Discussion on LatePoint - Appointment Booking & Reservation plugin for WordPress

Discussion on LatePoint - Appointment Booking & Reservation plugin for WordPress

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Is it possible to preselect a reservation Custom Field (inserted by Custom Field addon), like I do with service or agent (for example [latepoint_book_button selected_service=”4”]) .

Hello, I have a problem with latepoint:

I have a service with 5 agents related and I setted 15 max capacity for this service (with Group Bookings addon), so: how can I set to stop reservation if 12 users book the service regardless of the selected agent?

I mean, stop reservation if 12 users book the service, on a same time, regardless of the selected agent ???


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Question there is a way to make one category accept cash and another credit?


BigBox Purchased

I think we should have a way to select the type of payment we want to accept when we create services.

I don’t see an option to send calendar link in email or sms for the customer. Any options?

How can add somethong like WAITING ROOM? Sometimes my website has too many customers and it breaks. I want to allow e.g only ten users in 10 minutes interval to make booking. How can i achive that?


we don’t have a waiting room feature at this moment

New issue I see with “Extra services” = when saving: .xxxx_latepoint_service_extras’ doesn’t exist

Tables are not exists.

please create a support request at and our specialist will be happy to assist


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I have the same issues with the comments from nickwe. It will sent out emails for new appointments but it doesn’t work for reminder. It is in the scheduled que but it won’t sent. I can’t sent ticket; support request has expired.


Ardous Purchased

oh the cron job doesn’t exist. i deactivated & reactivate the Reminders add on, it is still missing.

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Hi guys. Please move my 2 licenses as I have asked from to I can no longer answer my ticket cause support expired.

Plus I have some bug with additional emails in agent contacts (none of them receiving booking notifications. Only the main email)

For the additional emails – make sure they email is in the “to” field of the process action that sends email

deners Purchased

Additional emails are all set, and now I don’t get any emails… should I add {{agent_additional_emails}}{{agent_email}} or? This “processes” tab makes it all difficult, It was easier without before.

Please create a support request at and our specialist will be happy to assist

After plugin update saving doesn’t work anymore: Settings Updated With Errors:Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array

please create a support request at and our specialist will be happy to assist

Here, some suggestion to improve functionality of Latepoint: .

1) is missing ability to create categories for agents (so now you cannot use category shortcodes like for events, like: [latepoint_book_button show_agents_categories=”1,2”]) .

2) every time you update Latepoint you lose all the translations you patiently made with Loco translate; .

3) BUG: in the new version, if you click on the logo at the top right, the window that opens no longer goes away; .

4) on user role addon, created users cannot modify their data (as happens for agents) because they do not have a settings menu like agents, where change name or email; .

5) when google calendar synchronizing, data of custom fields addon is not transmitted to google calendar .

Also, for now, Latepont is not suitable for mass actions, it lacks: .

5) Ability to display multiple rows of the “Bookings” and “Customers” tables (e.g. 100, 500 or 1000 rows); .

6) Possibility of mass deletion of appointments and customers .

7) on appontment and customer area, missing ability to select multiple rows to be able to act en masse (delete, update day, update event, etc.); .

8. on customer area, missing ability to upload contacts via .csv or .xls file as other competing software have;

9) the back office lacks the possibility of duplicating an appointment; .

10) on other competing software we have the Events section to create Events where people can subscibe; .

11) sometime people doesn’t remember if an appointment is recived (for example if they have the confirmation mail on spam), so they rebook a second appointmnet for same service. So, on confirmation step, is a good idea if user can be advise if is mail is alredy register for a sepcific service on the same day or if admin is alert if a same mail is alredy register for a service on the same day;

Thanks for your suggestions


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Hi, How can I book an appointment using API or services like Zapier? Does your webhook plugin allow this functionality?

We don’t have inbound API support at this time


nickwe Purchased


Since upgrade to version 4.8.1, reminder email are being sent for canceled appointment, which should not be the case obviously.

Thanks and Regards,


please create a support request at and our specialist will be happy to assist

We don’t offer previous versions.


nickwe Purchased

I’ve restore to version 4.7.10 and still have the problem. I don’t have any support left to create a ticket, I guess I’ll wait for someone else to encounter the same problem.

Hello, do you plan to add multilanguage support?

Latepoint is maybe the best booking/appointment plugin on the market, but wthout multilanguage feature we cannot use it :(

Hi, it’s planned

Is it possible to make a reservation for each agent in his own profile? For example, in an advertisement directory site, every agent has a profile, the agent can be selected directly from his profile for booking…. Does it have a shortcode? The number of agents is large and it is difficult to select an agent in the add-on list, so the easiest way is to make a reservation through the agent’s profile. Is there a way?

I need to reserve each agent from within his profile. It is possible?

we dont allow using it in a directory, it would need a saas license for that

Hello, i want to set for one agent, one person to offer services per hour is this possible ?

Sure, I recommend you trying out our sandbox demo:

is this plugin can do this?

reserve a visit in a museum

reservation schedule will be with time Each like

Example From 08 To 10, 10 To 12, 14h To 16, 16 To 18

and on each time laps only 20 visitors can book

and it will automatically manage the time laps available and how many persons r still able to book

Thanks for Answearing

Sure, I recommend you trying out our sandbox demo:

Pre Sale Question, can I use this plugin with the add on

Not sure I understand the question

I have to insert many new inscriptions so: can I upload a csv file to insert new inscription and clients on latepoint? Is there a way to do a mass upload?

Do you know what wp plugin can populate the latepoint_customers database table?


I can’t point to a specific one, but if you search on wordpress repository there are multiple plugins that offer csv import into a wordpress database table

I have a Latepoint form that start with services selection, and if I use the preselection code like [latepoint_book_form selected_agent=”2”] the agent is right preselected and the form doesn’t show agents selection, instead if I use preselection code like [latepoint_book_form selected_service=”3” selected_agent=”2”] the preselection doesn’t work. why?

. P.s. No problem with show code like [latepoint_book_form show_agents=”3,2,4” show_services=”2,3”]

Please create a support request at and our specialist will be happy to assist

How can I delete en masse all inscriptions and all clients ? Ther’is a way to select some specific inscriptions or some clients to delete?


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