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Important question – If the application is calculated the same charge, and will differ from what shows taximeter, what then? After all, this taxi service, right?

That might happen, because the gps from smartphone may not be as accurate as the taximeter; but I think that the taximeter can be connected to the app, so that it receives the data from it; together with the prices etc.

1. When will iOS app be for ready for sale pls??? 2. Can driver add his own drivers like uber ??? 3. Can driver add more then one of his vehicles ???

1. iOS should be available for sale in about 1-2 months.

2. nope, but we can discuss this feature, and add it if you need to

3. no, we haven’t thought about this possibility; but I’ll consider that in future releases, thanks.

4. not yet, but that is one of the first things to be done in next releases.

5. not yet, but that is also a good idea, we’ll think about it. Thanks.

pls add me on skype to discuss further my i.d is sherah420

add me on skype (cratepay) want to discuss

Your app very nice. I want to buy it. But, I need more functions. How about it?

The prices $99 includes the source? Thank you

We can develop additional functionality upon request.

Yes, of course, it includes the full source code.

Ok. Can I contact you with WhatsApp or email?

sure, you can use the contact form in my profile on envato: https://codecanyon.net/user/lamateam

Hi, any Admin panel and APK demo? I planned to test first the application and if everything is fine I will buy it as soon as possible.

And there is a Booking feature? Booking a TAxi for later for example….

Hey, see the demo in description. ;)

No booking yet, but will be in next releases.