Discussion on LatePoint - Appointment Booking & Reservation plugin for WordPress

Discussion on LatePoint - Appointment Booking & Reservation plugin for WordPress

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Pre purchase question:

1. Is it possible to differentiate the price based on location and agent? 2. Is it possible to create a button for specific service and also agent? (ie. (late point_book_button agent=2 service=4)

Hi Osetin sorry for writing also here but I have 1 agent with 2 person assigned so I need to have basically 2 slot for each service so that if one slot (eg. 15:00-15:30) is taken, another slot is available. It’s urgent, how can I do that?


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is there a customization service and add new features on your system so it will be more useful for our customers!!

If yes please contact us on ( ) and i will send all features list we need.



I want to skip steps like listed at the plugin website’s demo :

i can’t find a disable featured in the setting of the plugin. I need help

Não consigo selecionar a versão extendida. Quero comprar a versão que o cliente precisa pagar

For some reason I am unable to disable the agent section. I’ve tried both these things in the documentation;

But it still shows the agent page? has an update disabled this feature?

It hasn’t, can you share a screenshot of your shortcode?

I bought but I need to create admin accounts by locations, is it possibile?

Hi, admins have access to all locations. Soon there will be a role manager addon which will allow custom rules

Nice! And is possibile to create an admin account just for LatePoint plugin? That has no access to other configurations in Wordpress.

I’m working on a new site and the license is activated on a localserver and is now ready for a online testserver but it won’t deactivate, It just reactivates after it says “license deactivated”. Can you reset my license?

Also seen a notification to go to I can see my active licenses but no option to deactivate them from there.

Hi, email to with your key

1- i went to creat a website for video consultation,is it possible with this? 2-i have to buy a template to work with this ? If so, can you recommend one? 3- do you offer free installation?

Hello, I have many of this error message: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/latepoint-google-calendar/latepoint-google-calendar.php:283 Stack Trace 1. LatePointAddonGoogleCalendar->refresh_google_cal_watch_channels()/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php:307 4. do_action_ref_array()/public_html/wp-cron.php:138 5. {main} thrown in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/latepoint-google-calendar/latepoint-google-calendar.php on line 283

Hi, everything is up to date : LatePoint 4.4.7 / LatePoint Addon – Google Calendar 1.2.7 / Wordpress 6.0 / PHP 8.0.14

Can you ping me on discord, let me know your username:

I don’t have discord. You should use true as the second parameter to json_decode. This will decode the json into an associative array instead of stdObject instances. $watch_channels = json_decode($agent_watch_channels->meta_value,true);

Does the sms notification have a custom sms gateway option? So I can setup a local sms gateway provider .. it will be a very much cheap than Twilio

Right now we only support twilio

Hi, can we set it in a way so that a user enters their name/email/phone and click submit (= optin) and THEN taken to the next part to book an appointment without needing to re enter those same personal details again. The purpose of this approach is to increase conversion rates without asking for too many steps before they optin. Thanks


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Hi, my support is expired – so not asking for support. But my license says it’s already active on two websites and to create an account to manage the license. But whenever creating an account on your website I can see the two “active” installs. But I am unable to remove them. I’m unable to create a ticket on your support forums and you don’t respond to Tweets or DM on Twitter. That’s why I’m trying here, please assist.

I’ve replied on Twitter


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First off, love the plugin and the updates since I first purchased it.

Just a little feature vote… can you add the functionality that when the location grouping is turned on, it still shows the locations that are not categorized. I have some locations that have to be singular and a few locations that do need to be grouped. When grouping is on, the locations that are not categorized are removed and are unable to be selected. So I’m looking something like:

Location 1
Location 2
Location 3
Location group
     Location 4
     Location 5

Hi, thanks! I’ll see what I can do.

Hi, after the update the buttons for login with Facebook and Google are not displaying well on mobile devices. People see just a few millimetres of the buttons. I have Installed Version: 4.4.6. What can I do to fix that?

I found your answer to that in another comment. Thanks. Waiting for the fix!

yes, 4.4.8 will fix that. Coming tomorrow

Hi, did the update go live because in my account i don’t see it yet? Thank you!

hi guys. presale question!

what if i would like to sell a 10-course-pass and the customer can feel free to book the course he wants and automatically he discounts the courses left. Do you offer that?


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I extended support but ticksy says that it isn’t extended. How can I submit a support request?


iseehow Purchased

scratch this, it’s working now.


albrosin Purchased

Hi, i have bought plugin and custom field addons. Is possible to “divide” custom field in different step? I really want to create more step for custom field information. Another question. Is possible to user conditional field option to another custom field? For example, if custom field A is “Yes” then show Custom Field B. Thanks


albrosin Purchased


Hi, we don’t support custom steps atm. But conditional fields based on other fields are coming in the future 100%

Any new adds on in the future

yes, a lot of addons are planned: Invoicing, role manager, recurring bookings, credits/packaged system etc.


iseehow Purchased

Can you please add location data to webhooks?

Will be added in the next update


iseehow Purchased

Thanks, is it possible to add customerID to the appt hook as well?

done (re: location) in new version of locations addon. I’ll add customer ID in the next plugin update.


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