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It’s really pretty but it laks the most important ” THE TIMEZONE” I have to start a project in 1 week and your plugin pleases me do you have a deadline for the timezone?

Thank you

What do you mean by missing a “timezone”?

Hello, pre-sales question, can you have the form embedded instead of pop out?

Hi Late Point – I love everything EXCEPT this one unknown feature – Time Zone conversion

I searched the comments on CodeCanyon, but did not feel satisfied nor confident this is implemented in a way that makes sense to me or how I would use a website for scheduling online. I need to know for sure because I am setting up an online coaching business. Here is the dilemma to solve for…

I live in Maine with an EST time zone. If I set up my calendar and WordPress settings for EST that’s all well an good. However, if a person in California (PDT time zone) wants to book an appointment at 8am their time it would be 11am my time. There is a 3 hour difference. I need to know for sure that when they are looking to book an appointment at 8 am it will show up as 8am in their time on the website using your plugin, not at 11 am their time. If done seamlessly it would show 8 am their time and 11am my time. Will your plugin automatically calculate the time zone conversion correctly for appointments per time zone?

As a bonus it would be neat to be able to see which time zone on the time shown either on the step for “Select Date & Time” or in the summary area.


I think that will be good there for desktop. I was just looking at the demo on my iPhone. On mobile this left side screen is not shown. And given the continued rise in mobile usage it would be more ideal to have the option on the right side within the date and time area since that is what is still visible on mobile. Not sure if better above the words “Pick appointment time ..” or below the time slots. My vote is above the words “Pick appointment time …” and below the last row of the calendar so it’s not lost. Somehow the user needs to see this as it will be an important consideration in the time choice. Will it auto select their time zone, or does the user have to select it manually? If possible to auto select I think that would be amazing. Thanks again. Beginning of June is fantastic! You’re the BEST!

It will auto select the timezone for customer automatically

Awesome. THANK YOU!

background: we have multiple agents under one location, can i manage multiple agents based on location only?

so a “master” user who can manage all agents under 1 location.

Hi, I have a “manager” user on my roadmap, you will be able to set exactly what he will be able to manage. Right now we have two roles, admin and agent, admin can manage everything, meanwhile agent can only manage his own appointments and customers.

pre-sale question: its possible to Appointment date for exemple: appointment date start 24 june end 30 june ? and block that date for service

Hi, can you please explain, I don’t quite understand your question. Do you mean you want to allow multi-day appointments?

WIth two-way sync with Google Calendar, if I have a person event, will it block out the times so no one can book during the time I am busy?

Hi, if you have your events in Google Calendar set as “busy”, they will be automatically blocked in your LatePoint availability and customers won’t be able to book anything during that time.

Okay cool, quick suggestion. I have a client using this for service calls to take pictures of houses. It would be awesome if you could allow them to enter their address and it gets put into Google Calendar

You can add a custom field for your customers to fill in. Then the custom field will be attached to Google Calendar event as a note on the event.

sorry my english… ok… its possible for one customer block a date to a other date exemple: block 24 june to 30 june for one service like a booking or rent

Our plugin does not support multi-day appointments at this time.

please how do i remove or edit “Handles different career a accordingly, after a of the for found customary feedback by happiness”?

Hi, in settings – steps – click on step name and edit the text under each step you want to change

Hi, I have a display bug with the module on my installation.

The display goes out of the screen as you can see on this link:

A solution ?

Hi, hmm, it looks fine to me: Can you create a support request at and attach screenshots of what do you mean?

Hi, is it possible to first select a category and then a service from that category

You can not book anything in the past, it blocks those slots. Which version are you using? I don’t see you purchased the plugin.

I used your demo , did the test today again, my current time is 1.00 PM – selected the 24 at 8.00 AM and made a appointment all the way to the end and no errors.

Demo is set at PST Los Angeles timezone.

great work! – any chance to add a features for booking a video-meeting and sharing the desktop (like skype) ? please tell me if availble for customization or integration with a video streaming service

Hi, it’s a booking solution, not a video-meeting codec.

Can I set different prices for different locations but same service or agent make their own price:

Agent 1= Haircut £10 Agent 2= Haircut £15

Prices are set per service


First of all, great job ! Both the front and the backoffice look nice and well made. We’d really like to implement your solution to our website because it really feels polished and up to modern webdesign standards.

We did try the sandbox demo and unfortunaly, as of right now, we’re missing some core features to make it works for our activity but we’ve checked the public roadmap and we’re willing to wait for your June update.

We just have some quick pre-sale questions/suggestions just to check if some of those features are planned or at least being discussed by your team in next/future updates :
  • the ability to set a maximum amount of booking for a service per time slot/day (ie : let’s say that you can book bikes for a guided bike tour and you have a stock of 10 bikes. You want to limit the amount of bookings available per day to 10.).
  • the ability to change the maximum amount of booking available on a certain date (days with custom schedule + custom maximum amount of booking available – ie : the example above but let’s say that on June the 5th you only have 7 bikes available so you want to change the maximum booking to 7 on that particular day).
  • the ability to book several services during the same booking session
  • the ability to add extras to a service
  • the ability to add an invoice (pdf attachment) when approving an appointment and have it forwarded through the mail notification

Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from you. Again, great plugin, keep up the good work !

