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Product has been abandoned. Not updates since 2018. Should not be for sale anymore. Specially because it has not been updated and as WP Plugin could be hacked easily if the plugin is not updated.

for Customer Support

A great concept but there is no longer any support or updates.

Works great if you just need a simple form with out-of-the-box settings.

for Bugs

Plugin is no longer supported. Check out comments where users request support before you buy.

Item description images not loading. Looks like author wants to launch a SaaS app on ProductHunt.

Issues with file uploads at least for me make this plugin a no go.

for Customer Support

Should not be active for purchasing if support is not available....

for Code Quality

It's a nice plugin, but it did randomly stopped working on me.

I got this plugin and ever since got problems. the submit button does not work, people are having problems as uploads are rejected. its all because of this plugin, worked fine before

for Bugs

Looks great but has fatal problems:

* File uploading doesn't work. Uploading through the gravity form works just fine but fails every time on Lastform UI with the same files.
* I need to remove the social sharing icons after a form is completed. I work with executive level users who will find that tacky and unprofessional; especially since I can't customize or remove them where they're inappropriate.

for Other

I was not aware of that the fact that I have to use gravity form to use this. it better to buy typeform than paying yearly fee for gravity form and one time payment for this .
if any option for cancellation of the purchase, let me know


Author response

Write to

for Design Quality

This is well worth the money! Works exactly as listed and looks identical to Typeform. Haven't had any issues and I love the sounds!

for Customer Support

Visually the plugin looks amazing, but support is terrible. I just needed a little help with a couple of things like changing the font size of my Gravity Form HTML Blocks and I was ignored for days and then told it wasn't covered under support. The repeated long waits for a response or none at all really set me back on a client project, which is why I purchased the plugin to begin with. I would have been better off using the native version of gravity forms or typeform. This has been a big let down. Great plugin, but if you need assistance you're pretty much on your own.

for Customer Support

The plugin works ok, I was expecting more customisation but that's alright as long as you know how to use CSS and jQuery. There were a few little visual bugs which I was able to fix myself.

It's also a bit disappointing that it loads separately from your theme so any fonts or scripts that you have loaded in the header/footer cannot be used here, you can only choose between Google Fonts but not everyone uses them. If you want the form to match your brand's visual style you surely have to dive into some custom coding.

But overall the plugin is great and I would give it 5 stars if it weren't for the horrible lack of support.

The page clearly states that you are buying 6 months of support and this should include:

- Availability of the author to answer questions
- Answering technical questions about item’s features
- Assistance with reported bugs and issues
- Help with included 3rd party assets

Well nothing of what it's mentioned above is actually included.

This is really not fair on your customers. If you can't keep up with the number of requests, then just don't let people pay for it so they don't expect it. 67$ is not really a cheap price to pay for a plugin on CodeCanyon so at least make it worth it.

I'm lucky enough to be able to find my way around many potential issues, but for the less tech-savvy you really have to cross your fingers and hope that everything works correctly, or you'll never get a reply from the "support" and you've wasted your time + 67$ + whatever Gravity Plan you had to buy.

What's more deceiving is a review featured on the plugin's description which states:

"The creator of this plugin goes out of his way to make sure that everything is working smoothly and provides super fast support."

I understand the author has been busy with other things so I'm taking this up to three stars (previously it was one) because everyone deserves a second chance. I hope the support will get better moving forward though.

for Design Quality

5 stars because more is not possible, I would give 500 stars if possible just a great plugin!

Please keep maintaining the plugin when you add saas