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I am really eagerly looking forward to the release of version 2! This plugin has SO much potential. I have used it for clients before, but in the current state it is not good enough. However, version 2 looks promising. Can’t wait for this update… which should be just around the corner!

I’d like to add an html field to my question. Something like this: “Which is better? [question mark field]”. When someone hovers over that field, it should give a tip/hint.

But if I create that, then lastform takes the html automatically to the next screen.

How can I show multiple fields (e.g. checkbox and html field) on one screen in Lastform?


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Can you please answer my question?

Email replied

Hi. You said you’d try to release v.2 by the end of month. Should we expect it by this week?

Show de bola seu trabalho! Sucesso e vou estar aguardando a V2

Hello Meydjer, First of all, congrats for the Lastform, it works great here, and I can’t wait for the next version using React.js!

So, I face a problem here with translation, because our site is in pt_br, and the plugin already has the pt_br files at translate folder, and yes, my website has the main language set to pt_br.

It works fine at the wp-admin panel, as I can see: “Configurações Lastform” at the admin, the same text in .po/.mo/.pot files.

At the same file, I faced the: “press enter” translated too, but at the front end of my website it didn’t woks, and the website shows: “press enter”, “choose as many as you like”, in english.

Is there something we are doing wrong here?

Hello, with this plugin I can modify or replace the purchase register of woocomerce ?, I need to do in a web with woocomerce that the customer can buy following a series of steps. thank you very much

Hello, is there an option to integrate it with Zendesk?

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Hello Meydjer, I have question for you. I would like to display a sort of product configurator but not for only one product. I’ll show you my example :


As you can see, it is a page which allows visitors to find the product they want, depending on the options they selected. The first two steps are categories or attributes. It’s like “Do you want a product for a school or for a company?” and products on step 3 are filtered regarding this answer (and answer on step 2).

I would like to know if it is possible to do something like that with your plugin? First question: school or company. Second question: which size. Etc. The idea is to be able to filter products at each step.

Thank you in advance :)

Can this be used for Formidable Forms?

For now, Gravity Forms only.

On mobile there are a number of issues, such as when the phone number or email is entered, the entry initially disappears from the screen, until a key is pressed, then the entry appears at the top of the screen, this can be confusing.

A really superb addon for gravity forms, hope you continue to improve this. I have always liked gravity forms for functionality, and you have helped to solve its biggest failing.

This is great! As soon as the image selection option is added, I will buy this. Also, for the address field, do you have Address Autocomplete enabled on these field? Thanks

Pre-sale question: When do you plan on releasing v2? I would like to buy it for use in a client project, but only if I know for sure it’s gonna be updated and supported as promised, and so far, you have committed to deliver the update before the end of the last month but haven’t delivered on that commitment. I wouldn’t want to purchase if that is to be taken as a sign of things to come. Also, I’d need some of the features set to be part of v2 based on what you’ve mentioned so far, and wouldn’t want to wait indefinitely to get them. Any update on this will be appreciated.

Lastform v2 is in the final stretch. I’ll let you know when it’s ready so you can buy.

I will definitely buy this as soon as the 2.0 version is released.

I really want to buy this plugin! Will Version 2.0 be released soon? I’m a mobile guy and from past comments I’ve read that it does not function correctly on mobile. Is this being changed in v 2.0?

Pre Sales Question

Hello there,

Can I use Lastform with the “Personal License” of Gravity Forms?

Many thanx!


ps: Can you please notify me when V2.0 is released?

Yes, you can. And don’t worry, I’ll notify you about v2 release.

Thanx @meydjer


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Hello, when installing the plugin tells me this: “You need to install and activate Gravity Form first.” you can help me? Is there any place to view documentation? Thank you very much a greeting

Hi meydjer,

Looks awesome job, just to clarify for this to work I have to purchase Gravity Forms as well?

Thank you.

Yes. Thank you.

when is next version going to launch ?? I been waiting forever ? do u need help ?

It is taking more lines of code than I was expecting, but I’m in the final stretch. I’ll let you know when it is ready.