view. The menu is not compatible with Internet Explorer 7. In the description it is clearly stated that the minimum browser requirement is Internet Explorer 8.

I really love the sleek design of this navigation menu! Really happy with my purchase. Very easy to tweak little things.

Only suggestion is that when you change the length of the nav bar, the arrow on the bottom isn’t travelling the full width of the bar. Not too big of a deal, but would love a fix! :) thank you!

Any update on this?

Yes, sorry for the delay. The updated file has been submited, it should be aproved soon.

Hello, I’m trying to make this menu be responsive. Is anyone here made it work on foundation? or any tips? thank you.


In IE, the drop downs aren’t grabbing on my site. They roll back up before a user can select something.

Is there a fix for this?


Hi Summer,

You increased height of the menu, but you didn’t increase the height of the links, so the submenu is now too far away from it’s parent link. So, when you’re trying “to grab” the dropdown, the cursor hits an area which is not a part of the link, so the link is not hovered anymore and the submenu dissappears. You can increase the height of the links by increasing their padding (line 42). I hope this helped :)

Hello, I bought the Lava Modern CSS3, a great job, congratulations. I have a question … I would like to increase the height of the submenu, could increase the width but the height’m not finding … How do I increase the height of the submenu items? thank you

Hi, I answered to your email.

It worked, thank you. Congratulations for the great job. 5 stars! :)