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The reminders are not working properly. SMS and Mails are not going to customers before Appointment.

Hi, you need to set a hourly cron job as explained in our documentation:


It’s really pretty but it laks the most important ” THE TIMEZONE” I have to start a project in 1 week and your plugin pleases me do you have a deadline for the timezone?

Thank you

What do you mean by missing a “timezone”?

Hello, pre-sales question, can you have the form embedded instead of pop out?

Hi Late Point – I love everything EXCEPT this one unknown feature – Time Zone conversion

I searched the comments on CodeCanyon, but did not feel satisfied nor confident this is implemented in a way that makes sense to me or how I would use a website for scheduling online. I need to know for sure because I am setting up an online coaching business. Here is the dilemma to solve for…

I live in Maine with an EST time zone. If I set up my calendar and WordPress settings for EST that’s all well an good. However, if a person in California (PDT time zone) wants to book an appointment at 8am their time it would be 11am my time. There is a 3 hour difference. I need to know for sure that when they are looking to book an appointment at 8 am it will show up as 8am in their time on the website using your plugin, not at 11 am their time. If done seamlessly it would show 8 am their time and 11am my time. Will your plugin automatically calculate the time zone conversion correctly for appointments per time zone?

As a bonus it would be neat to be able to see which time zone on the time shown either on the step for “Select Date & Time” or in the summary area.


Awesome! Do you have any idea on time implementation? Not meaning to sound pushy, just curious about timing is all. Thanks!

Probably beginning of June, will look something like this:

What do you think?

I think that will be good there for desktop. I was just looking at the demo on my iPhone. On mobile this left side screen is not shown. And given the continued rise in mobile usage it would be more ideal to have the option on the right side within the date and time area since that is what is still visible on mobile. Not sure if better above the words “Pick appointment time ..” or below the time slots. My vote is above the words “Pick appointment time …” and below the last row of the calendar so it’s not lost. Somehow the user needs to see this as it will be an important consideration in the time choice. Will it auto select their time zone, or does the user have to select it manually? If possible to auto select I think that would be amazing. Thanks again. Beginning of June is fantastic! You’re the BEST!

background: we have multiple agents under one location, can i manage multiple agents based on location only?

so a “master” user who can manage all agents under 1 location.

Hi, I have a “manager” user on my roadmap, you will be able to set exactly what he will be able to manage. Right now we have two roles, admin and agent, admin can manage everything, meanwhile agent can only manage his own appointments and customers.

pre-sale question: its possible to Appointment date for exemple: appointment date start 24 june end 30 june ? and block that date for service

Hi, can you please explain, I don’t quite understand your question. Do you mean you want to allow multi-day appointments?

WIth two-way sync with Google Calendar, if I have a person event, will it block out the times so no one can book during the time I am busy?

Hi, if you have your events in Google Calendar set as “busy”, they will be automatically blocked in your LatePoint availability and customers won’t be able to book anything during that time.

Okay cool, quick suggestion. I have a client using this for service calls to take pictures of houses. It would be awesome if you could allow them to enter their address and it gets put into Google Calendar

You can add a custom field for your customers to fill in. Then the custom field will be attached to Google Calendar event as a note on the event.

sorry my english… ok… its possible for one customer block a date to a other date exemple: block 24 june to 30 june for one service like a booking or rent

Our plugin does not support multi-day appointments at this time.