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Hi I have bought the plugin but the number fields are throwing up crazy numbers when i enter them I would also like to know if i can include section breaks when using conditional logic without the form actually stopping on the breaks. I have tried to log into the support to submit a ticket but it says my account has been suspended can someone please get in touch with me ricky1001@hotmail.co.uk


ricky1001 Purchased

How long does it take to get support i have submitted a ticket and sent an email still no reply

Already replied.


Ashkay Purchased

I’m trying to pass values from fields into an “html block” form one form to the next. I can’t seem to do it.. So I tried using hooks and it’s still not doing it?


Does this plugin support the German language?

pre-sale question: how does this work with woocommerce. we need woo for the payment gateway but gravity for the forms…


We have submitted a few support requests last week relating to pagination (ticket #67), number fields on Android (ticket #70) and gravity forms modifiers (ticket #74).

Could you come back to us on these items ASAP?


Thanks. I have sent the email as requested.

Hi Meydjer, have you had a chance to review the emails we sent across a couple of days ago?



i sent a ticket 5 days ago, but have not replied yet…

There are some issues with the ticket system. Please send your requests directly through email to meydjer+help@gmail.com

Can you help me remove the social buttons at the end of the forms?

There are some issues with the ticket system. Please send your requests directly through email to meydjer+help@gmail.com

Hey there, wrote the last review on this item. Still got no answer, even on the the given email of yours.

I was traveling since your email. Just replied

hey man. how can i change the URL slug so it’s not /lastform/1 etc?



knima Purchased

I tried embedding the form on my home page via iframe (as you suggested) but I only get “site could not be found”. Is there no shortcode to embed the form in any page?

Is it working with paypal?

Yes, using the officias Gravity Forms PayPal Add-on


ikeviin Purchased

Hello, I bought your plugin and I have a problem with the French translation. I created a translation file via lastform.pot, I saved the french file as lastform-fr_FR.mo and lastform-en_FR.po and the translation is not done on my website ( front end and back end). How is it possible? Cordially

Can this be implemented as the buddypress registration page?


noahfaust Purchased

Hello Maydjer, I sent you ticket 78 on your new support platform. Have you received it?

Eu estou com problemas no formulário e te mandei um e-mail… são bugs na tradução.

before I buy, I have a question can I show one filed at one time, when they fill it and enter next the next field apper?

Hi there,


Do you know if it’s possible to add a Color Picker in for one of the form fields?

I’d like to give my clients the ability to choose a Primary Theme Color for a Web Design Client Form.

If you know of any additional GF plugins needed to achieve this please let me know .

Thanks a bunch!