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I love this product awesome work well done !

Question if I may please is there a way to show pagination or a progress bar at all ?


Yes, Lastform now supports Gravity Forms patination: https://www.gravityhelp.com/documentation/article/creating-multi-page-forms/

Pre sales question.

We’re using Typeform now. We are looking for a new solution bc users complain they cant see everything they write. The text boxes are small and and they have to enter a lot of info. like 10-15 lines pr quesiton. Is it possible to set a default size of each text box? like they have a lot of space to write.

also, is it possible to get like 5 quesitons on one page, then they have to press next page then its a new page with 5 questions etc?

And can it be configured like we can get the entries on email? thx!

We have a “Save and Continue Later” button, but I added autosave as a feature request: https://trello.com/c/cooDc8vw/79-form-auto-save

perfect. Love this. Will buy soon. Thanks!

Lastform apparently does not yet support the “Option” field from Gravityform’s basic pricing fields which I desperately need in order to show an accurate estimate of someone’s order…

I’m quite astonished about this since I assumed all Gravityform fields would be supported and I did not find any disclaimer stating that not all fields are coded in yet? Is there any ETA on when this field is going to be implemented?

Hey there. Lastform v1.2.3 already supports all Princing Fields. My estimate for Lastform v2 is 1 week.

Alright thanks for letting me know, I’ll try to downgrade to 1.2.3 then.

Pre-sale question: Is there a way to upload multiple files at the same time? For example, 4 .jpg, 2 .pdf; I’ve tried to do that in the file field but I was not able, the field only detected one file and the others were missed; Thanks!

Yes, you are. In the demo, I allowed only 1 file just to not overload the demo server. :)

Will your plugin work with any of the other plugins for gravity forms to be able to accept payments? Impressed with the demo!

All Pricing Fields (Quantity, Total, Credit Card etc) are under development right now. Once it’s done, you will be able to use those plugins. :)

Awesome! Can’t wait to use it.


Just to let you know it’s impossible to translate the plugin. The po/mo files are not used at all (I’ve transltaed hundreds of plugins/themes before).


Yes, please do it.

Please submit it as a new ticket on http://support.lastform.com

This is where I handle all support requests.