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Nice idea. In IE it won’t play very well. You first have to hit the play button and after that clicking in the list it will play. Good luck with sales.

God bless IE :D. Thanks for the update! Will look into it :)

LASTFM – YouTube Artist Player (Update) Queued for Review

nice idea, please check: , can you do something like this?... i can buy

With some modification this is what you could do.

Hi, Testing demo with FF but play button seems not to work.. Am i missing something? Thanks!

Hi, I’m aware of this and currently working on the fix so it works on al browsers. My apologies!

Hi, great, thanks!

LASTFM – YouTube Artist Player (Update) Queued for Review

Very nice and useful script! Good luck with sales, will follow you ;)

Thx mate!

Very nice and useful script! Good luck with sales, will follow you ;)

Any idea when it will work in all browsers?

LASTFM – YouTube Artist Player (Update) Queued for Review

Awsome! Just bought the extended license. Thanks!

What is the difference between “Extended License” and “Regular license” Thanks ?

Hi, the difference of the 2 licenses is full documented on this page

Thank you made in the Extended License program apartien you more?

How do you mean?

How about player based on a last fm playlist? is it possible?

That would be an new feature. Maybe i include this in the next version.

Hello I just bought is how I find not Generate the reader into a new page? because the player that Generate the right code? thank you

The generator is an demo. Which is not included in the code. I can send you the generator if you want. The code to show an artist player is the following: $player->show(‘Eminem’, 15);

I would remove the iframe I nor my will not happen?

The player is run in an iframe.

Hello ! How to put the player in automatic resizing for it to work across the screen?

Classconfig.php – line 43 change ’.$this->WIDTH.’ to 100%

Thank you its march against her by my title and artist names super small mobile reappears he’ll have his

Could you send me a screenshot by mail?

How I can create my own lists? If you can not, you could create a version with this?

This is not possible with the current version. Would be an additional feature. Maybe i will support this in the future.

Demo is not working it says device is not supported.

YouTube changed their API. I’m looking into it as we speak.

It would be great if you could monetize with itunes or amazon affiliate, just add extra icon next to each song to buy from itunes/amazon. This feature will also increase your sales.

Currently not implementing, maybe in the future.

Hi, i follow all the steps in the documentation and i get the list of songs but i cant play any song, here is:

what could be?

Could you contact me via support?

Hi i just contact you

Hi i contact you via support and still nothing.

Contacted you.

Same here, getting the list of songs but not able to play them in the player

Please contact me trough support.

Please contact me trough support.

Hello Fritz,
I want to put your Lastfm script on the sidebar of my website
but impossible to create a LastFM API at
When I click on ” Your API Accounts ” = No response
When I click on ” Get an API account ” = No response too
Is it me or LastFm website have an error in the moment?
Can I use youtube API instead? Or an other website?
Can you help me please?

Contact me via the support form. So we can resolve your issue.

is it work from mobile browers?

Not tested yet!

Pls to test it, because it not work. Can you fix it?

This would be an future feature. I’ll look into it.

Problem with googleapi.. Get my youtube api key.. but not found videos

Did you added the right key from the google API’s?