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HawkFire Purchased

I’m trying to send you a ticket through support but Ticksy’s site isn’t loading.

Anyway, this is what I’d like to know…

1. How do we connect the “Get A Quote” button on our Wordpress landing page to the full-page form?

2. Is the full-page form supposed to load faster than a regular WP page since it doesn’t have to load plugins?

3. Can we add 2 pieces of Google Tag Manager code to the analytics field or will it only take standard Universal Analytics code?


HawkFire Purchased

I sent you an email yesterday but never heard back.

Ticksy is going offline most part of the day, and I don’t want anyone without being able to contact support properly and read the help articles.

So I had to move to a new support system, with 100% uptime.

I’m almost finishing to setup it.

Once it’s done I’ll get back to your email.

Sorry for the delay but, this is high priority. I need to finish it ASAP before it gets worse.

I hope you understand.

I already replied your email.

Hi, is there an ETA for the HTML only version yet?

Cheers, Alex

Not yet, Alex.

Is it possible that i can create a form where the visitors answers a few questions and select products which will be shown in a sticky sidebar with price calculations?

Regards, Remco

You can display the total price, not with a sticky sidebar, but as a field (like in the demo).

Hi Meydjer,

Excellent job!

Is it possible to recreate the http://demo.gravityforms.com/build-a-pizza/ in Lastform with the little floating ‘total order summar’y box?

I was sure it used to be one of the demo’s last time I looked.

Have been waiting for the mobile version, now it is here I’d like to know if it is possible to mimic this http://demo.gravityforms.com/build-a-pizza/ with the floating ‘total order summary’ box using Lastform?

Thank you for your help.

Thanks man!

This is our version of Pizza Builder demo: http://demo.meydjer.com/lastform/lastform/1

But with no floating bar. The total value is at the end.

We plan to add a floating bar, but only in the next major release.


Jevgeny Purchased

Hi, what exactly is updated in the last update? there’s no changelog

Interested to find out more about the SAAS option, I feel there is definitely more revenue opportunities to be had , for both you and your customers. Impressed with some of the updates, particularly being able to add star reviews.

Thanks a lot Philip. Good feedback as always.