LastStream - Radio API Class

LastStream - Radio API Class

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I’m not sure why buyers are giving this a bad rating, it does exactly what it should and is very easy to use. If there is something I can do to improve on it let me know.

LastStream – Radio API Class

This is a simple radio API class. It makes connecting to the API and retrieving a list of files to stream very simple.

This class enables you to connect to the Radio API , allowing you to retrieve stream URLs to be used in a client.

Class Usage

Using the class is very, very simple. Everything is explained in the included example file.

Example Response Results

A structured array with the follow format:
    [0] =>
        [title] => The name of the first song
        [artist] => Song Artist
        [album] => Song Album
        [length] => Song length in seconds
        [image] => URL to the album art for the song
        [mp3] => Stream ready URL to the MP3