Hi, thanks for your feedback. All of the features, except invoice sending, are planned to be released in June so stay tuned ))

Thank you for the quick reply and we’re really looking forward to get our hands on that update ! We’ll find a workaround for the invoice if need be, especially if all the other features are coming in the next update. Great support by the way !

Thank you. I will add invoice sending feature to my roadmap as well.

1. Assign each client to an employee or to several employees. (for commissions) 2. That each employee can only see in the backoffice the clients that are associated with them and not all the clients (so that an employee does not steal clients from others) 3. That the employees only see the basic data such as the first and last name and not the client’s email and telephone 4. That employees can create their own appointments 5. That employees can create their own clients 6. The system can differentiate the type of payment, as in each appointment, to know if that customer paid in cash with a card or online. 7. When an employee completes a job and charges it, he or she can put it on the system as paid or only administrators can change the status of an appointment. 8. A client who makes an appointment for a service and also wants to perform another service, can do it or should he make 2 appointments totally separate ??? 9. I saw the demo, is there only one way to put all the services ??? Can not be put by category and then show each sub cat? 10. If the client does not select any employee, in the backoffice we can choose who to assign it to.

1. Booking is per 1 employee

6. Working on it.

7. Agents can change the status of their appointments

8. Each service will be as a separate appointment, in case customer decides to cancel one of the services it will be easier to track it this way, also because it will be easier with payments if they cancel one

9. Yes, they can be in categories and sub categories.

10. Employee can be assigned automatically based on settings you set in backend (less busy, more expensive etc)

11. Agent will need to be connected to WP user to access their own dashboard

12. Latepoint customers have no connnection to WP users. Customer dashboard is on a front site and they can manage their appointments using that shortcode, but they cant access WP admin

13. On our docs:

14. Please see codecanyon licensing info

Perfect all only one question in point 12 When you enter to your wordpress and create a new user, you see 2 roles, A: Latepoint Agent – for the Agents B: Latepoint Customer, because of this i ask.


Latepoint Customer rule is not used. I had plans for that but decided to not give latepoint customers access to wp.

really like the plugin. goo0d job !

Wanted to know how to best use if I have more than 100 services as it gets a bit harder to manage

Also could i send to a individual service to be booked as in I want to have a button on my site and this just opens one service type instead of the whole process.

Also split payment with my agents is this possible?

Hi, you can group your services and customers will be able to select group first and then underlying services for each group. You can also have a direct button to book a specific service, like so:

Splitting payments with agents is not available. Your business receive all the payments and then you can calculate how much to pay to your agents from that amount

Pre sale question :

Hi! I have a multilingual website (with Polylang and Loco Translate) but I’ve read than some strings can be translated and others can’t (for example services, “Questions?”, etc.) Has this problem been solved? It would be amazing, as it seems to be the perfect plugin for my needs.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, everything can be translated, plugin comes with a .pot file that can be translated to your language ;)

Thank you for your reply!

Hi, nice plugin! You said to commenters 6 months ago that you would release ability to shared a EMBED booking form or widget on another site/blog. This is a very needed feature. Will it b released within the next 30 days? Thanks

You still don’t understand what commenters mean when they ask for this. Please go to and use the share feature on one of the artist music players. You will see social share options and embed option. Same with a YouTube video that has a embed feature to embed a player on a blog. Please add this ASAP for people want to post thier booking profiles on other sites. Understand now?

It’s not something I am interested in. It’s not my business model at this moment. If someone wants to use booking service on their website, they should purchase my plugin. You can’t just resell it to other businesses. Current license does not allow it.

Unless you can explain how are you going to use that embed feature without reselling the service to other businesses.

Another Pre-Sale Question, how differences the appointments that are already paid from those that do not ??? I do not see that there is any difference between the one that made the online payment of the one that you pay in the store.


Excellent, and the employees can too see the payments for the appointments??

Yes, the will be able to

Excellent, thanks for all the answers, i will continue test and if all are ok i purchase your plugin.

Another Question More

If I have 3 employees who perform the same service but each one charges different price.

Is there any way to modify the value of the service according to the employee ???

On the other hand there is a way to block in the Dashboard of Employees who can not modify which services are enrolled and which are not.

Sorry for all the question im very interested in your plugin.

Excellent about the prices i need this.

The Second question are, when an employee enter to her dashboard and god to settings, he can change her services. If the admin configure the Employee “A” can do the Services 1/2/3/4 and 6 only and dont like the employee change this.

When the employee enter to her dashboard and settings can change her own services for example to 1/3/4/5/7/8 and 9.


Employees are allowed to set services they offer, you can’t restrict it at this moment.

Ok, no problem its great if you consider to put this function in a future update.

In the customer Dashboard, dont have the option to login with Facebbok and Google.

They can login with Google or Facebook when they book an appointment, for quicker data enter, but they will need to login with password if they want to access their dashboard.