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I would like to buy it but I have some questions.

you can perform the following integrations with Facebook?

1. Like and share on facebook from tutorial´s page 2. share and Like from the author’s age 3. integrate comments Facebook from tutorial´s page

Another: Any kind of translation setup, manage and language selector

how much it cost, please contact to me > alextendergo@gmail.com

I sent you email.

Hello. Nice project. The admin page return this message “No Permission”. Can you help me to see the admin panel? Thanks.


thanks- this is happened because the user you try to see the admin not have an admin role.

Try this:


email: admin@admin.com

password: 1234

I have a problem on installation don’t run de installation progress automatically and when i access to/ app/server.php and run installation the result is bad, the page appear me as simple html page. Please help me to install because i need to run this script on 3 days

Hi Sorry to hear that Alexander anyway, you don’t do the installation the right way.

So please send me your URL and FTP credentials on one ticket https://webmicrodesignstudio.freshdesk.com/support/home and I`ll be happy to help you finish it.

why the demo is not working plz check

Thanks for let me know – we change the server but because of the application cache we dont see the error.

Now everything is OK.

Hello, Pre-sale question. Is paypal the only gateway available, Paypal is not available in ma country, can you please add stripe or any other payment gateway?

Hello khalkobby,

Unfortunately, for now we can`t add these payments, we plan to add this in our future releases but not for now.


That’s unfortunate. I guess most of us which dont have paypal available for us in our country will have to wait to purchase.

Sorry to hear that but for now yes. Also check if payoneer.com is not an option which will work for you.


I have a blank page when trying to install this, do you perhaps know why? Also do you plan to update this to the latest version of Larvel ? Thanks

also there is no app/configs/etorial.php directory or file as described in your install help

Answered in ticked support

Hello, cannot install. I extracted all filed as suggested in the installation description but nothing happens. How to install and why it does not work as described?

Hello, Password Renewal/reminder does not work in Login form..

Also when trying to add new course I receive error, I select a category but subcategory does not show up although exists. The error is: The subcategory id field is required. How do I fix it?

Answered in support tickets

Hello I wonder if you could put in Spanish and change the design and add Payza payment method

If you ask for course files – no

my files and I want courses require users to download video files

OK this is again script customization

hi I bought your product and i would like to have it in french. How should i proceed?

HI thanks for the purchase. About the translate – it is not something which the script include and will required custom work.

If you still want it translated please submit new ticket for discuss https://webmicrodesignstudio.freshdesk.com/support/home

Hi I have problems Install

Hi registrogratis

thanks for purchase, can you send ticket in our system https://webmicrodesignstudio.freshdesk.com/support/home with you FTP credentials to the script.

I think your hosting dont allow .htaccess

do not buy this rubbish , he just wants to swindle say that your accommodation is not working

Hey buddy I spend time to try to help you with your server installation. Better is to start learning english you and your hosting provider too.

This is the latest customer who buy the script https://wiki.servivoip.com/ how this work for him but not for you ?

Answer: he know better what is server related issues.

Mysteriously in my hosting does not work not that weird not please give me back my money , which for me does not work and not give me a full service and no use to me

Well you know that nothing works in your writing I want you to reimburse me the money

hello micro_design. i’m interesting with your project. can you add wire transfer for next version ? because in my country not all people have paypal.


Hi, thanks for your interest – yes we plan to add more payment methods in next release

Does not work on Godaddy hosting. Uploaded archive from here, thought maybe the one that I have is outdated, tried to install, but it cannot install as there is no connection to the DB. I tried several times, DB credentials are correct. Not sure what to think of…It used to work, by the way, but several days ago it just crashed and stopped working. I am sending a refund request to Envato.

Well, that is not my business where it is still working and why. The problem is it does not work on my hosting. And the Godaddy support has checked everything and stated – everything is working properly on their side! That is enough for me. I do not want to argue, I tried to ask and find out. I need a refund.

I want to argue because I spend a time to help you – and that is what I got for this help.

Give me access again in the ticket to this low cost hosting to check what they change – because I told you.

An script code is like a constant – the code dont change it self overnight while we sleep.

Sorry, I cannot give access to my hosting account as there are many other sites, and my hosting is not low cost, by the way. I do not want to waste time arguing and fixing. It did happen over night.All other sites I have on the same account are STILL working and have not crashed, only yours. So, please, let’s settle this, refund, and it’s done. Thanks.

Hi – What version of laravel is used? is it 5.3 – Please confirm.

Hi, we are in process of updating – but for now it is Laravel 4 – because many of the hostings has old PHP versions – as you may know Laravel > 5 require php v => 5.5


mblcote Purchased

Is there a “course search bar” rather than having to drill down manually?


mblcote Purchased

Hello. I have submitted a new ticket with just a few more questions. Thanks.



mblcote Purchased

Can you please provide an update on my project?

Hello, i cant try the demo, has error: login.js:45 POST http://e-torial.microdesign-web.com/requests/register 500 (Internal Server Error) when i can create a new user

Fixed – sorry – I have problems with MySQL on my server.


ggvsat Purchased

hi, i have uploaded the folder “upload” to my home directory but when i try to open the domain so i can install, i get this error message – Forbidden

You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


hi, i am looking for a user to user donation script with dashboard i do not know if you have it.

No sure how I can help you – I can help you with this only you request this custom script which is out of scope of this product

Hi Martin. I have posted a ticked to the knowledgebase. I need some help!

Answered in support ticket

Hi Martin. I posted another question on support. I need to know how to edit about-us and how-it-works. Thanks

Answered in support ticket

Hi, I am interested in your product and planning to purchase. I have a question. Hope you will clarify. How to add paid courses? Which platforms you will support, ex: Vimeo? Thanks in advance.

There is admin demo – to be paid course you just add price – for provider you just paste the embed code no matter youtube or vimeo, and you can choose to self hosted video via the system.

Hi micro_design. This script looks amazing. I’m not a developer but would like to use this type of script. What is the current status of the software, is everything working with the paypal integration? Should I expect any challenges when signing up for a business paypal account and integrating? Thank you.

Hi thanks for the interest of this product.

Yes everything working with PayPal you can check the demo. Also, if you have problems with the installation when you purchase I`m here to help you install the system.

Did you check the demo?