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Really like to demo of lastform but i just want to know, if this will work with bitcoin ? Like at last when form want to put the credit card, is it possible then they will be asked if they actually click a button and pay using bitcoin? Not inside lastform but an external link. Hopefully it does. Love to buy this

Unfortunately no :(

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Hello, I read some comments here about IE11 compatibility etc. What happens when a user with an unsupported browser attempts to view a lastform? Is there a fall back method or something of this nature in place?

Also, I noticed that there is no changelog anywhere. Is this item being actively developed, and is there a changelog available anywhere?

Thank you, Michael

There is already a patch for IE11

Changelog here:


bilicobra Purchased

hi, how do I create a survey with star like your exemple? https://cloudup.com/czl6oCH3X0L

is it possible impor this sample form to learns more? http://demo.meydjer.com/lastform/lastform/4


Using Gravity Forms Survey field, with Rating field type: https://cl.ly/0O0U1W170L0A

Send me an email and I’ll send the demo forms back to you

i sent a email from http://support.lastform.com/contact.

could you check it?

Hi Meydjer, I bought your plugin a few weeks ago. Any idea of an ETA for integrating slider range fields (e.g https://codecanyon.net/item/gravity-forms-range-slider/19827081?s_rank=1) ? This would mean Lastform > Typeform for me! Thanks.

No ETA yet as other things have more priority on the development queue

I seem to be running into a conflict with showing images on my forms.

Check it out:

LastForms preview: https://www.screencast.com/t/ApEOYMFwS

LIVE link here: http://www.brandmemd.com/form/6

Gravity Forms standard preview: https://www.screencast.com/t/XZikQw2D4

Have any idea how I can correct this?

Nevermind … I was able to correct the issue.

Are actions still fired? For instance gform_after_submission