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Hi Alex,

the script is great. It is simple in operation and works first class.

I especially want to thank you yet for your help with the installation. You’re doing a great job :-)

Many Thanks Eva

It’s a pity there is not the way to email to all subscribers and the reminder alert function before a defined date. May be the developer will add these functions to improve the script.

Hi there, I installed the script and had no problems at all. I also installed GeoIP on my server and run a test using different IPs to make sure it works. However, when running your script, the Country always shows as US even if the IP of my machine is changing from Sweden to Spain to Canada, etc.

I just found out. Launchmee is ALWAYS using the IP address of the server where it is hosted. It should be using the IP address of visitors instead. As mentioned before, I tested the server several times and it is correctly detecting IPs worldwide. The issue is somewhere in Launchmee’s code.

The script is using $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]

So this is usually way for that, but there are some cases when you can not trust this source. You should set this one on server level, check with your hosting company.

Demo not working.

Hi, I can’t see the live preview!!

demo link not working

Please let us know when you have a working demo.