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Is it possible to integrate Lastform with an account creation WP plugin, like for example the Gravity Forms addon?

Basically what I’m needing is after a user goes through and completes Lastform, it then goes to a payment option, and then creates an account for that user, or vice versa.


Do you have to purchase Gravity Forms first?

I can’t get any response from support, and I’ve been trying for a week.


I wrote you two times about a week ago because of the displaying issue of hidden fields on mobile devices. However I didn’t receive an answer yet…

Did your receive my support requests? It would be great to receive an answer, because actually lots of visitors don’t submit the forms, because of this issue.

Hello, your typeform alternative looks to be great. I need a standalone html or php one. When do you think you will sell a standalone version?

PHOOEY! It looks like support is once again being completely ignored. I want an immediate refund, and won’t suggest this to anyone in the future. It’s a shame because it’s pretty nice, but without support to help smooth out a few bumps its value drops to $0.00 since I can’t push to production sites in unfinished state.

Thank you and bravo for your plugin, Just awaiting for google map location too…

Hi I submitted a support request a few weeks back but haven’t yet heard anything?

Hi meydjer, as a customer, I love this plugin. And is there any reason why Lastform wouldn’t support an additional plugin like Gravity Forms Special Fields, which adds additional functionality to Gravity Forms fields? https://wpgurus.org/products/gravity-forms-range-slider/? Thanks!

I was just trying your Live Preview but the Up and Down arrows from keyboard doesn’t work (like typeforms). I’m using Chrome (latest version) and Windows 10.

Excellent idea, I’ll buy it right now.

You know that story you wrote is cool and all, but it is ironical as hell that you chose to build this on the top of gravity forms – they are subscription based so people are forced to pay fees one way or another. Admittedly this is much cheaper than just using typeform, but what I absolutely hate is the pricing model of gravity forms. You want 1 plugin from dev tier? Go f**c yourself. Anyway, would be supercool if you make standalone version, because this addon in otherwise a gem!