Lastform - Affordable Typeform alternative for WordPress

Lastform - Affordable Typeform alternative for WordPress

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If you want to double, triple, or even quadruple the conversion rate of your forms just by clicking “activate plugin”, then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the story:

My name is Meydjer, a WordPress Elite Author, developer and designer since 2010.

My work has been featured in places like Web Designer Magazine and CodeCanyon.

Bat that’s not all that important.

What is important is that two years ago (March 2016) I was trying to capture leads for a side project.

While reading all the market stuff available on Google, a good friend of mine advised me to create a survey form to do market research and get leads…

Best. Advice. Ever.

My campaign was an incredible success.

When I told him my numbers, he couldn’t believe it. It was far beyond his expectations.

Why? Well, he told me to use standard forms, but I didn’t follow that part of his advice.

Call it luck if you want, but the first tool I tried was indeed the right tool: Typeform.

With their great design, they reinvented online forms, increasing conversion rates by 2x, 3x, 4x and more.

Which proves that…

CONVERSION RATE IS A TRICK - You just need the right tool to unlock it

Yes. Typeform is awesome.

BUT, unfortunately, it sucks in two crucial ways that business owners simply can’t ignore:

1) IT’S – REALLY – EXPENSIVE ($70 for the PRO white label version, PER MONTH! Ouch!), and…

2) It’s not made for WordPress.

As every living WordPress lover knows, Gravity Forms is the best WordPress form builder available on the market.


But we need to be honest: Gravity Forms is great for site admins, not for site visitors.

Actually, like any other old-fashioned standard form, you probably get sleepy just by looking at it.

Long story short:

Since there’s no better form builder than Gravity Forms, and there’s no better visitor experience than Typeform, I created a plugin that resolves this conflict in a fantastic way.

The result?

Lastform: an Add-on that brings unbelievable user experience and conversion rates to the best WordPress form builder ever made

Just install Lastform now and see for yourself.

Web forms that make your questions stand out with the best user experience available on the market, keeping your visitors engaged with this addictive user experience. They simply cannot stop filling your forms our, increasing your conversion rate by 2x, 3x or even 4x

Make your brand remarkable by customizing colors, images and fonts so easily that yours visitors will think you are a top-level designer.

Notify yourself or anyone else you want when a new form is submitted in a fully customizable email.

Easily export all of your responses to Excel, Numbers or your favorite analytics tool using .csv format.

Display an entirely separate layout so you can keep your existing Gravity Forms working normally, but with an alternative Lastform link.

GravityForms can be activated only in the admin area of the site, improving your site performance dramatically by turning off Gravity Forms assets completely for the frontend of the site, preventing unnecessary assets from loading.

Work perfectly with Zapier using the existing Gravity Forms triggers.

Assure compatibility with the modern web using responsive and retina-ready design, WordPress 4.6 and Gravity Forms 2.

Save your business’s money instead of paying $70/month or $700/year for a white label Typeform subscription.

Turn your current boring GravityForms styling into something really special!

Custom Thank You screens that makes it easy for visitors to share your form or visit your website.

Autoresponder is already integrated. Send custom emails automatically to your respondents as soon as they complete your form.

Single and multiple-file upload fields with no limitations.

100% white label. No one needs to know you are using Lastform.

Redirect on submit to another WordPress page or any custom URL.

Support Facebook Pixel code, Google Analytics or any other code snippet you need to paste in.

Use Conditional Logic to hide/show content based on visitors answers and direct your visitors through different paths in your form.

All of these features you let you…

Turn your Gravity Forms into a conversion machine at the blink of an eye

See what Lastform customers are saying about it:

by Christian Wilhelmsen (wilhelmsendk)

I love last form. I have been looking for a plugin like this ever since we started using Gravity forms. We actually ditched gravity forms for a while because we didn’t think we could get it to look like we wanted to. so then we changed to a pro + plan at typeform for about 3 months, and the second i saw last form i canceled my 70 dollar a month subscription at typeform. this plugin is great if you want to make your gf even better, conversion wise i’m 100 percent sure that our conversion will skyrocket like it did when we moved to typeform. This is just 100 times better, because i still have gravity forms in the back. Thank you Meydjer , your doing an amazing job

by Abby Weng (abbylw)

The design and support of this plugin is simply jaw-dropping! I was thinking about paying for typeform’s expensive monthly plans before I luckily stumbled across this lifesaver.

The creator of this plugin goes out of his way to make sure that everything is working smoothly and provides super fast support. I’m so happy I found this. It has saved me a lot of headaches in trying to beautify gravity forms too.

I love it!

by Andy Calloway (andycal)

An absolutely incredible plugin. Having it as a layer on top of Gravity Forms is genius. You get all of the flexibility, integrations and functionality of Gravity Forms together with the look and feel of typeform.

And the support is amazing, well worth the fee, in fact, worth a lot more, it’s a superb bit of software.

by Chenran Jin (acaleph)

Amazing Plugin for Wordpress. It helps me built a lot of wonderful forms just for a few cost. Developer is so nice, he answered me questions. GREAT SCRIPT + GREAT SUPPORT!

by Liran Baron (nepatriot)

Support response is fast. Very high quality plugin. Looking forward to future updates.

by Noahj Champion (Noahj_Champion)

This is the best thing for Gravity Form users in a very very long time. In terms of UX/UI this is hands down the best thing for Gravity Forms since Gravity Forms. There are no simple css based themes that can offer the experience that LastForm does.

But, I also love that now I can have Gravity Forms and LastForm only activated in the Wordpress admin to render my contact forms. This means faster frontend speeds for all other pages because these plugins won’t be loading!!! :) We can use Plugin Organizer or a similar plugin to achieve the backend only activation.

Finally, I have always been in debate about switching to a different contact form plugin because Gravity Forms while powerful and the most feature rich, the UX/UI has always left something to be desired. But with LastForm, I feel much more confident that I won’t need or even think about using a different contact form plugin for a long time :)


Anyway, I could go on and on, but here’s the deal:

One year of white-label Typeform will cost you $700 dollars. For – only – one – year. That’s far beyond your lifetime Lastform license.

Lastform costs a flat $67.

Single payment.

No monthly subscriptions.

No yearly subscriptions.

No tricks.

All future updates are free.


It’s really nothing if you think about how you’ll likely be marveling at your new conversion rate numbers the very first day after you install Lastform!

The very first day after you install Lastform you'll marvel at your new conversion rate numbers!

Think again.

Only $67.


That’s cheaper than your FIRST MONTH of a Typeform white-label/custom redirect subscription.

Maybe you’re losing a lot with your current conversion rate.


Stop losing money with the admin-friendly, old-fashioned form builders and start gaining with a user-friendly and conversion-driven modern design

All you need is WordPress and Gravity Forms installed.

What other close Typeform alternatives can you choose?

Meydjer Windmüller
Meydjer Windmüller
Lastform creator