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nice little plugin

So can you put the code in a regular post to have the images appear? and if so how will it resize it

also if this can be done when you put new posts up with new featured images will that old post change images automatically?

Thank you for your interest.

This plugin is a widget and, as such, works within any widgetized area of a theme, and not within posts.

What if you don’t use wordpress featured images, but just add an image in the post—will the image used with the plugin?

Thank you for your interest.

The widget fetches the most recent featured images from the chosen post type and/or category. It doesn’t extract images from within the body/content of a post and, so, won’t function in the manner you’ve described.

hi, it gives a error when I try to buy it. Can I get a other link so I can buy this?

ok,.its send. hope It can be resolved soon.

I really hope so too! Thank you so much for your help!


I’m happy to say that the issue has been resolved. The plugin is now available for purchase and download.

Thank you once again for your interest and your assistance. It’s much appreciated!

Nice plugin It was just what I needed, however I’m having an issue with the way the plugin loads on mobile devices, particularly the IPhone . Please view it here > I need a solution for this ASAP. Thanks

If I’m assuming correctly, the issue you’re referring to is that the images load with the correct width, but a really tall height. When visiting your site, if I turn my device to landscape mode, the images correct themselves and go back to the proper height. If I then turn it back to portrait mode, they remain at the correct height.

I had a look at the source code while visiting on a mobile device and I noticed that the generated height for each image was around 6000px. If I turn the device, as I mentioned above, and then look at the generated source again, the height is now correct. This causes me to believe that the issue lies with the theme you’re using and its “responsiveness.”

It would seem that however the theme is formatting itself for the mobile device, it is not doing it immediately on page load, but is taking a moment to do so. Because my plugin uses JavaScript to dynamically set the right image height (to keep it fluid), and because it is setting a height around 6000px, I am led to believe that when the page initially loads on the mobile device, it has a very large width, which is quickly corrected by whichever method the theme is using to format itself for mobile devices.

However, in this small window of time, when the width is very large, the images in the plugin are being given a height corresponding to this large width.

Further evidence to this theory is given by the fact that on a window resize, such as when you turn your device, all is corrected.

I’ve tested the plugin with many themes and on many different devices and have been unable to recreate the behaviour exhibited on your site.

Please have a look at how your theme is formatting itself for mobile devices (how it is programmed to be responsive), keeping in mind my explanation above.

Thank you.

Thanks for your reply..

My theme is custom built and I respectfully disagree that the loading issue that I was experiencing had to do with the theme itself. None-the-less I have solved the issue by adding a setTimeout(function() and a (window).load(function() to your wpprestige-latest-images-widgets.js file which delays loading and resize the thumbnails for mobile. Great plugin though..

Thank You


I’m glad using the setTimeout provided a solution to the issue you were having.

While I agree that delaying the running of the script does solve this problem, I would be reluctant to add it to my js file as a default. Perhaps it could be an option, but I think that could be confusing for end users with no knowledge of coding or the behaviour this would create.

Thanks again, and please let me know if there’s anything else.

hey buddy, I previously used really simple gallery widget and Gallery Widget but their functions where not complex enough so I decided to pay the $13 and I’m frankly disappointed. Would you consider adding the possibility to get the latest pictures from a particular gallery id? thank you.


Thank you for purchasing the Latest Images Widget. I’m sorry that you are unable to use the plugin in the manner you described. I wish you would’ve asked about the functionality before making the purchase. However, I believe it is quite clear in the product description that this plugin pulls the featured image from your most recent posts. It was never my intention for this plugin to have the ability to display a specific gallery (by ID) of images, nor is it a feature that I foresee being added to this plugin. This plugin is meant to serve one focused purpose, making it as easy to use and uncomplicated for the end user as possible. I believe the functionality you described would be better served as a separate plugin/widget.

Learned my lesson, will do next time. Thanks

Hey there, this just looks like what I need. Is there an easy way to set it to pull the last image and not the first image of the post?

Many thanks for a short info, Jana


Thank you for your interest!

This plugin pulls the featured image of a post and not an image from within the post’s content. As such, it can pull neither the first nor the last image, but just the featured image.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or require any information.

Thank you!

Hi, nice plugin, thank you!

I need to display my images full width in each column and a height of auto. They are not square. I also need 6 columns wide for a full with page.

I was looking at CSS and tried a few things but no luck. Can you please help me.

Greatly appreciated! Thanks again, Brent


Did you get a chance to read over my response?


Thanks you. Sorry to be so long in getting back to you, been out on a 3 week road trip. Yes the 6 columns would be great. I’ll take care of the images and CSS changes. Greatly appreciated. Brent

Sounds good. I’ll email you an updated version with six columns. If you would prefer not to write your email address here in the comments, please send me an email from my profile page here on CodeCanyon and I’ll respond.


Working with WP 4.6? anyone test?

Hi Jin,

I’ve tested it with 4.6 and it appears to be working fine. You should take a backup before updating, just to be sure, but there shouldn’t be any issues.

Hello, is it working with the new WordPress 5.0.2 ? Thank you. Regard.