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This is a perfect addition to our site. Works Perfectly! When the site goes live next week, you can see it in action at Celebrating Courage: The 50th Anniversary of Desegregation at UGA .Thank you so much!

Extremely clean and easy to use, all necessary files included and instructions are very clear and helpful.

I love the options to turn on/off the previous and next buttons, control speed and transition effects, etc. Excellent and clean too!

Thanks very much!

Thanks JennarationX. I’m glad you find it useful.

Ok, I need a bit of help, though – I used it on one of my client’s sites – with 5 basic banner images, and when viewed in IE, the transitions are causing vertical lines to appear.

I played around with diff transitions and diff speeds, but they all have the same problem (including speed of 0).

FF and Opera look fine, only IE renders the noise.

Can you help?

Here’s the site in question: http://www.preciseportions.com

Hey JennarationX,

Make sure the width of your images is evenly divisible by the number of slices, which defaults to 10. You can change this number by setting the “slices” property in the object parameter you pass to the lateralSlider function.

That was it! Of course. Thanks so much.


I want to purches your “Lateral Slider – jQuery Plugin with 13 Transitions”, but i was wondering if we could change the size of images, & givinig the images a forward link to other page & timing and after X secound image can be change to other image.


Hey nordicfuture,

All of the features you mentioned are indeed present in Lateral Slider.


Can I turn off the block transition and have a slimple slide left or slide right transition with no effect.

Is there a auto feature, where the slider automatically plays?

Hey geromeo,

If I understand you correctly, you want a slide left/right animation without multiple columns. To do so, just set the numColumns parameter to 1.

As for your second question, the slider always plays automatically.

Hi its JennarationX again with a new problem.

I love this Slider, it works very well in every application I have installed until now.

The slider is locking up in IE on the third image out of seven.

It works well, with no problems, in FireFox.

Can you help?

Here’s the site in question: http://www.wispconnect.com


Sorry if this is a daft question – is it possible to have the caption stay in place for, say, 2 image transitions? Additionally, is it possible to have more than one caption location? (i.e. one at the bottom and one at the top?)


i have a problem – when I increase the width to 744 after the transitions begins some lines appears in the images. see the following URL for an example:


could you please advise me how to solve this.

Thank you in advance. Christian

further to my previous comment i just realise that this only happen on Chrome 10.0.648.204 – Safari 5 – internet explorer 8

Very useful piece of code! Lovely written!

Hey sick_oscar,

Thank you. I’m glad you like it.

I just purchased this great looking slider, loaded everything into notepad++ and tested it right off the bat in the 5 major browsers before making any changes to files.

All good except in safari 5.0.4 – when the page loads, very often (almost always) the next slide image briefly flashes onscreen…directly underneath the slider. It happens so fast that I can’t tell if it’s 1 or more images flashing on screen, no chance to scroll down and check. Any idea what could be causing this problem?

Hey DanskWeb,

This flash is occurring simply because the script is taking time to load. You could opt to move the JavaScript higher up in the page to give it loading priority, but this would cause the rest of the elements to be delayed. Instead, I would recommend hiding the images initially via the following CSS :

#slider img { display: none; }

This will prevent any noticeable flashes as the loading occurs. Let me know if the problem persists.

I’ve also noticed that the slideshow is larger in opera than in other browsers and that messes up my design. Any help?

Hey DanskWeb,

I haven’t seen this problem myself. Do you mind sending me a screenshot so I can diagnose the issue?

Thanks so much for the tip regarding the flashing problem. I’ll give it a try.

I replied to your email with an attached zip folder containing 4 screen shots. One screen shot of how it’s displayed in Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. It took 3 different screen shots to show the whole page in Opera. Thanks!

Hi again, I found the Opera problem, totally my fault. My opera view settings were set at 120%. I reduced the setting to 100%, problem solved. Sorry for wasting your time with this issue. Thanks for a great file and for trying to help.

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Hi again,

I’m attempting to use this slider in a grid… 4 sliders across and 4 down to create a gallery of sliders. It’s not working at all.

Is it not possible to use more than one instance of this slider on the same page?

Thanks in advance…

Hi, I don’t want to see the caption with its background, please help me to drop it.