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This is a very neat script.. but I don’t completely understand it? What is it keeping track of? Even after reading and going over the preview multiple times for extended periods of time I don’t completely understand what this is doing?


Yeap, need to add more details about game. You can read it to understand it more – http://bleacherreport.com/articles/443870-surviror-pools-the-guide-to-being-the-last-man-standing


How is the outcome of a match processed? The admin has to enter the outcomes, or does the script check outcomes of matches itself automatically?


Script checks results automatically.

wow. that is impressive. I tested as admin, but lot of php errors shows up in backend when adding a league or going to payment method.

Sorry, didn’t upload latest changes

Users can add tournament or only admin can?


Yes, user can create private tournaments and invite existing users to play. Also user can invite users from outside – instead of nickname type email of user.


It looks like a nice script, however what would make people pay to go thru rounds? is there anything we can set so they can win something?

“however what would make people pay to go thru rounds?” – final prize, if game has prize.

” is there anything we can set so they can win something?” – no, but you can add tokens manually.

ok, so these things are not set in your script and you have to build that I am guessing

I will think about it

Its the script in english only?


No, you can translate to any language you want.

Where does it gets the details for the teams from? Like in the new season will it automatic update?



Form public sources.

Is there an option to add 1 draw for a selected week? This is normally in last man standing. See here – https://lastmanstanding.paddypower.com/?do=rules

Thanks for you reply!

One problem I have is cron – your saying to run it every 1-1.5 hours but does that mean someone who registers has to wait this long? Also, I am running this on a Synology NAS server which has cron but I’ve no idea how to run this :( I did see it can be possible through task scheduler but not sure what to do. Can you help? I can give you access if you want to fix my problem. My email is keithlacey AT gmail DOT com

>>does that mean someone who registers has to wait this long? – no, these emails will be send automatically

>>Can you help? – Yes

Hi Zilorent,

I can’t seem to get in touch with you via email – can you get back to me if you don’t mind? The email function doesn’t seem to work.

Has anybody who purchased got the Email to work? You can’t use this otherwise.

Thanks Keith


This script is interesting but I would want to use it for something other than sports. Here is a list of things I would like to change, let me know if this can be changed in the script you created.

1. Don’t eliminate players automatically after a lost. I would prefer to work with points instead. 2 points for winning and 1 point for losing. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.

2. This will not be used for Soccer or Football but rather for a custom eSports league. Therefore, there is no need for the script to interact with team scores but rather I update the winners and losers after the game is over.

3. Some sort of front page to show the top players and a place to show the winning teams with a ladder tournament graph for better results.

4. Add custom teams with logo, player roster, bio and a list of specific amount of games they play, instead of a regular season amount of games.

Basically, A good part of the script needs to be changed so i’m not sure if it’s a good idea, but perhaps you can tell me if this can be done or not.



Unfortunately I am not able to change script right now, very busy on full-time job

Has anybody got the email to work?? I can’t share games either to invite new players

Any idea how I can get the emails working??

Also, the link to the games (Facbook, Twitter, etc) isn’t working

Any help would be great!


I’ve just come across this script, the preview doesn’t work. is there anyway I could see it working?

Does it work with the UK’s Premier league?

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Great ! Good luck