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Love this idea. Was keen to buy until I read all the negative comments. Shame indeed. Hopefully the dev will update and listen to issues.

Great news meydjer! Do you have an ETA on v2?

Next month

I will look forward to that. Thanks

The idea behind this plugin blows me away. Or would if it t weren’t for the fact that it serves as a skin to gravity forms, but NOT to Woocommerce. I want to be able to use this or something like this to replace my entire checkout experience in Woocommerce. Can it be done? I’m willing to pay top dollar for custom development and in fact if you say you can’t take it on, I’d probably have to see about commissioning the creation of such a plugin on Upwork. But I’d pay you to do it and include it in your core, to make it a better product for all who buy it. Let me know if you’re interested.

Can I create a form with 50 fields, how is the email that I receive from this form?

Sim, consegue. Você recebe um email com todos os dados preenchidos.

When I type the hotkey for the radio button in Firefox, it doesn’t select the radio – Instead, it opens the Find text box.

Only on Firefox?

Yes. On Chrome it works. Actually, I have a lot of cache problems with Chrome (it seems to be affected by Gravity Forms actually), that’s why sometimes I test over Firefox.

I’ve seen your Trello changelog. It kinda worries me because you used to be very active between September and October but then things got slow. More than 3 months without any update and only 3 cards in the “under development” column. Should we expect good news soon?

I saw your post about it before my purchase. Back then, it was going to be released next month, now it’s “next month, probably”, so you’re not sure about it. Could you please be a little more specific regarding the date? I need to know what to expect from LastForm and when, and if I need to start looking for another option right away.

I cannot be more specific because unexpected things can happen and I’m a single developer.

I’m rebuilding Lastform from scratch using React.js, so you can expect a very stable and mobile first release.

OK. Well, I’ve sent an email with some issues to you earlier. If you could address those questions, it would be great. At least, the most urgent I need is to know why the translation isn’t working. Thanks.

Hi, Can I make users select from a list of images ?

Not yet. This will be introduced on Lastform v2.

Awesome ! when do you plan on releasing it ?

Next month probably.

Hi, i just bought the lastform, and it says to install gravity form, where can I get gravity form? Can I also ask if gravity form is subscription based or one time payment? Thanks! Appreciate any response.

Ok finally bought the gravity forms to get this to work. But I realized that Captcha is not working when using with lastform. It works fine though with gravity form. anybody else facing this issue?

Can you give me admin access to your wp-admin? I’ll take a look.

Send it to meydjer+help@gmail.co

Can it personalise the experience like the Typeform? For example, if user has given their First Name in the first question, can we use that data to build the question in the next field?

Q1. What’s your first name? User input: Answer1 Q2. Hi [Answer1], what is your last name?

This feature will be available on Lastform v2

ugh… it is too bad is just a skin to gravity forms, I was hoping this would be a standalone plugin