Latest Post Boxes - Advanced Post Grid Wordpress Plugin

Latest Post Boxes - Advanced Post Grid Wordpress Plugin



With Latest Post Boxes you can display a grid of your posts and customize it to your needs .

  1. Specify the number of columns(from 1 up to 8 columns)
  2. Specify the height of the image
  3. Select the number of posts you want to displayed
  4. Select custom post type .
  5. Select custom taxonomy.
  6. Select category from custom taxonomy.
  7. Specify the Title of Color, Font Weight, Background Color(New)
  8. You can automatically trim the title (if you are using big post titles)
  9. Show an Excerpt of the post 
  10. (New) Specify Except Color, Background, Font Size, Trimming
  11. Show or hide a “Read More” button
  12. (New)Specify Read More Color and Background
  13. Select the order you want the posts to be displayed
  14. Show the Author and the Date
  15. (New)Specify the Color and Background of Author and Date
  16. (New)Select and Effect on Hover(Effects Available:Zoom in Zoom out, Fade in , Rotate 45 – 360 degrees)
  17. Use the shortcode directly on your template or on a single page

How to Install It?

1)Upload Files on   wp-content/plugins  directory using an FTP program like  Filezilla  or  CyberDuck

2)Enable the Plugin by going  to  Plugins -> Installed Plugins  and press Activate on Plugin  Latest Post Boxes <section id=”how_does_it_work”>

How does it Work?

Navigate to Settings   ->  Latest Post Boxes  to generate the shortcode for the Latest Post Boxes.

You can see all the options you have there for the boxes (on how to displayed)

Press Generate Insertion Code and you will get 2 code, one to use on your pages or posts and one other to use it directly on your theme.