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Dream on and achieve on. DigitalCenturySF

When are the apps likely to be available? (both android and ios)

Please check your email.

Hi, I updated New Version of Laravel.

May i have the frontend now. Thanks for this amazing project by the way.

Interesting Concept

How do you combine AngularJS with Laravel? These 2 frameworks are completely different and incompatible.

Did you create them separately and link through API? did it work for you? and which version of Laravel? Which version of AngularJS?



Thanks for Interesting! In this laravel api version I separated two project. because I did not work on frontend for sale(it’s free). But I can combine AngularJS with Laravel in the same project as well. I used laravel latest version and AngularJS 1 not AngularJS2.

For App (IOS and Android) will coming soon play streaming online and offline.

On this item is version 1.0 I will have next version


When will u release the app for Android and iOS ? Can u send me demo link .

Can you send me the frontend now please . To the above email .

Ok. Thank you I will send it to you now

I sent to you now. Please check your email. thank you

Thank you!

hi can u send me the android app sample

i would like to have a the angular front end also and you please send me a sample of the android app. if i need any customization where i can contact you if you provide such services.

Hello Please provide me your email address. I will send it to you.

i’m trying to install the code , i receive this error ” require(): Failed opening required ’/srv/users/serverpilot/apps/streaming/public/bootstrap/../vendor/autoload.php’ (include_path=’.:/opt/sp/php7.0/lib/php’) in /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/streaming/public/bootstrap/autoload.php on line 17

Sorry, that I missed update some doc. Please run composer install if you don’t know how please let’s me know that.

yeah can you send me more instruction about how to proceed with that

Try on your local: c:\wamp\www\yourproject then run: composer install if you don’t know how to install on your production please send me details cpanel at I will install it for you thank you


TheeOMM Purchased

Please respond to my email. Top 10 list not being generated


TheeOMM Purchased

Help after update I’m getting this –

Did you update database yet ? Please make update new database. I added new feature that the song can be public or private.


TheeOMM Purchased

Any update on the mobile apps?

Hi, I can send to someone that purchased.

Thank you.


I am interested in your app, but i am not really sure what I can use it for, I run a music sharing website, so what can I use it for

You can use it for google admob on App. Thank you

Hello give me please apk link Thank you

Hi, I can send to someone that purchased.

Thank you.

Tried to test your demo on

“These credentials do not match our records”

Let me know when this works, thanks.

Hi, you can try it now. Thanks

For android App, Which platform do you use ? android studio ? Thanks

Any advise ? thanks

Hello Thanks for comment, We used Android studio. Thanks


Thanks for you advise. If i buy this script, may i get android code ? and when you release it. Thanks.


Can your script work as a backend for this

Please if it can, can you apply it for me. Please let me know

Hi thanks for comment! yes, sure it can apply for that template. Thanks

Hello why not working this? i cnat see pages and front end view


jangizz Purchased

hi dear friend. i´have paid you product, i will congrlate you for this amazing job you have do it. i will to ask you if you have any sample apk file for this projects?

If you have me please send it to me bt many thanks.

hey, before i buy your app, do you have JWT included?